Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wanting to Know you Wens.

what time is it where you are?

what are you doing?

and describe how you're feeling at this very moment.

it's a little after 6 a.m. in el paso, texas

i've just had my first cup of coffee

the sliding doors are opened to let in the delicious autumn air and i'm thankful the chill is literal this time round 

because how my heart drops remembering the last time i sent this curious question to the universe.


Rhianne said...

It's 12.27pm and I'm currently eating my lunch, specifically a cherry tomato whilst reading blogs, catching up with Flickr and listening to the new Florence and the Machine album.

I'm excited at the moment, I started a new photography course and its reminding me of what I love about photography and art as well. I want to go out and take photos but I can't at work, boo.

I'm also hoping you're ok and wishing we could share a coffee/tea somewhere one day

p.s. am i first to answer again? :)

Claudia said...

Good morning! It's 5:34 am here in Hemet, CA

I am checking my email, etsy shop and doing my blog rounds while I wait for my husband's call. He is in Mexico and crosses the border to San Diego in his bike. I'll feel better when he has called.

At 6:00 am I'll wake up the kiddos to get ready for school!


Keiko said...

It's 9:18am; i'm in my dorm eating an apple, listening to Carla Bruni on pandora, looking out of my window at the trees- trees that seem as if someone took their fingers and painted them and them Appalachian mountains...beautiful

my first class starts at 10, so I have a bit of time to take in this most lovely morning after i've had the most magical night in the library- meeting an international student from London- she's coming home with me for thanksgiving!

Happy thoughts, my sweet Micaela! xoxo

Athanasia said...

15:25pm here in Thessaloniki, Greece
Still at work, chatting with customers, everyone entering this office today seems sad/ frustrated/ curious of what our moronic prime minister will do next. It's really gets to me that people don't seem to smile any more. Other than that, looking forward to closing up and going out with my friends while the sun is still out, need some sea view and a cup of coffee to remind me it's gonna be alright :)

Huggies girlie !

erin elder said...

It's 6:59 a.m. and I'm at work... all by myself because i am the first to get in the office at 6:30 and the lights don't come on until 7:00.

This is my moment of peace and quiet of the day, the time for blog checking and etsy browsing and whatever-else-ing i may do before my boss comes in.

Right now I am feeling happy and thankful. Happy to have someone in my life that loves me so much and supports me through the tough times I may be having. I am so very thankful to have someone to love, and who loves me back. I am also thankful for bloggy friends who sometimes give you more support than your other friends.

right now, life is good. :)

Happy Wednesday!!

Claire Kiefer said...

It's 7:24 am in San Francisco and I'm resisting the urge to crawl right back into bed. :)

The promise of coffee is what's keeping me awake. I'm about to hop in the shower & get ready for work. I'm nervous about my 6th period class, which has been horrific lately.

But looking forward to this weekend: my dad's in Napa for a culinary conference, and Matt, Jen, and her brother RJ are coming up with me to hang out in wine country for the weekend. Lots of my favorite people in one place!

Abby said...

It's 9:25 am here in San Antonio, Texas. I'm sitting on my sofa with my UTSA sweatshirt, PJ pants, drinking a cup of coffee, watching Tori & Dean, and I'm editing photos. I'm feeling nervous for my wedding on Saturday. & I'm currently thinking of my next vacation. hehe.

Anonymous said...

It is 7:40am in San Francisco, CA.

I am sitting at my desk sipping on coffee trying to wake up. I am a horrible insomniac.

I am feeling exhausted yet calm given recent events. It's quiet in my office since no one comes in until 8:30am. Now I am looking at all the files on desk and getting a little overwhelmed.

Have yourself a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

It's 4.01pm in Southern Germany,
I am just finishing my last piece of chocolat and then start with my marketing homework.
I am happy that it's a gorgeous fall day outside and I'm talking to my boyfriend soon.


Skye said...

It's 8:03am here in Arizona.
I am taking a break from organizing what will be our baby girls nursery in the early days of April. I am enjoying a hot cup of tea and beautiful blogs.
I feel very content.

Anonymous said...

It's 10:15am in AR and I'm sitting at my desk at work, browsing blogs and drinking a latte. Being a secretary, sometimes I'm lucky enough to get paid just to be here. I appreciate calm mornings like this.

I'm feeling a little excited today because I learned a new craft yesterday -- making bracelets. I'm also a little bummed that I can't sit at home all day and practice my new craft.

I'm hoping this work week goes quickly.

Pop Champagne said...

it's 12:02pm, I'm about to have lunch after blog surfing haha

Carrie said...

Its currently 11:08am here in Dallas and I am at work (not working...) counting down the minutes until it's time for lunch!!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

It's 9:23 am here in Victoria. I'm sitting at my desk and looking out the window at the gorgeous golden leaves on our chestnut tree. I'm waiting for my cup of tea to steep so I can take it and climb into a hot bubble bath. I've got a bad cold and have stayed home from work to look after myself. There will be soup and books and music and letter-writing today. All just what the doctor ordered...


Karina said...

It's 1:11pm and I actually just woke up from a "nap" even though I kept waking up every 5 minutes and now I have a huge headache. My legs hurt from this mornings exercise BUT I'm happy because I finally fit in my purple thrifted jeans that were bought over the Summer ;) Now I'm just counting the time to pick Miguelito up from school, we have a long evening ahead of us. I just noticed it's the first time my head is not spinning with so much crap - maybe because I just woke up - hehe! I'm so happy those eggshells are long gone and you've come a long way from them! I love you my sister!!!!! xoxo

Leesh said...

It's 2:03 pm right now and I am at work. I am thinking about my brother and how it's been over three years since he passed away and I still miss him as much as I did the day we got the bad news. But at the same time, I am happy that it's sunny and warm out today. I am also anxious to end this work day and go home and finish reading my book.

Connie said...

It's 7.41 pm in Denmark, my sons is put to bed but not sleeping... I'm wondering how many days he will keep on "partying" after being tugged in... he usually falls asleep quite fast, but not tonight.

ginna said...

It's 2:49pm right now and I'm eating a snack (yogurt) and catching up on my blogreading as a little break in the workday.

I am feeling a little cooped up and think I may take a little walk in the chilly autumn air before I start on my next work assignment.


Ria said...

It's 20:00 here. I'm sitting on my sofa watching Burn After Reading while the bf makes dinner and I should really be doing work.

I feel nauseous and overwhelmed with life at the moment. I want this period to be over and I want a couple of questions answered. Oh, for the xmas holiday ;)

Claire said...

it's 7.37 pm. I'm sittting on the sofa with my pj bottoms and bed jacket on but i havent yet changed the t shirt i've been wearing all day. The fire is lit in the grate opposite me, and it's not even that cold out, i just wanted one :) I have a Pimms and Lemonade on the table and Mr D is sitting in the chair looking at stuff on you tube probably while i read blogs. Soon we will heat up the left over sausage pasta from last night, I'm waiting for Kirsties Handmade Britain to come on TV as i have a slight girl crush.
My head is full of all the things i have to do tomorrow as i'm going away for the weekend to a 'Murder Mystery' wekend, which i am excited about, but have never been to one, it's a girlie weekend and there will be shopping and fun :)
Oh. And it's getting a tad hot in here. x

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

It's 4:44pm here and I'm getting ready for rush time. A time in day I don't love that includes getting the kids homework all in order, dinner done, house cleaning, baths, and bedtime. When 8:30 rolls around it will be me time again...a cup of tea, some inspiring music, and a crafty bit in my hands.

missy. said...

6 am! you are crazy.

i'm glad this time around was better than last lady. xoxo

kitten roar said...

it's 5:24 p.m. here in chicago. i am feeling rested and anxious. I'm curled up on the couch with boyfriend and Julie & Julia (the book), and putting off the homework for my online class. I am also anticipating the holidays even more so now that I have had the first peppermint mocha of the season (in the red cups at Starbucks!)

Phoenix Peacock said...

its 7:10 PM in Colorado

I'm finely home from work. I'm catching up on blogs because I'm done with all my work paperwork! I have Parenthood on Hulu going on the side and I am sipping tea. I should really be cleaning my house and making dinner, but I just needed a break first.

I'm feeling exhausted and a touch cranky, but really everything is good and today was a pretty good day... so I think I just need sleep and some vitamins and I'll be fine

Sharni said...

It's 5:13pm here in Melbourne. Not many people are home from work yet so the streets aren't too busy and I can hear the birds outside chirping but apart from that theres silence. In a few minutes my Fiance will be home and we will relax & chat for a bit before he goes off to band practice. I'm feeling pretty exhausted at the moment but reading blogs such as yours lifts my mood. I have alot to do over the next three days so I am enjoying this little slice of silence (apart from my laptop keys tap tap tapping)


Pal. said...

It's 14:46 here in Surat,India.

I am checking my mail,defending attacks on my online game and sipping on some hot choco latte.

I'm feeling melancholy listening to Unchained Melody-Righteous Brothers.

Becca said...

It's 9:40am, Texas time.

I'm currently procrastinating on studying for my two online classes, and listening to my almost-2-month-old son 'talk' to his animals hanging above his swing. It's absolutely precious.

I'm feeling blessed to have this wonderful little boy, nervous as all get-out because tomorrow will be my first day back at work since he was born. I'm also feeling curious about the blogging world. I've just started reading your blog and others and am so interested. Maybe one day I'll begin a blog of my own. ;)

Have a lovely day!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

how fun is this question...its 10.13pm..doing my hair, blogging and drinking tea..all at once!

Gracie said...

It's 9:25pm and i'm sitting on the lounge with the tv on in the background and I'm looking through my Google reader.

I'm feeling quite relaxed at this moment and anticipating the weekend. It's amazing how tired I felt after work this week but I'm now feeling energised.

Hope you are going well lovely :)

Alyssa said...

Its 11:35am Saturday morning in Sydney!

I'm watching St Trinians two - yeah i'm admitting it!! Curled up on the couch with my puppy and spying on the cute boys across the street! High five to the neighbours for hiring people to do their lawn mowing!

I'm feeling blessed for perfect weather and a lovely quiet day with puppy love <3 nothing beats puppy kisses

lover you sporty xx

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

It's 8:08pm on a Sunday night. I'm sitting at the dining room table, finishing off my dinner while Mr LG watches 'Knowing' in the background.

I'm feeling tired from a big weekend, but relaxed and content.

x Jasmine

miniaturerhino said...

this is such a sweet post idea! it's 6:08 here in Brooklyn, NY and I'm snuggled up with one of my kitties, Banjo. I'm sick today so my head feels like its in a ballon above my body... how lovely. Thanks for the sweetest comment ever on my blog!! made me happy...

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