Monday, November 28, 2011

here's to co-workers who become close friends.

{the pretty girl on the far right is the maker of these bracelets i love}

i'm going to miss my work bff Kristi who's leaving on the 1st to go back home to Michigan. This weekend we celebrated her last work shift by going out to the first place we all went to together (this outdoor karaoke bar called Erin's).  

In a few short months, we've become so close that i don't think it's hit me that she's not going to live across Mesa St. from me or that we'll never laugh behind the registers at work together again. Or make cupcakes at midnight. 

Don't you love those "natural friendships"? i can't think of a better description because that's how it felt... natural we were friends. 


JacPfef said...

looks like such fun! i want to playyy!

Claire Kiefer said...

It's so hard when friends move away! I'm sorry Kristi is leaving . . . I hope you find a new work bff quickly who can make you smile and laugh! Luckily for Kristi, you're amazing at keeping in touch. Natural friendships (like ours!) are one of the best blessings. I think about how lucky I have to have you, Marianne, and Jessie every day.

Love you!

carmar76 said...

*nod nod nod* natural friendships are awesome! i like what claire said, tho - you ARE amazing at keeping in touch! : )

Marisa said...

How fun... you make friends wherever you go....

Faiza said...

you have such a wonderful capacity for making new friends! how wonderful that you have a kristi in your life!

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