Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sharing Sundays... Pugh's News.

I'd love to have a cup of tea with Erin of Pugh's News. Sometimes i forget we've only met through our blogs, she feels like an old friend to me. She's a Canadian girl with an English husband and two darling boys. I am constantly telling her i want a sweet family like hers one day. Her boys are ALWAYS smiling.

Some of Erin's loves:

i should add Harry Potter on that list too. Or that she can put lipstick on without looking at a mirror and is close to her sister like i am mine.

She's also a self proclaimed LOST addict (her and her husband Alan even have Dharma beer! i love it). Since i just caught up on last season (SO BEYOND EXCITED for Season 6!!!) we've had fun emailing back and forth about our fave bits and what we thought about this or that puzzling event.

one thing i KNOW FOR SURE she is looking forward to watching this season is for Sawyer.

we swoon over him! (M, the bottom pic... !)

i really like you Erin. Your sunshine just shows through each post, and i really like that about you. I joked that she was like Jacob, my personal sun.


Rasha said...

HOw cute is this post? I feel that way about bloggers too and UMMM LOST?! I loveeee Lost!

Erin said...

Oh Micaela! I love you!
Having a grumpy, grouchy Sunday evening and thought I'd check my email to see if anyone loved me... (I know, am so dramatic!) Nope. So then I thought I'd check a few of my favourite blogs. Imagine my huge smile when I came across your post, about me!
Thank you. You're a joy! I'm so glad to know you. One day we will get together for tea and cookies and we'll chat about LOST and about how Sawyer should call ME "Freckles", and it will be like we've known each other (in real life) forever, I just know it.

Anonymous said...

Erin sounds amazing, and so do you! i love making friends through blogs! it is so amazing. and i love lost too! i am so behind, but i need to catch up asap! i hear it is getting soo good right now!

Lauryn said...

THEY MAKE DHARMA BEER!? WHAT!? I need to find me some of that!

And yes, Erin is a dear! What a nice post you've written about her!

Renee said...

Can't wait for the final season.

Kassi said...

you are so stinkin cute!
yay for blog friends... and who says you can't make real friends over the internet!

have a lovely night my friend!

Cassie said...

I 100% wholeheartedly agree. You are a real sweetie too!
Blogging friends really are fabulous aren't they!

Micaela said...

Erin, see? your message made me smile :) in fact, your comments always do!!! Yes, i believe one day we will have cookies and tea! :) see? how cute are you? The "freckles" thing had me laughing. I adore you!!! lots of love xoxo ps. i just got back from the store getting glitter and little decals for the Vday card making. fun fun fun :) too bad we can't have a little craft party with the boys.

Chloe, what a great blogging community we have huh? i was SO behind on LOST too and discovered that Netflix instant que is AH-MAZING!!! since i just moved and doing the dreaded job search, i had time to watch episodes back to back. oh my goodness, CATCH UP quick. you still have time ;)

Lauryn, i KNOW right? (about the dharma beer). i giggled.

Kassi, amen to that!

Cassie, i know you share my sentiment and same back at you.


Marisa said...

the last picture...swoon, in my dreams that exact scene happens to me...LOL.

Inspired by our texting the other night I rewatched the finale Sunday night and am soooo excited for this next season...

Erin seems like such a doll. I must read up on her. what a charming family.

bethany said...

All I have to say is that...I, too, love Erin. She is amazing and I adore her! She's always a sunny spot, filled with sweet words :)

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