Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Karma Gift Swap!

lovies how fitting that today i'm going to share what i sent/received from my friend Kaileen Elise's Good Karma Gift Swap.

But first... I can not thank you enough for all your heartfelt comments on my ugly post yesterday. It really shook me up... and i wish i could go into more detail, but to use my happiness (my blog) as the forum to voice malicious words really hurt. I will be the first person to admit i am not perfect.

I'm going to stop thinking about that. I just wanted you to know that your WONDERFUL comments? really meant the world to me!!! I am SO glad to have each and every one of your support and love. Know you will always have mine!

GOOD KARMA GIFT SWAP: the idea was to send 4 unique gifts: a treat that calms, something that comforts, a bit of celebration, and a piece that promotes creativity.

Danielle of The Renaissance Polymath got me and sent me an adorable package with a letter explaining what each one stood for:

Calms: She sent her favorite type of bubble bath (which is actually mine as well- Warm Vanilla Sugar)

Comforts: Danielle wrote nothing says comfort like teddy bears (how cute!) and since "you and Mr. Max are now engaged, I figured you would like this little pair."

Creativity: 2 tiny books with colored pencils to write in because me and my bestie like love stories.

Celebration: scented candle called Sparkling Snow to celebrate our first winter on the east coast.

Danielle, i loved each thoughtful gift!!! and I'm glad to know a new friend. xo

I got Ruth of Musings at Home. I had so much fun finding things for her, personalized to what she likes.

i included organic teas & lotion (not pictured) for cold mornings to calm, a hand embroidered lavender scented satchel from B Studio to comfort, hand made envelopes in moss green (one of her favourite colours) from moncy 3 to write letters of celebration, and lastly she mentioned loving to cook so to promote creativity, i fell in love with this upcycled fork recipe cardholder from Forget Me Not Eco gifts.

Ruth blogged about it here, and also sent me the sweetest thank-you email.

i had so much fun participating in this swap! Kaileen, thanks for hosting it! and dearest Danielle and Ruth, i hope we keep in touch.

lovies, i just got home from Texas yesterday and there was a cart full of birthday cards, parcels, and postcards waiting for me! i felt like a rock star. It was the best welcome home (besides Max's kisses). I promise to catch up with all of you soon!!! I've missed your blogs. xoxo


Erin said...

Welcome home! Can't wait for my postcard to arrive all the way from Texas! I got your letter and am working on a reply. So much lovely stationery to choose from, and my parcel hasn't even arrived yet!!! (I indulged and bought a few wee things for myself when I was shopping for Cassie's...)


Megan said...

The package you received is gorgeous, i love the little bears. I also really like the fork receipe holder. I know I say this all the time but you always find the most beautiful things. Glad that you had a wonderful time in texas and made it back safely.

Caroline said...

I always always have your back!! You are lovely and I love this blog of yours!! XO

Anonymous said...

Oooo...such pretty gifts!

Erin said...

Guess what?! My postcard just arrived. That's two pieces of mail from you in two days. Excellent. But can you keep up the mail flow in the manner to which I'm becoming accustomed? ;~)

I meant to say before- love the parcel you sent in this post. Those envelopes are gorgeous.

Oh, and if anyone else gives you a hard time, you just say the word. I'm small, but I'm scrappy!

greystrawberrys said...

You are such a wonderful person, and i love reading your blog, keep positive <3

All the gifts look so wonderful!


BrittanButterfly said...

what a great idea! how sweet... Hope you have the most wonderful wednesday!

tiffany said...

what fun gift swap! both of the packages are so lovely!


Jen said...

I heart those Yankee Candle tins! I have three of them, and I just spent an obscene amount of money in Yankee Candle on more candle goodness!

Anonymous said...

welcome home!!! i hope you enjoy reading all your birthday cards :) that's a sweet surprise!! swaps are always fun to participate in!!!the little bears are adorable!!!

Gracie said...

Ahh that must have been the most lovely surprise I'm sure. And Max must be glad your home.
You received a beautiful package and I like how thoughtful each item is.
And the items you sent were just lovely. You are so wonderful with gifts.
P.S. I hope you aren't still feeling down with horrible people! *hugs*

ahlin said...

that is such a great idea! i love it :) now i reallly want to take a bubble bath...

i-zilla said...

i love your gift wrap jobs. they're always so original and pretty!

p.s. if anyone else is being mean you to let me know. i'll make them "special" cupcakes with ex-lax in them lol

Faiza said...

this made me smile! happy homecoming!

Anonymous said...

Micaela....Kaileen is on Twitter if you ever would tweet!! :)

We need to catch up some time soon!

glad you're loving Viginia...duh

Elaine Reyes said...

Welcome home!!! I was so happy to receive your post card from Texas and so glad that you had a blast with your family! It must be exciting to be back home with Max and Maverick!!! Don't forget to take photos of your cartload of pressies :)

BTW, love love love love love those green and brown envelopes you sent on the package goign out --- i am seriously in love with them! lol.


Claire Kiefer said...

I'm so glad you feel better and are starting to recover from the meanie's comment. :( It's hard to accept that there are people in the world who do intentionally hurtful things!

Thanks for your sweet comments . . . it really helps to be reminded of all the lovely, supportive people in the world!!! :)

p.s. adorable packages--that sounds like SUCH a fun exchange!

tiffany said...

thank you so much! and i agree - she's amazing! i loved my package!

xo tiffany

ps: yesyes send me your address! and i'll send you a lil something :)

:: Gina :: said...

it would be awesome if i could participate but the italian postal service .... No va bene :\

Risti Megan said...

That upcycled fork thingie is genius.

Cynthia said...

AWW I'm so happy you mad eit home safely! you are a rockstar haha and that swap is so cool Love the upcycled fork!

Marisa said...

i just love all the effort you put into these things... those receipe cards are amazing...xx

jozen said...

ohmygosh!! LOVE the gift that you sent away... and my dear micaela, you don't need me to be your swap partner in order for you to receive some pretty pins!!

email me your addy, and i would LOVE to mail you some :)


jozen said...

LOVE the gift that you sent off... and my dear miceala, you don't need to be my swap partner in order to have some pretty pins.

i will mail you some my dear!!

email me your addy


tinypaperheart said...

this sounds like so much fun. and you did an awesome wrapping job! :)

Lauryn said...

That looks like such a nice swap! I love thoughtful bloggers :)

Brandi said...

How cute! You do need to tell us about these things when you find them. Please? There are so many wonderful friends to make out there through a swap.

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