Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wish List: Home Delights + where you can find it.

i'm guest posting over at Design Delights again today, while Melissa is enjoying another week in Israel.

since it's wednesday, i'm sharing this week's wish list there. It's home delights i'd fancy for our house like the above: little deer cup and saucer from Acero Studio. Come visit me?

if you want to play along and share your wish list, link up over at Dinosaur Toes.

my dear lovies i'm enjoying home in Texas so much! tonight i'm EXCITED to be going to a Dallas Mavericks basketball game in the city i love, Dallas. The only thing that would make this night absolutely complete is if my Max was there. We loved our MAVERICKS game weekends and right now our beloved team is on fire!!!

i hope your mid weeks are also off to a fun start and i promise to catch up soon! xo

ps. thanks to your comments over at Design Delights last week. i would have felt bad if Melissa got back and no one commented on my little post. if you've ever guest posted for someone else, do you worry about this too or am i the only insecure one? ha


Erin said...

I've never guest posted. Hope I'll be invited one day.

I've given you a "Gorgeous Lady of Blogging" award. Check out my post to read all about it. I don't expect you to get to it for awhile, though! I know you are making the most of every second of your time at home. Fab birthday week or what?

Have fun at the game tonight!

victoria.renee said...

what an adorable saucer set! i love.

Meg Fee said...

oh that cup is just too much! i'd like one too, thank you. have fun in dallas--wishing i was home in texas too!

Caroline said...

That is adorable... I love the little deer and love your sweet sweet blog!! Much love!

Ruxandra said...

I've never guest posted and i now feel bad for missing you guest post.Actually, i have missed the whole posts for the last month i can get really busy.
i love that teacup, so elegant and simple...take care!

Marisa said...

MAV's................12 in a row.
Jealous you got to go.

Marisa said...

or is it 13?

jozen said...

oohhh..hubs is a big fan of the mavericks!

have fun!

Cynthia said...

sounds like your having a great time at home i'm so happy that you are!
I get to go to new york next month for a week and I'm really excited

Micaela said...

M, 13 in a row!!! :) I thought for a second i might have been the jinx. I REALLY should have made a sign that said, "Dirk I came all the way from Virginia to see you!" ha

next time :)

jozen, your husband has great taste!

Meg Fee, there is no place like Texas!

Erin, I can't believe i'm going home so soon :( i am soaking it up as much as i can! tonight we're going country dancing :) oh how i've missed it!!! and a shame i couldn't bring my boots.


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