Friday, March 12, 2010

Postal Service.

inspired by Belen, L. Nicole, Megan, & of course the dedicated to (mainly) mail blog of Bianca's, i've decided to post some pretty mail i received before i left Virginia.

pretty kraft bags i ordered from mr rabbit sir / necklace i bought as a gift from Oh Hello Friend (i always love her packaging!) / teeny handmade cute notecards from moncy3.

a lovely birthday pressie from sweet Erin.

i wore the pretty ruby red jewelry she gave me on my work interview and now she's my lady luck. thank you erin! i love the stickers on the envelope.

Lauren Scott made me jump up and down with first the Marilyn postcard (one of my fave images) and second- a book about Texas vampires! i mean how much more perfect for me can you get?! it promises to be erotic too... i can't wait to read it! and Lauren, it meant even more to me because i never got a book in this book swap, and it was (of course) a swap i was looking forward to. THANK YOU extra. I luuuuuurve it! i really did jump up and down. Your mail is always exciting to get!

a thank-you card from saltina that i am going to frame. (it's one of her iphone images) + she included one of diana's notecards {i'm a huge fan of our city lights} / a pop up birthday card from my fellow Virginia blogger & friend Cynthia.

and these i got awhile back, but i always love seeing letters addressed to "the future mrs. maxham." *smiles. From the beautiful Belen / Krissa.

i never take pictures of outgoing letters, unless they're swaps but here's a few i remembered to snap:
2 are postcrossings & one is to Erin.

and from Bianca's blog, a few photos she snapped of the letter/stationary i sent her.

i love happy mail!!! some of you may be getting Texas postcards from me... check your mailboxes. xo


Erin said...

Micaela dahling, you look beeeeautiful in that red necklace! When I saw it, I knew it had to be yours. It just had you written all over it. So glad it brought you good luck (not that you needed it!)

Excited about my letter! Can't wait for it to come.

Hope you are enjoying continuing birthday celebrations in your beloved Texas!

Maddy said...

OOH I love your shirt in that pic! (and the necklace!)

Let me know how that book is ;D I love me some Vampires and some Texas!

Anonymous said...

awww i ♥ snail mail...

its suer nice when you recieve a little something special :D

Oh hello friend has the loveliest packaging i've seen :)

my name is lauren. said...

you're like the mail queen over there :). i love mail, and i'm glad you received so much of it!

L. Nicole said...

Awww, I'm so happy you liked the book! That it was actual 'jump up and down' exciting. :D Means so much that you really enjoyed receiving it. <3 Let me know how it is though, cause like I mentioned, I never really even opened it; so therefore no clue as to plot points and such. :P And thank you so much for saying my mail is 'exciting to get', it put a huge smile on my face. <3 <3
- L

Jess said...

Yay I love getting fun mail! And that necklace is gorgeous.

Megan said...

Yay i am glad that you are doing these posts because you send out such gorgeous mail and always find beautiful stationery on etsy. Looking forward to seeing more!

Belen said...


i wanted to send you a bday present but i wasn't sure at first if max was going to texas with you or staying behind because i didn't want you to miss the package. but i'll send it off around the time you get back to VA. :)

Elaine Reyes said...

that necklace is too beautiful and looks adorable with the top (dress?) you had on.

i miss you too. when you get back, i want a load of email about how your wonderful birthday went and the non-stop celebration with your family!

The Childlike empress said...

receiving mail is something that always excites me...although i nearly only ever receive bills!

how nice to get so many pretty letters!

Faiza said...

love seeing what people give and get as snail mail.

Cassie said...

There really is nothing better than post in the postbox is there!

Well if it is not bills anyway.

Some fab looking parcels and I am very lucky enough to know exactly how fabulous your parcels are too! I think of you everyday sitting at my desk when I look at various bits of packaging and gifts you sent scattered around my desk!


Anna said...

you get such pretty mail! i love the mr. rabbit sir things and of course your pretty red necklace!

i hope your still having an amazing time in TX! :)

jozen said...

oohhhh...i love mail. the other day, i got THREE packages in the mail! so exciting... LOL!

Brandi said...

I absolutely love all the mail and packages! I'm totally inspired to send some things out...Can't wait to do that. Hope you've been enjoying your birthday celebrations!

carly said...

i <3 bianca's mail art. she's brill. i <3 mail in general. <3 mail themed anything.

Nahl said...

Hey...I just thought I'd leave you a link to where I'm transferring my blog:
Hope to see you there.

JenRem said...

This stuff is great. You deserve everything you get because you are the sweetest girl in all the world. I'm not kidding. I love you. And I'm yet to meet you. You are just so wonderful :)
ps- can I just tell you how jealous I am of all these fabulous things you receive? So fun!

Holly said...

These are so ahdorable! all of them!
I just wanted to give you the heads up that we've moved!
the new blog is
Hope you like!

Farah said...

I love happy mail too! and guess what I didnt receive a book in the book swap too.

Anonymous said...

beautiful letters!
i like your blog full of lovely things!!!
i have to read more!!

Marisa said...

that necklace is so beautiful on you and WOW all your mail is just lovely.

Gracie said...

Ohh my gosh! I love mail and you have received a great bunch of it. I need to start sending out more packages and letters.
Your adorable!

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