Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wish List Detour.

my wish list today can be found on my friend Melissa's blog:
while she's on holiday, i was overjoyed to be asked to guest post. My wish list today is inspired by melissa's attention to simple detail & the below:

(details on the package exchange here)

Wish List: Paper Pastries.

Please visit Design Delights to see my latest paper goods fetish.


Risti Megan said...

So excited that there's going to be another lovely package exchange.

Ashlee said...

pretty, pretty.

the ruffle garland
and the stamp.

i want.


Megan said...

Heading over to have a look now!

Diana said...

oh i love the idea!! You can never have too many paper goods!

Sarah C said...

woohoo! did you join the package exchange?? i simply couldn't resist another swap, especially one so pretty!

jozen said...

oohh! did you join the lovely swap?!?!


Micaela said...

i did join :) but hopefully not too late... it was past the number she had originally set but not by much so FINGERS crossed cos i might have already purchased some packing supplies via etsy :)

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