Sunday, March 28, 2010

Postal Service.

i've decided to do a bit of a mail time monday post like my "little seester" Belen does on her blog. (seriously, i love these posts of hers and i love happy mail).

^Carrie & i have a shared love for van gogh, film, elvis, and D.C. She recently went on a trip that included a tour of the White House. This postcard is gorgeous.

^je taime card from erin {perfectly her, flowers & french? oui!} & cutest little notecard from Tiffany who lives in Texas- how did i not know that before?

^sweetest thank-you note from Chelsea for winning my giveaway {how sweet is she to thank me for that?} i loved your bird stationary! and the cute doodle on the inside envelope flap.

^a postcrossing from California. I loved this one! one of my favorites. The front's a picture of her Mom making a flower crown for a little tea party they had to celebrate the vernal equinox.


^Cole posted this picture of a thank you card i sent to her. Such a sweet girl! you should check her blog out if you haven't because right now she's hosting a FABULOUS giveaway for her followers.

^letter to Tiffany & the record is for a CD swap she's hosting right now. {i love the thrill of finding new music that how perfect would this be?}

^Birthday parcel to Erin, letter to Belen (who's celeb crush is Jason Gordon Levitt), postcrossing, letter flying to Australia for Megan, and the Vincent postcard went to Carrie.

^what i wrote on the back of erin's birthday gift. {giggles} i hope you get it before the 5th of April! x

^i ordered these pretty chained wing earrings from etsy owner & kind friend Christin of CMEdesign because i have the same pair {thanks to her} and love them, and wanted to include these earrings for Cole's favorite things gift exchange. Christin sent them, along with earrings she made specially for me.

(i had to scan them because my camera skills couldn't capture their detail- and even a scan doesn't do them justice)

they're sea horses, keys, and the hearts are red jasper. She peeked in my favorites (cute girl!) & saw that i have a thing for all these things. The sea horses got me... i like them because they're my twin sister's favorite & so they remind me of her. It's so hard to be separated by miles that these earrings mean so much; that when i wear them i'll think of her. Christin didn't even know that-- which makes her gift truly extraordinary! Thank-you my dear friend. xo


chelsea rebecca said...

HOORAY! i'm so glad you it and liked it!! your mail man is one busy bee!!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

You're awesome. That's all. I don't know when I'm going back to Manila but I will stock up on dried mangoes for ya (other requests?)

Erin said...

Love this post, M! So much fun mail coming and going!

I'm super excited about my parcel, even if a shirtless Sawyer couldn't quite fit! I just know whatever is inside, I'll love it!

Happy Monday. Enjoy your "weekend" with Max!

Megan said...

Very excited about my letter. I love the way you decorate the envelopes.

Anna said...

you send the loveliest mail! the way you decorate the envelopes is just so pretty!

Carmella said...

I have GOT to get in on these, they look so fun!

and i left you a little award on my blog girlie!

emily said...

dc!! but i love dc!! :)

kittycat said...

eeeee! i'm so excited to get your letter :) thank you for posting about the swap!!
this post was so pretty! love all of the mail!
& the earrings are so so cute!

xo tiffany

Erika said...

I always say this, but I really love mail posts. I sent another postcard your way. The one you sent me was really cool.

Laura Loo said...

those are precious earrings you got!
and i looove that bird stationery, she's got some cute stuff!
but then again, so do you! i loved the thank you card you sent me, for the bow/hearts, you're so sweet!! your stamps and stationery was super cute :D Thank you!!

Phoenix Peacock said...

oo I love this idea for a blog post! The postcards and letters are fabulous. Chelsea is one creative gal with that envelope!

Fabi said...

I really love the stuff you got and I extremly love the stuff you've send. Wow...great mail. Your mailman and your pen pals/swappers are really happy people :)!

Gracie said...

Eee! I love happy mail or just pretty mail. I might have to start doing a mail post sometime I think :) Your packaging is so sweet. x

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I'm jealous of all your mail! We get a lot of bills and not a whole lot else. I think it may be time to organize a mail swap...

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