Friday, March 19, 2010

sports/date night/romper/fill in the blank

Happy Friday lovies!!!

Tonight, me and Max are going to watch some college basketball at a sports bar by our casa. I'm pretty excited for this date night-- watching sports with my fiance? what can get better? especially since our teams are playing against each other... His Georgia Tech and my old favorite team, Oklahoma State University. Since it is Friday and I missed out on last week's round, how about Friday Fun with Fill in the Blank Friday:

1. Today I am wearing a floral belted romper from "I Heart Ronson" and messy hair .

2. My favorite childhood food was spaghetti and my favorite food now is spicy indian food or vegetarian tacos .

3. A day that I am too busy to call my twinkie (which is never really) is a day that I am too busy.

4. The last movie I saw was "Alice in Wonderland" (Johnny Depp you are AMAZING!)
and the next movie I want to see is "Remember Me" with beautiful-it-hurts Robert Pattinson. I am convincing Max to take me but I know he wishes I could go with my bestie M .

5. My favorite smell is my Mom's perfume because, it reminds me of the safety/comfort of my childhood... taking a nap on her pillow that always smells like her .

6. A weird little quirk I have is i always read the last line in any book i read. I love that moment when it all will make sense. The last line in the book I'm reading now says, "Days went by, and at last she understood that he would not return at all."

7. When I take personality quizzes they always say I'm a dreamer, outgoing, loves attention. I am an extrovert so that part is always right .

play along and link up over at Lauren's, the little things we do...


erin elder said...

Hey girl!! I always LOVE reading your answers... they are always so unique, and i end up saying to myself, "oh, yeah! totally!!" or "oooooh that's a good one" -- haha.

I love your little quirk... i have that same temptation in all the books i read, but am always afraid the last line will give me too much information about what happens... so i refrain, and instead, i will pick a page near the end and read a random line...

p.s. Hurt Locker is a great movie, but VERY real, and hard to watch. I actually thought of you when i saw it, knowing how you feel about violence and your brother... just know that it's good mmmm kay? : )

love ya girl. happy friday!!!

Sarah C said...

happy friday! love your fill-in-the-blanks answers. you are so cute.

hope you have a WONDERFUL date night with maxamillion (you should probably call him that, because it is what i call him when i read your posts, awkward?). hope your team wins :)

tiffany said...

i love that romper!!

xo tiffany

have a good weekend :)

Faiza said...

moms rule! feel so blessed to have mine!

molly YEH! said...

that romper is adorable! i want.

Simply Me said...

Spicy Indian food...hmm ..any particular dish / favorites ??
and im so wit you on Remember me .. remember to fill me in if you watch it before me and ill do the same !!
and u got me on ans # 5 ...i miss mom and home ...
have a gr8 weekend <3

Maddy said...

I read last lines a lot too! I think it makes the rest of the book more interesting.

I love that romper! I have been debating one but IDK if I can pull it off....

Megan said...

Oh I love your romper! We call them jumpsuits over here. Hope you have a wondeful date. I got your postcard yesterday, thankyou so much, i think its one of my favourite postcards i have received.

Kenza Salem said...

that romper is adoraaaaaable!

BrittanButterfly said...

That romper is SOOOOO cute!!! I hope you had the best date night ever!!! xoxo

Fallon said...

mmmmm Veggie tacos! I just had veggie meat spaghetti with mushrooms for dinner :)

Erin said...

Love your filled-in-blanks!

Cute outfit today. But aren't you freezing?

Tacos... yum.

I always love the smell of my mom's lipstick. Takes me back to childhood. (my lipstick just does NOT smell like hers... weird, non?)

Remember Me is on my list of movies to see. Robert looks scrummy.

I have to force myself NOT to turn to the end of the book. I would hate to ruin the surprise of what's going to happen!

Happy Friday back in Virginia with husband-to-be.

I sent you a letter last night. Fly little letter, fly!


Claire Kiefer said...

What a cute little post! I really love reading your blog. It's one of the ones I look most forward to. :) (I'm new to this whole blog world so I'm just discovering lots of new things . . .) happy weekend!

Belen said...

Number 5! YES! I always always buy my mom the perfume Opium when she's close to running out because it's one of the strongest memory-reminder-thingie. :)

Also, so far, you're the only girl I who can rock a romper from what I see. I've seen chicks around Corona that don't exactly wear them well. :( I shouldn't be surprised that you do, beautiful lady, you. :)

PS, there's a special award waiting for you on my Friday post. ♥

:: Gina :: said...

i want to wear a romper!!!

Cassie said...

Gorgeous answers as ever Micaela and your romper outfit is just fab!

Have a super evening back home with Max and a wonderful weekend

Sandra said...

You take the loveliest photographs, Mickey! That romper is too cute. :)
Ooh, I'm watching Alice in Wonderland at El Capitan this Sunday with 3 of my sisters. :) Can't wait for girls day out. According to my sister, we're supposed to get the "cool" 3D glasses. lol

ps. I couldn't help but give you the same award Belen has given you. You are double the sweetalicious!
It's waiting at my blog. ;)

Marisa said...

you are so gorgeous in your romper..... xx

Erin said...

oooh, I loved that last line...what book are you reading? I almost always read the last page or paragraph of my books. I love knowing the ending while I'm reading, but this drives my family and friends absolutely crazy.

Oh, and "Remember Me" was wonderful!!

Lauryn said...

I love the bond that you have with your Twinkie! It makes me wish I had a sister even more! Very sweet <3

Micaela said...

Sarah C, i call him Maxamillion too :) so it's cute, not awkward sweet girl! x and ugh, my team lost lol but WHAT A GAME!

Erin, you're sweet to think of me and understand why i can't watch that film just yet. :hugs:

Megan, i wish i could pull of a maxi dress like you! and you're welcome for the postcard :) i'm thrilled by your compliment sugar! xo

Simply, i love any kind of curry! and the breads... YUM!!! The spicier, the better. Naal is the bread i think? i can never remember the names *blushes

erin, there's a movie i love called "sunshine cleaning" where the character has a tin full of things her mom touched. One is a cigarette with the imprint of her mom's lipstick... she puts it to her mouth. Random, but your story made me think of it! it's a great film if you've never seen it. Fly little letter fly! i love your notes :)

Claire, your comment really made me smile! :) i am so glad you found me. Welcome to our wonderful blogging world-- and here's to our friendship! x

Erin, I actually just finished reading "Her Fearful Symmetry," Audrey Niffenegger's book after my favorite, "The Time Traveler's Wife." Nothing comparess to that book!

Lauryn, how was your gorgeous holiday!? i need to catch up on you :) i've missed you! and YES! there is NOTHING like the bond between sisters. My twinkie is half my heart always.

M, YOU'RE beautiful bestie. Thank you so much for the long chat yesterday. You always comfort me and cheer me on and never judge. I'll always need you, you know. xcxo I LOVE YOU!!!

Belen & Sandra, thank you sooo much for the award-- you two are real cupcakes! both my little seesturs :) KISSES!!! and Belen, you can pull of the romper, i know it! esp. with your work out program... ugh i need to hit the gym! lol you're an inspiration for sure! xoxoxo

my name is lauren. said...

your romper is so cute! i wish it was warm enough to wear mine...sadly it's not :(.

Punctuation Mark said...

next movie I want to see is IronMan 2... saw RDJ in LA and can't wait to see the movie! have a nice one!

lina said... i kind of love this post & i have many comments... : )
1. i LOVE i love ronson clothes! they have the cutest & pretiest things. & that romber is no exception for sure!
2. indian food is definitely up there on my favorite foods list (right by sushi & pasta) & of course vegetarian because i am too!
4. i REALLY want to see remember me. i love both emile de ravine & robert pattinson : )
5. i know what you mean about mom smells. it's very comforting.
7. i love taking personality quizes. (i think i may be oposite of you! i'm definitely an introvert.)
thanks for a fun read!

JenRem said...

GREAT outfit photo - I knew you could do it! Now teach me your ways :)

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