Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Postal Service : lovely mail from lovely friends.

as mentioned, i got a cartful of mail when i came home from Texas. Seriously, I felt like a rock star! i have THE best blogger girlfriends! I'm a huge fan of happy mail, that I wanted to share the amazing things sent to me. Unfortunately, I always forget to snap pictures of outgoing, except for postcards. I love postcards! if you send me something, I always promise to send something back- that's half the fun, putting together something for a friend.

first, the lovely birthday cards...

left to right: Chels (thank you for the giftcard to our favorite store Target. It happily went to purchasing my special 3 disc set of NEW MOON!), Shelly, my bestie M, Sandra (j'adore the mickey mouse card!), & L. Nicole. You made 26 feel so special lovies!

My bestie also gave me part two of my birthday surprise (here's part 1). I screamed when I opened it and found this print i have been COVETING of serge. M must have remembered, because my sweet soul mate purchased it and sent it along with the sweetest birthday card. M, you always spoil me! I love you (and Serge!).

Elaine sent me the prettiest birthday gift also. It's a bad picture of me- hers with something i sent is much prettier, but that's just because she's a filipina beauty. I LOVE the pink heel charm on the necklace she sent me cos like Max said when he saw it, "don't you have a pair exactly like these?" Heels are my weakness, it was a PERFECT gift! the thing i loved most is she sent along a photograph magnet of her ADORABLE as a button son Dylan for my fridge. I feel like his auntie already, it was the sweetest sentiment! I can't believe I didn't get a shot of it-- probably because it went on our fridge right away! you are the kindest person i know Elaine! xo

speaking of Filipina prettiness, Aimee sent me some filipino snacks (brought me back to my childhood!), gorgeous pearl earrings, and a filipino pride shirt i can't get enough of! And of course, the nicest letter. (Aimee, Max keeps eating the Barquiron. He loves it)

Cole sent me a thank-you for being a part of her real people in love series. Don't you love the card and her talented embroidery? I told her i was HONORED to have been featured and really i should be thanking her. I love awesome people! (she's hosting an awesome gift exchange btw... i've already signed up!)

don't you love the envelope Megan made?

as well as this handmade from a children's book envelope from my "little seester" Belen?
gorgeous postcard from Shelly (on top of a book my twinkie gave me for my birthday)

sophie from Melbourne emailed asking if she could write me. I love those kind of requests. Here's the beautiful envelope she sent, along with a postcard she found in a cute shop in Tasmania. Sophie, two of my favorite things: art (girl with the pear earring) and postcards.

all mailed out yet? i like postcards so i'll share with you the ones i sent out this week.

I bought decorative tape from Pretty Tape and love it! if you got a thank-you from me in the mail, you'll see i used it the moment i got them.

postcard to Shelly, bought from CoriKindred

to Elaine

in my reply to Sophie, i sent her a photograph postcard i got from my favorite antique store downtown. She has bundles of old postcards and some of my favorite are european with actual photographs (like below) on the front- not just prints.

a postcrossing to someone who said she liked Black & White photographs best. This one is called the Kissing Contest. I thought i'd share what I wrote on back.

just an idea of the kind of random things i wrote to postcrossers.

i love each letter i get and always reply. THANK-YOU so much for showering me with loveliness when i came back from Texas. It was SO nice to be welcomed home. BIG KISSES to you all!!!! it is SO good to be your friend! xoxoxoxo


jozen said...

lucky lucky girl!!

L. Nicole said...

so happy you liked the card. :] those bella pilar ones are some of my favorites, and her work is so cute and girly. :] all your other mail/postcards look so lovely. i especially love the one of the three girls sharing a coat and the 'kissing contest' one, so so cute. :]
- L

PS: I'm on the other side of the state now, but will reply to your lovely email when I get home. thank YOU for being a beautiful friend.

tiffany said...

awww love all of the mail! you are one lucky girl! expect a letter coming from me ^_^ it was posted today!

xo tiffany

Fabi said...

Wow, what a nice welcome home. I love the stuff you've got.

And the one you've mailed out are amazing. I really love postcards and I would love to receive one like this.

I love writing requests as well. That's why I put my address at my blog: So that everybody can write me and surprise me without letting me know before :)! That is even more special than an email with a request in it. Or a comment ;)! Do you know what I mean?

Greetings from Germany :)

Caroline said...

Mail is amazing!! You are a lucky lady! xo

Megan said...

Oh Micaela you definately deserved to be spoilt! I love every think that you received.
I really love the kissing contest. I got another Audrey postcard today :-) My collection is definately growing.
LOVE your mail posts!!

Bianca J said...

I bought some tape from there this week too! Great post! :)

BuenoBueno said...

your so sweet thanks! you are beautiful!
and i love mail! its the best!

Elaine said...

look at all that LOVELY MAIL! and you're welcome for the necklace :) i'm so glad that you loved it --- and have one exactly like it!!!


missy. said...

Soo glad you liked it!! You are so blessed by all your friends.

Its because we love you and you DESERVE it.

shelly said...

u was totally wondering where that cool "lace" tape came from!

u are a very deserving and lucky girl!

Gracie said...

Aww everybody loves you! Because you are soo sweet! I love all your mail. It's so lovely!
I love all the artsy postcards. I can never seem too find any here. They are always cards.

I must get your new address! :)

Belen said...

seesturr! i'm loving your mail post!!!!

i'm sorry i haven't sent out any bday pressies to you yet. i'm still shopping around, and quite honestly lacking on the money side. but i seriously do want to send you something, because how can i not???

and that filipino themed package is AMAZING. period. i tooootally want a cute flip tee! (and not some random tee, but a cute collared one like yours, yknow?) i don't know if barquiron is the same thing, but have you ever had pinipig?! HOLY CRAP IT'S DELICIOUS. :)

as for your previous post with your vintage finds, i LOVE that ceramic apple! i'm planning on going to our local consignment shop
for some goods. hopefully there'll be something with your name calling me. :)

love ya, baby cakes and take care! ♥

Faiza said...

this post makes the mailbox in my heart so happy!

Rhianne said...

you are loved lady :) I still have something to send you which has been waiting ages - I shall sort that out asap!

p.s. how amazing is decorative tape? I brought the yellow set and I am in love!

Farah said...

awww Micaela you lucky lucky girl! ;)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Lovely packages for a lovely girl!

Marisa said...

m- wow you are spoiled and no one deserves it more. I had trouble parting with Serge after receiving it... i am glad you love it.

I love the envelope megan made and how adorable is that postcard with the girls wrapped in the coat? Such wonderful surprises.

Meg Fee said...

1. the bow necklace in the previous post is to die for.
2 max is adorable.
3. you are way prettier than khloe.

4. you are the girl i one day want to be. who gets and receives mail. but i can't seem to do it. i'll write letters and never mail them and it's not like i have some huge emotional reason as to why i won't. i just won't. burgh.

J. said...

I really want to get in the habit of sending mail more often... you and Belen both inspire me!

Cat said...

Wow, you got lots of awesome goodies! Getting mail is the best! :)


Colleen said...

What a happy post!! Yay for mail :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

What a fabulous birthday pile waiting for your return! you must feel so loved

Tiffany said...

So sorry I didn't get to see you when you were in town sweet Mickey!! I was actually in WF most of the time you were as well (10th-14th) to be with family after my Granny passed. I would have LOOOOVED to have seen my sweet Mickey. =(

But thankfully I have your's and your twinkie's cell phone numbers for a sweet little birthday text instead.

Miss your Lechuga smile!! Love you!

Cassie said...

Wow what a lot of mail! You mailbox must have been fit to burst!

Claire Kiefer said...

This is SUCH a sweet post. Mail is so very special, and despite how wonderful and convenient the internet is, we so often forget to send hand-written letters. I loved looking at all these sweet cards, letters, postcards, and notes--how inspiring!

Also, re: American Idol . . . I love Crystal's voice for sure, but I kind of feel like she keeps signing the most predictable songs for her voice (Tracy Chapman, Janis Joplin, etc.). I'd like to see her do something a little different and maybe a little more marketable (with a twist). Without a doubt, though, she has an incredible powerhouse voice.

Didi's voice is great but there's something meek or timid or just unsure about her . . . know what I mean? I also really love the sweet and adorable Aaron Kelly, but mostly just cause I think he's cute and so polite and he has a tough story.

You're right--when Andrew's dad cried I just about lost it! I love Andrew--his voice is so unique and pretty, and he's so endearing. I hope he steps it up, though it's totally annoying that they keep holding "Straight Up" over his head!!

Have a fantastic rest of the week, sweet girl!!

Kristin said...

What an amazing haul. You are much loved lady!

Krissa said...

how sweet is that....what a wonderful surprise to come home too!!! you deserve every bit of it and if i was a better friend i would have had a card in there...{sorry}....i will try harder!!!
love you dear girl!!!

Dandelion and Grey said...

How sweet!! You are a lucky lady, but you're so thoughtful and generous that you deserve all the good that comes your way!! xo

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

How fun!

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