Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Sanja!

Sanja is the pretty girl on the left next to the pretty girl on the right (her little sis)
It's her Birthday. Actually it was yesterday :(
but in my defense, i try and not go online on le weekend. :)

I LOVE YOU SANJA! and I hope you had a fabulous birthday, as fabulous as you are, pretty birthday girl.

Sanja is my dearest friend, one I've had for years- we've shared stories over first kisses, we've talked on the phone, we've shared fashion, school, first heart-aches... about our periods... everything!- and yet... We have NEVER met.

the reason we've never met is because we are pen pals.
we'd share all our life's most important events thru hand-written letters.
Most times they were novels.

I found her in a music magazine in Germany when I was about 13 and we've kept in touch since... we turn 25 this year. :)

I love you Sanja! Happy Bday!
I am sooo thankful for your friendship.

I can't wait til one day we'll meet and lay out on the beaches in "my" italy, or we'll be drinking wine in "your" paris and smiling about how our lives turned out. *i still think you may get married before me. ha

besos xo
"always my #1 girl" that's what we always wrote each other. ;)

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much, girlfriend!!! this blog made my day. i can't wait to meet up with you in NYC;) Love from your # 1 girl

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