Wednesday, June 23, 2010

you know what? enough about me for a moment. tell me about you!

i want to know what your friends call you. how old are you? what do you do?  & where do you live?

in other words, i want to get to know you so allow me to be nosy?

i'll start:

My name is Micaela but my friends call me Mickey (my bestie calls me M).

I'm 26 as of this past March.

I just quit a job with J.Crew but before that, I worked in PR for my hometown (my dream job).

I live in Virginia but right now i'm home at my parents in my beloved Texas.

your turn! xoxo

i'm excited to hear your answers lovies!!!

(I want to even hear from you readers who hardly comment because even you-- especially you-- i want to know. Thank you for your quiet support)


heisschic said...

My name is Jess and most of my friends either call me Jess or by my last name (i love my last name). I've had close friends forget my first name since they never use it.

I'm 24 (I just counted to double check) and I live in Ohio. No cows near me, thanks for asking.

I work for an engineering company and do an IT + Engineering job over the phone. Seeing as I was afraid of talking on the phone for yeaaaars, this is an unexpected turn in my life.

Sending some love your way-

Meghan said...

Well, okay, I'll be first!

My name is Meghan and I'm 27 years old. I work as a magazine editor and I love it. I also have an Etsy shop in which I sell lovely vintage clothes. I live in Minneapolis and I love love love it here.

Nice to meet ya! Can't wait to read more about your other readers, too.

Marz said...

Such a cute idea :) I always want to know these things too when I read people's blogs!

My name is Marianne but my friends & family call me Marz (Mom and dad also call me Monise and Meow Meow lol)
I'm 26 and work as a media buyer for an advertising agency.
I live in Texas, but my heart is in London :)

Even though I know you know this - some of our mates don't :) ha

Kora Bruce [Dixie Lust] said...

Yay! I love stuff like this.

My name is Michelle but most friends call me Meesh or MBrou.
I'll be 25 next month.
I work in the Oilfield.
& I live in southern Louisiana!

Marz said...

Oh Meghan you have my DREAM job!!! Growing up all I ever wanted to do was work for a magazine, but to be an editor - well in my book - you've MADE it girl! :)

Fritzi Marie said...

Hello Dearie,

My name is Kat but my real name is Kathryn. My brother calls me Kathy (and I can't stand that), I also go by Kitty, my Daddy always called me Fritzi, my step dad calls me Katerina, my Auntie Alma calls me Kattty, and my husband calls me Muffin Kitty Cakes or Pants.

I'm 34, 35 in one month. CRAZY!
I'm freaking out about it.

Presently, I stay home with my 10 year old chihuahua Bono Baby and sell vintage on Etsy. I studied art history and anthropology in college. Then went back to work on my Masters in Education to teach middle school history. Now I don't want to teach so I am undecided.

I live in Seattle right now but we are getting ready to move. I grew up in Southern California and I miss going to Disneyland.

I have something I've been wanting to send you. It's been on my to do list for over a sad. Where would you like me to send it.

love love,
Fritzi Marie

Caroline said...

My name is Caroline as you know ... my friends call me Line or Lina, or Caro but mostly Line. I am a Literature student and photographer. And I live in California. Love your blog!! Much love!! xo

Sarah said...

My name is Sarah & I'm 28 (EEK!). I still can't believe that... My neices & nephews call me Sa-Sa, most of my friends call me by my last name but i also have a few others as well, Samantha (from S&TC, more for her attitude than anything else!) & Shingy...

I work for a defense company doing Program Management type work... a far cry from what i thought i'd be doing, but i also am very thankful & grateful for the opportunity that was given to me :)

I live in Baltimore City, and love everything about it... I am a Maryland girl through & through...

sending some good vibes your way :)

crissy said...

My name is Cristina, but I go by Crissy (and sometimes hubby shortens it to Criss.)

I just turned 23 in April.

I live in Utah.

I am a mother, and I stay home with my precious little ones.

(Micaela, I hope you are having a good day today. I'm sorry you are going through a rough time, but it will get better. Sometimes life just has to suck for a while :\ but you will become stronger for having endured.)

Lindsay said...

My name is Lindsay and people call me names such as Mommy, sweetie, Inny, honey, etc. I am 31. I am married with two little girls. I spent eight years being an elementary teacher in my hometown which is a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana. I am a real estate agent now, but may have to go back to my old teaching job for the money. I am heartbroken because I probably can't stay home with my girlies much longer. I wish I could blog about it, but I just can't.

Carolyn said...

My name is Carolyn and I live in Norwalk, CT which is about 45 minutes to NYC. Yes I go there alot! I work at a small apparel company running the office and the owners life. I love France, yoga, reading as well as wine and chocolate! My Nieces/Nephews call me "Care Care" xoxo
What fun!

Erin said...

My name is Erin and it's next to impossible to shorten that, so nicknames are few and far in between. My best friend calls me Eureka (long story) and sometimes my name gets shortened to just plain ol' E.

I just turned 24 this past weekend and I live in Colorado. I love living near the mountains!

I work in wildland fire finance/accounting for the Colorado State Forest Service. It has nothing to do with my degrees, but does allow me to indulge in my nerdy love of numbers.

Sending lots of love your way!!

Risti Megan said...

My name is Risti. And people just call me that!

I'm 31.

I'm trained as a teacher, but I currently work in marketing and PR for a non-profit society in my hometown Kelowna, in BC Canada.

Anonymous said...

how fun :)
My name is Kristina, but thanks to a good joke, a good majority of my friends call me Stina or Tina. I turned 24 in May. I am a 4th grade teacher, going into my 3rd year. Teaching is my passion and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I dream of living by the ocean, but my fiance and I live about as far away from the ocean as possible in the middle of Missouri :)

J. said...

How fun! (And of course, you know this all about me... but I'm playing along anyway!)

My given name is Jessica, but I am mostly called Jess, Jessie, Kika or Coody.
I'm on the verge of turning 28...
I live in Waurika, Oklahoma... about as small-town USA as it gets.
I work in a sleepy little office in city hall, as the city's billing clerk.

Love you Mickey! Again... drinks, soon! :)

Jumbleberry Orchard said...

Oooh a lovely idea!

My name is Catherine; my friends call me Veg (as I'm vegetarian) or Diouf (pronounced 'juf' - long story!), my family call me Catherine and my boyfriend calls me any odd name he can think of which can be pretty embarrassing!

I'm 22 - the youngest of my friends as my birthday is in August, and I'm holfing on to 22 for as long as I can!

I live in York, UK, which is beautiful, but I'm from an ex-mining town called Pontefract, which is much less beautiful!

I'm a Master's student in Linguistics (specialising in working out how babies learn to talk, which is amazing!) and I want to be a librarian when I grow up! :-D

Another thing is that today I'm having a really bad day, but then I read your blog and somehow felt connected to someone other than myself. Blogland is amazing, I know you know that already - but you can turn this way for support, a smile or a rant whenever you need it - don't forget that!

Ashlee said...

my name is ashlee.
my friends and family sometimes call me "ash".

i am 21 and 1/2 (ha).

i am a full time student majoring in film. i also work in the camera equipment room at my university. i sell vintage with my mama, on etsy and at various flea markets in california. and i have an icky retail job, too (but, hopefully not for much longer).

i live in san francisco.

P.S. stay strong. <3

Rhianne said...

I was thinking of doing something similar, its daunting having so many people read your blog who you aren't aware of, I want to know more lol.

Anyway my name is Rhianne, thomas calls me jibby (i have no idea why
) and my sister calls me Rhianneeeee.

I'm 24 but keep telling people I'm 25. I have a rubbish job but it lets me have the time to blog and make new friends so I dont mind as much as I used to.

I live in Leeds, England and I love it.

hugs x

BrittanButterfly said...

Great idea, Micaela! I love learning about people, it is fascinating!!!

ok, here goes...
My name is Brittan... Most people automatically assume it is Brittany, but I assure you it is not.
I live in Gloucester, Ma. at the moment. I am thankful I live in a wooded area here, but am right up the street from the ocean because I love to swim and hate being hot!
I have 2 dogs and a bird that I love more than anything.
I am a multimedia artist who sells at craft fairs, local markets, festivals, farms, etc. and have a shop on etsy ( I also work with my boyfriend doing puppets, both large and small at festivals and schools and I always have more going on than meets the eye.

That's all I can think of right now...

Erin said...

My name is Erin and that's mostly what my friends call me, except a few of my really old friends (and my sister) who remember I was "Air" in high school. And my husband calls me Gorge, because he thinks I'm gorgeous.

I turned 36 a couple of months ago.

I'm an elementary school librarian and in one week I'll be on summer vacation!

I live in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada, but for the month of August I'll be in my husband's hometown of London, England! Yippee!

But you already knew all that, didn't you? xoxo

jackiek said...

cute idea!

i'm jacqueline, but my friends call me jackie

i'll be 17 a month from tomorrow!

i'm a yoga teacher and a lifeguard.

i live on the Jersey Shore!

sending lots of love and good vibes your way :) you're seriously one of my favorite bloggers and i hate knowing you're upset!

Casi said...

I'm one of those quiet supporters. :)

My name is Casi. I am called that or Case or Richard (my family and close friends call each other that- from Tommy Boy)

I am 31 but still in denial. I feel more like 25. I live in Chicagoland.

I work for Big Brothers Big Sisters and love it.

Sense I am commenting... I want to say that I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. It is refreshing. Keep your spirit up- things will work out.

Krissa said...

well...i comment plenty...but i wanna play along...haha...

so my name is Krissa and my friends call me Krissa...haha...creative! but my family calls me Frissa or Keeka :)

I am 25 and I live in AZ with the parental units :)

I work at a bank in the fraud dept and i have been here for 3 1/2 years.

{been thinking of you a lot sweet girl and i hope all works out for you!!!}


Malin said...

My name is Malin (pronounced like the fish Marlin), and my friends call me that, or Maz/Mazzie/Sheep (long story).

I'm 22, and I live in... well, funny that you ask.. At the moment nowhere.. I'm from Bergen, Norway. At the moment I'm in NY (just finsihing up a 6 weeks long roadtrip!), I lived in Guadalajara, Mexico before I left for the US (studied there for a year), and normally I study in Nottingham, England. This summer I shall be living with my brother/grandparents back in Norway whilst I shall be working an amazing summer job.. Yeah right, I'm sorting the dangerous rubbish (or garbage!). Pays well though!

So, as you might have realised, I'm a student. I study International Relations, and when I grow up I'm going to be a well-educated volunteer. At least that's what it feels like when checking out the job market..

erin elder said...

oooo how fun!! I wanna play...

My name is Erin, and my closest friends call me "Ernie" - a name i got in grade school when you just wrote your first name and last initial... i was Erin E... get it?

I'm 25 and live in Ventura CA and work as a graphic designer for a lighting company. I can't imagine living anywhere else... I love the beach.

This was a great idea.... love this stuff. SMILES to you M : )

Marisa said...

Of Course you know all this but... this is fun!

My name is Marisa, some of my friends call me Miss and my sisters when we were young called me Missy. My bestie (u) calls me M.

I'm 33. Married with one daughter (13). I work part time as a photographer and part time as an office Manager for a small family run business.

I live in North Dakota. Which I hate. I grew up all over (Colorado, California, Montana, Iowa and Texas.)


Sara said...

My name is Sara but my friends call me Kiki (long story) my cousin calls me soska, because that was my nickname as a child.

I'm 22, I am turning 23 in August (I am a Virgo)

I work as a researcher at the general authority for investment- yes, it's a government job..I have always wanted to be a researcher! I am Master's student as well! I am studying economics in international development.

I live in Cairo, Egypt! I love this place :)

Micaela said...

i'm REALLY loving getting to know you all! (even those i know well, it's fun to re-hear these little fun facts)

how fabulous are our lives when we stop to think about it? it's so nice to feel closer to you lovies.

I think i'll have to start a Wens. series called, 'Wanting to know you' with little fun questions about yourself. What do you lovies think? i love the feedback of how fun y'all (i'm in texas for sure) think this is. I happen to think so as well! please keep the answers coming xo

Larissa Wunder said...

hey there
my name is Larissa, I´m 19( for 3 months...then I'll be 20-spooky!)
and from germany.
I just graduated school/college and don't know where I'll go.
My friends call me chickie, laritzki or just Larissa.
Nice to meet you Micaela :)

Marian said...

Hi..My name is Marian.

People call me Mazzy (family) and Mar (friends).

I turn 30 on November 30th (my Golden birthday, too bad it falls on a Tuesday...though my 21st did fall on a Saturday and I couldn't complain about that). I don't look a day over 18 though.

I wish I could quit my job but I've got bills to pay and a wedding in September to save for.

If I could do anything, I'm pretty sure I'd work with kids in some way, shape or form. Right now I work for a PR/Marketing firm promoting travel. Basically I sit in an office and research.

I live in Baltimore, Maryland, but am originally from New Hampshire and would love LOVE to move back like something fierce. Or move to the West Coast or Europe just for a year to try it out:)

Tiffany said...

My name is Tiffany but my friends call me Tiff, Tiffy, or T-Roe.

I just turned 28, and feeling really old!! lol. I will let you in on a little secret (read not to be FB'd just yet) I am expecting my first child! Yes I know you just screamed when you read that Mickey!! lol. I got married March 17th of this year to the man of my dreams! So this is all a good thing!!

I work for AT&T Yellow Pages doing pre-sales support for our reps here, but will be getting surplussed as of Sept 30th, so I am currently looking for another job within the company.

I live in Roanoke, TX which is just close enough to everything to be perfect for me...but still small enough to have that small town feel. I am originally from Burkburnett, TX and still have some of the most wonderful friends in the world there!

Love ya!

Tillie said...

My name is Natalie, but everyone calls me Tillie, and some people call me Tills. Im 20, about to be 21 in 4 weeks. Wahooo! I work for a non profit organisation that finds foster parents for children in need. I love my job and my life. Right now im going through a journey of change. its excting. Oh and I love you miss xo

Fabi said...

My name is Fabienne, but everyone calls me Fabi. I am 22 years old and my next birthday will be in November.

At the moment I have no work, but I will start with school again in August. I will learn how to be a nursery nurse (a kindergarten teacher) and will make a better graduation on that school.

I live in Germany, in Essen to be exactly. My hometown is in the ruhr area.

heartshapedbruise. said...

My name is Danielle, & to be honest, that's pretty much what everyone calls me!
I'm 24 years old & will be 25 in October, which I literally can't get my head round at all..
I work in the Learning Support department of my local secondary school - with students aged mainly 14-17. I've been there 2 & a half years, & as tiring & draining it can be, I love it - it's actually the longest I've stuck at anything!
I live in England - the South West of England to be more precise - right on the coast.

Great idea for a post :)

pip a la chic said...

My name is Philippa but everyone calls me Pip or Pippi. I am 27 and I live in australia (God's country).
I work in a achildren's boutique selling baby and children's clothing. I'm currently looking for another job as I'm really over being casual.

Anonymous said...

My name is Tricia which is what my friends call me, though I have an online friend who calls me Tri, which I like :). I'm 34 years old. I work for a Housing Authority in the Section 8 department. I live in Georgia and have an almost 13 year old daughter!
I hope that your are doing well and that slowly but surely your life gets to where you want it to be!

Mariella said...

My name is Mariella, and my friends call me "Marie" or just "M".

I'm fifteen, and I live in Puerto Rico.

I am a student (obviously) and have never worked, which must be the reason I am broke. :)


Cole said...

I love this idea. I wanted to do something like this but couldn't get my thoughts together (how typical).

My name is Nicole but anyone who's close to me calls me Cole. (I am never, nor have I ever been, a Nicky)

I'm 24 & sorta freaked out about 25, it just seems so grown up to me.

I live in Northern Indiana, two hours from Chicago, 1 1/2 from Ohio, & 20 minutes from Michigan.

I work as a waitress/baker at my parent's diner, but am DYING to have my own business and I think my fiance (Jus) and I are going to start one very soon (hopefully).

I realized the other day that I had sent you a postcard after you had left for Texas so now you won't get the sunshine I sent your way until you are back in Va. Just know that I am thinking of you & hope you are feeling happier.

Nicole Leigh said...

I'm Nicole and most people call me Nicole, except for my boyfriend and parents call me Colie sometimes.

I'm 24 but I'll be 25 July 31. 25 terrifies me. I moved to Los Angeles this past year after living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I actually love LA. After struggling to find a job since graduating college 2 years ago, I work as a writer for start-up website,


SweetLime313 said...

Hola Senorita Lettuce!

My name is Blanca. My hubbs rarely uses my name at all and mostly calls me baby or honey. Friends call me Blanx or Blanquita. Family have a "secret" nickname for me...willie, its an embarressing story :P Oh, and occasionally I'm called Blanche.

I turned 29 in March and I'm a social worker, medical social work specifically. I've worked in mental health in the past but find my current job in the hospital very stimulating and fulfilling. I love telling people "I don't wipe blood, I wipe tears" when they don't know what a medical social worker does :)

I am a So Cal girl to the bone. I've travelled a fair amount but know there is no other place I'd rather live than the town I grew up in. Heck, I even work at the hospital I was born at!


Anonymous said...

my name is Sharlyn (cher-lynn).
my friends call me sharlyn. or shar (cher). and my family calls me sis.

i'll be 20 in september.. but most of the time i act (and dress) like i'm 30.

i work as the office manager for a real estate company. even though my title should be "personal assistant" most of the time, instead.

i live in an adorable apartment on my parents property in Crow, OR (right outside of Eugene). i'm living there to "save money" and by save money i mean not spend it on anything useful.. and buy lots of pretty unuseful things.. BUT that is all changing and i really am going to start sticking to a budget ;)

btw.. i like hearing about you too! i hope you're letting your heart heal and taking all the time you need!

{relationships are like mirrors, they give us a better idea of who we really are and what we have to offer. and sometimes, when they are broken it is better to leave the pieces on the floor than hurt yourself trying to put them back together again}

brown eyed girl said...

My name is Laura
But a few of my friends call me LC and a couple call me Coco (my last name is Coalwell).

I am originally from Oregon, but I currently live in Utah.

I'm 21 and I'm a college student majoring in Advertising :)

Hope you're feeling better since you're home and that you and Max are both healing, and healing together.


Gabby said...

My name is Gabrielle, but I'm always Gabby. Or Gabs by close friends :)

I'm holy moly 29! I live in So Cal.

I just got a new job! I start after the 4th. Super excited about that.

paige said...

Hello :)

My name is Paige and that's what all my friends call me but one of them
My friends louise calls me paigeypaige or paigeypants haha

i am 20 in 2 months and at the moment i don't work (desperately looking)

i live in a small down called wodonga which is in victoria, australia



missDTM said...

love your blog. :)

my name is darcy, i'm 27 (turning 28 in 2 weeks EKKK). i'm born and raised in nyc. i work for a non-profit...but i like to make art on the side.

you can check out an art blog i have with some friends

i also love to dance, hang out with my friends, write letters to my many pen pals and play with my dog, dunkin.

Heather said...

What a beautiful idea!

My name is Heather. I am from California, but have been living in Chilean Patagonia--at the end of the world--for about three years. It's been an amazing journey. I met my husband here, and we hope to return/move to the U.S. some time soon.

Nobody can pronounce my name here, so sometimes I'm called flor or some variation of flower. I recently turned 32. I cook, run, read, write, love. I've been doing all kinds of things for work while I've been down here, from guiding trekking trips in Torres del Paine national park to editing a local backpacking/travel mag, from teaching English to translating self-help books (and whatever else comes my way).


Cynthia said...

my name is cynthia but everyone calls me cynthia jean (jean is my last name) because I have two first names and it flows!

I am 22

I live in Virginia but my heart is in New York

I am a registered nurse but I can't find a job, so I work at Ralph Lauren! (like rachel, from friends haha)

adri said...

my name is adrianne :) but everyone calls me adri. a few people can get away with calling me ad (pronounced: aid), but i'm not a huge fan of that. haha. i'm 19 years old, and i live in good ol' utah. no, i am not a polygamist wife. no, i am not a pioneer. i'm just a girl trying to become a weathercaster, going to school, and attending as many concerts as possible :)

Sarah C said...

Hello dear! I feel like i haven't commented in forever, but i promise I've been cheering you on these past few weeks.

My name is Sarah, or Sare for short. Sarah is such a hard name to shorten up, isn't it?? I just finished up my first year of teaching for babies and toddlers with special needs, and had an interview last week for a job in Chicago. So right now we live in Michigan, but next month, we could be in the Windy City! Oh, and I'm 24.


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

you know my real name, but friends call me snow, finch, d, dani, and my brother calls me danish ;)

i'm 28 going on 75.

i hate my part time sales job at your message board, and i hope to rely on web designing for my income one day.

i miss you!

Jen said...

Hey girlie! I've missed you.

My name is Jennifer and I'll be 29 on Saturday. My friends call me Jen, Howie, J.Ho, Superstar and occasionally Nifer (hence my blog title). I live in Rhode Island, the Ocean State, which I love.

I read, I travel, I soak up knowledge wherever I can get it, I freelance for a newspaper, I blog, and I work full-time for a teleconferencing company.

Hopefully that helped you get to know me better!

Maddy said...

My name is Madeline (lynn not line.. hehe) but everyone calls me Maddy. I'm 20 going on 21 (almost one month!) & I currently live in Tallahassee, Fl where I just graduated from Florida State University. In less than a month I will move to Gainesville, Fl to start my Masters degree. I work at my local Gap and I love it.

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time, I'm sending good thoughts your way that EVERYTHING works out for you. I know it's hard but just try and keep your head up! I'm glad to hear your in Texas spending time with family and clearing your head. <3

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Aww look at the love dear.

I don't reveal my name too much on the internet, but you know it. :) I am 31 and currently living in Singapore with my husband but am originally a NYC girl.
I used to be in project management and am looking for a job now. Fingers crossed for a good one!

Annie said...

what a fun post!!

my friends call me annie....booor-ing ;) jk! my bro and sis call me fiance has a million names he calls so we won't go there! ha!
i will be 27 in month! ahhh! ;)
i work as a legal assistant - full time blogger/internet explorer! ha!
i live in MN, very close to the mall of america!

p.s. still worried about you and thinking about you!! i adore you hun!! i am really hoping you are okay, hugs!!! i hope you are enjoying being home with your family sweet girl!!

Vampires and Tofu said...

Hi, I'm new here but I'll gladly play along =)

I'm ALMOST 42 which to my eyes looks like just an awful number, but I'm having the time of my life so I really can't complain.

I work in a casino but I dream of a job in publishing, maybe even writing one day.

Annnddd....I live in Temecula California, "famous" for its wineries and hot air balloons!

Phoenix Peacock said...

I'm like chic and cheap, I don't really like my name associated with my blog - its a professional paranoia thing! But nicknames are fine! A select few people call me Bunny. Otherwise Nessa is a nickname used often. I somehow always get crazy nicknames that thankfully have fairly short lives.... for example) kitten sticks, trix, go-go, dingers ... you get the picture. And when I was little I was known as Your Royal Highness, apparently I liked to boss my older siblings around. And when I played soccer my nickname was Tank because I was known to run opponents over.

I'm 26. I also had to double check. I live in Colorado, but grew up in Williamsburg, Va before going to school in Fredericksburg, VA where I met my hubby and stole him to Colorado. My mother in law still hates me for it!

I'm a full time student getting my masters in counseling and art therapy. I'm working as a recreational instructor with individuals who have developmental disablities, and some weekends as an art therapist at camps for international adoptees. I'm about to start working with at-risk youth involved in gangs. Should be fun, or at least interesting!


Taylor Yves said...

oh i love reading what everyone wrote!

My name is Taylor, my parents call me Boo and my husband calls me a lot of funny names.

I'm 21.

I am a Christian missionary in Chicago, I work with artists and art students, it's so very hard but so fulfilling!

stephanieee said...

my name is stephanie, and most of my fridns either call me steph, or stephi, or girlfriend:) haha.

i'm 20 years young, and love it! having the time of my life in eugene oregon! grew up in a smaller town though. graduated with 23 other people, and of that 24, five of them were girls. yeah. that small.

i just quit at macy's (the department store) and just got interviewed for a bank in town! so fingers crossed! :)

this was such a cute idea! hope this finds you well!

carmar76 said...

First off, I love this!

My name is Carrie, which doesn't really lend itself to nicknames, yet my dad called me Carrieboo, which turned into an email address in college, which gave me the nickname Boo with my friends there. I have one friend to whom I'm Kiwi, and 10 nieces & nephews to whom I'm Auntie Carrie, Aunt Carrie or Auntie Boo. : )

I live in Iowa, work in HR for an ag equipment company in Illinois, and cross the Mississippi River every day. I love to eat out locally and when I travel and I love mail - sending and receiving as you know! *grin*

Jesus is the love of my life, and I'm so grateful for the friends He continues to bless me with.

oh, and I'm 33, but would like to be 27. : )

Cassie said...

Wow we really are from all over the place here - so I might as well throw myself into the mix! :)

My name is officially Cassandra but I have always gone by Cassie and this is also often shortened to Cas by quite a lot of my family and friends.

I am the grand old age of 30 (boy does that feel old to say) and I live in Suffolk on the east coast of England.

I work part-time for my husbands company and do a job that is hard to explain! I enter information into the computer about pigs! Yes pigs - their births, number of piglets etc. It is rather funny because I get to know certain farms and the funny/strange names they give their pigs, such as Mr T or Sweep!!


Polly said...

I need to ask my readers questions like this too!

My name is Polly and people call me Polls or Poll or Polsh or Poulch or Rowan (my surname). And my little brother calls me Pogatha (don't ask me why!)

I'm 19 and I live in London.

I am a textile design student and I work part time looking after kids.


Jessica said...

Cute idea!!!! My name is Jessica. I go by Jess or Jessi. I live in a small town a ten min. drive east from St. Louis, MO. I am currently a bartender. I love to read, cook, bake, and make jewelry. Oh and I'm 25! Check out my new blog... Sending you lots of love!

AngelLove said...

My name is Angela but everyone calls me Angie or Tangela. Why Tangela??? IDK lol
I just turned 25
I was the assistant manager for a video store before it went out of business a little while back. So now Im finishing up my major in Social Work. I want to open a group home.
Oh and I live in Los Angeles California :-) I want to move down South after I get married.....

BuenoBueno said...

hi! my name is brandi, my family calls me "dee dee" or "goof"
my sister calls me "bitch" jk jk jk
my friends call me "branflake" "bran muffin" "brandex""B" "bug" "deedle"
my husband calls me "princess pupukea"

i am 29. i am a hairstylist at my salon..sunchild salon.

i live in texas.

where in texas do your parents live?

Micaela said...

seriously love all these answers!!!

Brandi, my parents live 2.5 hrs from Dallas (city i LOVE) in wichita falls.

shelly said...

i just wanted to thank you for last night. i am so sorry that your heart is broken :(

Stephanie said...

Hey, Mickey. Stephanie here. So, some people call my Steph, your sis calls me BFF or life partner, haha. My boys just call me mom.

I'm 32 now. :( Remember when I turned 30 and I thought it was the end of the world? Yeah, now I'm even older!

I work at the Endoscopy Center. You know, scoping butts. It's fun stuff.

I live in good ole WF, TX...most of my life. I hope to get out with you and my bff before you leave town....maybe go see Eclipse??? Can't wait!

I love reading your blogs. You are an amazing writer!

<3 Steph

April said...

My name is April. Most people just call me April. My parents call me A, as well as one of my friends (who is going to be my roommate next year! We call each other A, since her name is Anna and I'm April. I think that seems cuter in my head).

I'm 20 as of April. (Yes, I was named after the month I was born in, my parents are uber original, but it's okay because I love my name.)

I'm a student who works part-time as a secretary during the summer, and during the school year I work at the school's cafe/burger joint. I'm majoring in psychology and studying in England in the fall.

I live in Alabama, but go to school in Arkansas. :)

greystrawberrys said...

Love these; Its fab learning about you :D

My name is Sarah, which is normally what I'm called :) I'm 21 in August and live near Cambridge, England. (In the nice countryside!!)

<3 Hope your okay,

Sarah xoxox

livin wide said...

right now just a lotta dog walking in the hot state of texas! where are you in texas??

The Socialite said...

Hey Mickey! I'm so glad you like to be called that, bc I love it! hehe :)

I'm Vanessa and I've been your fan - well since forever. :)

In fact I remember you left Joanna from Cup of Jo a comment forever ago, which lead me to your blog, which I just found beyond fascinating. Amist all the other blogs, you've always seemed so genuine. LOVE IT!

But enough about you, let's talk about me! lol

I'm 24 and I'm turning 25 next year, currently engaged and currently experiencing TRUE growing pains. As in scary-realizations that my life is changing in such big ways. Who am I? What am I doing? Am I where I'm suppose to be? I think I should read Eat, Pray & Love bc you said it helped you - maybe I'll have an epiphany or something? hahaha

Laura Loo said...

I'm Laura! I'm 23, a California girl, but currently living in Oregon, saving to move to NYC.

I am a musical theatre junkie (and it was my major) and performing/singing is my passion -- I'm trying to get to New York to pursue it!! In the meantime, I love love kids, have always taught and nannies, and am currently doing both! I teach special ed right now, and it's incredibly rewarding and I love all my kids!

I met my boyfriend when I was traveling in the UK, we were on the same tour, and after knowing him for only a few days, I completely just changed my life: got out of a bad reli and flew to Australia to be with him! I stayed for 6 months, was happier than I could have ever imagined, and now he came back with me to America! He's the best.

I have been getting into crafty stuff, sewing hair bows (i've gotten better since I sent you yours), making earrings, scrapbooking, etc. I love high heels and dresses; I never wear pants! and I love scuba diving. Whee! fun, thanks for askin :D

handinherpocket said...

I'm Carin - my husband calls me Skattie, which means 'Little Treasure' in Afrikaans; my dad calls me Poppie ('Little Doll') and my mom Bokkie (like 'Little Fawn', I guess.) They're all pretty common nicknames over here!

I live in Cape Town and have a view of Table Mountain from my bedroom window and, if I crane my neck, I can see Cape Town harbour from my kitchen. I'm turning 29 in July and I've already started throwing hints for gifts from my husband... Hmm, will he catch on?

At the moment I do freelance writing and editing, but I'm also busy setting up my super-nerdy-nerd dream job; being a professional historian. I do research on South Africa's TV history and would LOVE to actually get paid for it. Thumbs!

Enjoy your summer over in the northern hemisphere while I go get another sweater, sigh.

Lauren Nicole said...

sorry for the wait on my comments m, i've been putting off ALL of the blog reading lately, eek!

anyway, i'm lauren; when i was in my early teen years i was called L and now have adopted lauren nicole or as micaela here calls me, l. nicole. :]

i'm nineteen and will be 20 in late november. (which i'm none too happy about. but don't let me get all bella on you.) currently residing in florida but longing for the pacific northwest, canada or europe.

not currently working a dead end job, but looking for something to put funds in my pocket while i take photographs all the time of everything and everyone. photography is my passion, first love and hopefully my future career.

dabbling in poetry, art, singing, design and writing, i spend most of my recreational time reading blogs, lovely books and vogue & nylon magazines; listening to good music and becoming an obsessive film viewer and enthusiast.

- L

Belen said...

What?! You quit? What?!

Where have I been in this blog world!? Have you posted about it?! I'm confused! LOL

My name is Stephanie, but I like going by my last name Belen. My co-workers call me Ballin'.

I've had a mad crush on my bank teller for 4 years, but that faded when I realized I fell for my co-worker, who's last day was today. He'll be gone for 2 months to teach English in China. He's coming back, but while that's all fine and dandy, I think he only sees me in that "like a sister" view. He calls me seestur, I call his brodder. I wish it wasn't that way.

I've worked at Starbucks for almost 3 years now. I want out. I didn't get hired at Barnes & Noble, but I'm applying to Disneyland. I want it more than anything right now.

Well, besides my ex-coworker.

Ruxandra said...

My name is Ruxandra and people call me in so many different ways-from Rux to Ruxi or Ruxa.My closest friends call me Ruru.That's how my father started to call me too.
I'm 16-well, 17 in September, but i try to erase that tought.I may be oyung, but I am afraid of the future.
I have just finished 10th grade.Wow, only two more years left of my "golden years".
Nice to meet you:)And sorry for being the silent type of reader.I'll try to change that in the near future.

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