Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wonderful Creation.

okay maybe this will be the last thing i purchase for myself, before Christmas.

because when i first saw Julia's love series, i already made up my mind. I immediately asked her if she was going to sell her work, because i looooved this piece. It reminded me of me and my darling friend.

love love love

lucky me, Julia finished her website

with a link to her etsy shop, Wonderful Creation.

i have my eye on this one too.

Thanks Julia! I can not wait to get this.
& congrats to you and your etsy.


Julia said...

This piece could not be going to a better home. Thank you for being my first [and #1] customer!

I hope you love love love it!

Gemma Louise said...

awh you really put a smile on my face! thank you ! and your friend is really talented! love the pieces of work! xx

Marisa said...

beautiful... i love the color... with the black & white.

missy. said...

i love that red color she used to accent the couple.

and have i told you i love your finds? aaahhh they make me happy!!

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