Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Brother : #18 you are the winner!!!

hello lovies!!! Me and Max just got back from our day trip to Durham, N. Carolina. It was so much fun spending time with his sister and her family- especially her new baby girl Nora (short for Eleanor). I had so much fun holding her!

it was a good day.

and i hope it was a good day for my brother Marco! Happy Birthday!!!!! You've always been the best older brother.

THANK-YOU kisses to all 30 of you who helped make this birthday special by sending birthday cards to him in Iraq. It means THE WORLD to me. To show my appreciation, i entered everyone in a giveaway to win this beautiful necklace, donated from Danielle's etsy shop.

using, #18 YOU'RE THE WINNER!

chelsea, i'll email you shortly for your address details.

i hope you love it, as much as i do!!! xo

just so you know... i wish i could send every one of you 30 loves a necklace. Perhaps if i ever win the lottery or um, get employed. {sigh}

Danielle, once again- a special THANK YOU sooo very much.


Erin said...

Chelsea is going to rock that necklace!

30 birthday greetings for your big bro? That's fantastic. Hope he had a really happy b-day.

And you will definitely get employed soon. Don't get discouraged!

Connie said...

Belated birthday greetings to your big bro! And I agree with Erin...don't get discouraged, the perfect job is right round the corner! ;)

♥Aubrey said...

I can see that you and your brother have the BEST sibling relationship :)

Happy Birthday to him!!! May the guys over there sing him a song and whatever else those boys do. Lol

Megan said...

Happy Birthday to your brother! I think Chelsea will love the necklace.

chelsea rebecca said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BROTHER!!! he is gonna love all the cards!!

SO EXCITED for the necklace! thanks to Micaela and Danielle! can't wait to wear it all the time!!


chelsea rebecca said...

p.s. remind me to never make that face again!! hah!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Happy Birthday to your brother darling, I hope he has a happy day - I'm sure he will with the influx of cards from your lovely friends!


BrittanButterfly said...

yay! congrats!!! and happy birthdday to your bro, micaela!

Anonymous said...

congrats to chelsea!!!! and a happy birthday to your brother :D

Marisa said...

that picture is just precious... Happy Birthday to Marco.

i soooo wanted that but congrats to the winner.

ps Glad day trip went well...

:: Gina :: said...

i adore that picture of your brother holding you.
so sweet.

im sure he feels the love. you're a good sister.


Risti Megan said...

Congrats to Chelsea for winning the necklace! And happy birthday to your big bro.

missy. said...

happy birthday to your brother! i hope he had a wonderful day.

Micaela said...

thank you for all the birthday wishes and encouragement on the job front ;)

Chelsea, you are TOO CUTE. seriously, even making adorable faces. I'm so glad you won!

thank you everyone xoxoxo


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