Monday, February 9, 2009

My Spoiled Weekend 3: THE MAVS GAME!!!!!! ahhhh

I was SO excited when we starting walking up to the AA Center. The big TVs (like a minnie NY to me lol) with Dirk's face... all the jerseys and fans... I couldn't believe i was FINALLY seeing a a game. Finally. And that I was getting to experience it with darling friend. That he- my Max- did all this for ME. le sigh.darling friend booked us seats in the platinum level, which means bathrooms and food were RIGHT outside our seating area. He could go get us drinks and use the bathroom in a commercial break.
I think I converted him into a Mavs fan. ;) It was SO EXCITING to cheer with him and to hug and kiss after a Mavs Goal. I may have drove Max nuts with my over-excitement of seeing Dirk Nowitzki LIVE. (sorry bd!!!)

but i think he realized my happiness was ALL BECAUSE OF HIM. (max)
WHAT A GAME to see for the first time!!! The Dallas Mavericks win over the Chicago Bulls in OT by ONE point!!! it was CRAZY FUN!!! and Dirk? he played AMAZING at the end!!! We could not have asked for a better game for our first time.
this is a terrrrible pic of me, after all the jumping/cheering/screaming/beers :)
but i don't care, you can see how ABSOLUTELY HAPPY I AM!!!!

i am a happy happy little girl.

Mavs, we'll see you in the playoffs :)

Max, THANK YOU X 10!!! i will work on converting you to a Cowboys fan, come football season. ;) you made a dream of mine come true this weekend and it COULD NOT have been more perfect. you ARE the cheese to my macaroni. xo


Meg Fee said...

first of all, you couldn't take a bad picture--you're absolutely stunning.

and second, am i a little slow on the uptake--is this max a "friend" friend? because seems like he sure did show you one hell of a weekend AND he's pretty darn cute!

Micaela said...

Awww meg :) always so sweet! I know, I need to write up a post about 'my darling friend' friend ;) yes he's quite the cutie! I will reveal more of my heart soon! xo. PS. So glad to hear of ned's demise!

FrankieBaby said...

I went to see my fav team (celtics) thursday & they went into overtime too except we lost by 1 instead of winning :(. Good to hear you enjoyed your first game!

Micaela said...

awww so sorry about your Celtics! thx for your sweet comment :) when we went out after the game, i was dancing with a bunch of girls who were out for their friend's bachelorette party and i told one girl next to me, I had just seen my first MAVS game. She was a Bulls fan but hugged me anyway because it was my first game & i was so very happy with how it turned out :) lol

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