Monday, November 9, 2009

such talent.

remember this beautiful painting i bought from a very talented art student in Canada named Julia? it came in today and like it's title, i love love love it!!!! it's even more beautiful in person... the details are just wow.

and, i got a lovely bonus:

Julia your work (like the artist) is GORGEOUS! and i can not thank you enough for your kindness. I am so glad i own one of your Wonderful Creations.

my pillow was also in my mailbox, with a TYPE-WRITTEN letter!!! (it's the 3rd sign, i need to own a type writer again). Thank-you Liane of Enhabiten. I KNEW i had to get it and i'm glad i did.

You're right Liane, it's a very powerful word.

thank-you ladies!!!

don't you just love i'm constantly amazed at such talent. and what is better than buying hand-made? nothing, i say...


marisa said...

oh m - the pillow is even more gorgeous than the previous pictures and how talented is Julia?... beautiful

missy. said...

beautiful!! i looove that pillow.

angelina la dawn said...

i love etsy! (i just opened my very own, very humble shop) and sarah at auburn street sent me your sugar doll award. great idea!

Melissa A. said...

oh, I just love that forgiven pillow. I go on etsy all the time and I have just way too many favorites. I am constantly cleaning out my faves because I don't want to obsess over too many things.

mina said...

i wish i had a type writer. usps is so efficient - didn't you just order this the other day? canada post would have taken a month.....& thanks so much for the well wishes.

Micaela said...

angelina (love your name!) so pleased to meet you and i'm off to read your facts and will visit your shop soon! promise!!! i think it old sarah she had me at your yellow cluth... a'la jerry maguire ;) thanks for visiting and visit often! xo

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