Monday, August 30, 2010

Postal Service.

^i was a smitten kitten with the inside of Courtney's awesome envie!

^sweet thank-you card from gabby / postcard from carrie marie

^candy bliss from Lindsey. See those red wax lips?
there's a part where you can bite down on them (like vampire teeth)... 
so for lindsey, here's me channeling angelina jolie!
ha! they were a lot of fun birdie! x

: front :
: back :

^pretty claire's pretty thank-you card for her birthday pressies. seriously, who does that but girls made of sugar? I loveeeed the way she decorated it all especially since that's my girlfriend penelope cruz with my initials on her arm. ha! 

speaking of my girlfriend....
from my bestie! Marisa's "girlfriend" has always been Kate Winslet- this is from a French Vogue issue she fell in love with of both our girlfriends together! LOVE. like us *wink containing the prettiest mixed tapes that i can't stop listening to! i love you M, more than you'll ever know. xoxo

^don't you love the postcard steph included with her letter?

^from Zoe

^postcard (perfectly me) from Courtney

^recently i've added handmade postcards to my likes on postcrossing & i got my first one from Ludmilla

^another postcrossing (love this Monet!) from Nicole in France

^postcrossing from South Africa, "The Present"

this last incoming came in today and was the sweetest surprise! it could not happen on a better day that i needed some sunshine. Maria had emailed me for my brother's address a few weeks ago to send him a card while he's in Iraq. As you know, it means so much to me and we got to emailing and decided to write each other. She loves stationary and i had mentioned how i was on a search for some because legal yellow pad has always been my normal. Look what this LOVELY new friend of mine surprised me with! in her card she wrote, "no, no- don't buy your own stationary. It's a horrible, very expensive addiction. Trust me :)" 

random kindness... i will never stop being touched by it.

a PLETHORA of stationary goodies!!! + mini journals. i keep one in my purse at all times to jot down quotes, shopping lists-- everything. These are beautiful Maria!
Maria, i can't wait to send you and Muffin a thank-you. Maria is a girl after my own heart... she just adopted a 3 year shih tzu named Muffin.

^mixed tape for my college girlfriend Jess (check out her sexy/sweet moment with her love)

^fitting postcard to my Bestie

^a thank-you + house warming gift for that adorably distracted Rhianne 

^reply to Zoe / postcard i made for L Nicole in response to her big news

Megan's sister's boyfriend James who's in the Navy just deployed for the middle east for 6 months. Inspired by the outpour and love from you lovies to my brother in Iraq, she asked if it would be okay to do the same on her blog for James.  OF COURSE!!! i am ALL about supporting our soldiers. {details on how to send james a letter here}

i asked Megan what he liked and she said sweets & maybe a non-fiction war book to pass the time while on his ship. {i'm quite excited about the memoir i found at my favourite used book shop!} + avian chapstick.

of course i wrote a letter on the back of a vintage sailor pin-up. It was kind of neat to be on the "other side" and write someone else's family member... it made me appreciate even more those who took the time for my brother.  

^french art postcrossing going to the Netherlands. i pay attention to what people like and she likes art + erotica... alas. 

^postcrossing going to Germany. She liked homemade ones & all of Tim Burtons' films. I had to make one of my favourite film of his. 

i love our little love letters! xo


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh I'm jealous! That is a lot of goodies. What sweet, thoughtful friends!

carmar76 said...

Just when I think I can't be more inspired by you or Marianne...

Also, stationary! Oh my heck, what beauty! You are one lucky ducky! Deservedly so, of course! ; )

Rhianne said...

I love these posts and you can't imagine how excited I was when I saw my parcel - I'll be waiting for it eagerly now :) x

Megan said...

Oh Micaela, what you sent James is absolutely perfect, thank you so so so much! Your are such a sweet and caring person. Thankyou once again.

Leah said...

Dear Michaela,
I'm Leah, Megan's sister and I just wanted to say a massive Thankyou for supporting James and sending him such lovely things! He's going to be so suprised! Thanks for your time and effort and i'm sure he'll really appreciate it! The book looks great by the way and the postcard is very fitting!
Thanks again, Leah xox

Lauryn said...

I just love seeing all of the random, cute things people find to send to you. They're so creative with the way they package them too. I'm eternally envious. My mailbox could use some sunshine, for sure!

Claudia said...

Oh my! Gorgeous new set of lips! Love them!! Good day Micaela!

Lo said...

What beautiful things you give and receive! I always wanted to be a part of this but don't know if I could EVER be so creative with the prints and writing and patterns! I love them!
I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday-how could you NOT-looking at those pretty things!

Micaela said...

Leah, it is absolutely my pleasure!!! did megan tell you that i asked her to ask you if it was okay to write his note on the back of a retro pin-up? ha ;)

seriously-- my pleasure. It meant so much to me when people sent my brother thoughtful little things in iraq... i love the idea of mail call and james getting random happy mail.

He'll be home to you before you know it and i pray for his safety.

Hearts, Micaela xoxo

Rhianne, once upon a time you gave me the sweetest surprise when i first moved... i hope it gets to you safely love!

Lo, your doodles are SO CREATIVE! seriously!!! and yes, today is a good day because it's my day off after not being off since LAST TUESDAY! ugh. LOVE YOU!

Marisa said...

It must be so fun to check your mail everyday... seriously great gifts. I love how you listen to what others like, that Tim Burton inspired postcard is amazing.

P.S I got my beautiful card yesterday and it's kind of a funny story... I have been doing postcrossing for awhile and probably only handful of times have I received a card that I just LOVED. So when I pulled it out of the mailbox. I was so ecstatic, becasue it is so me and then I turned it over and it was from my bestie... OF COURSE!
Only you would send a card to commemorate my daughters first day of school... Have I told you lately that I love you!

April said...

I always love reading through these posts. You're so cute, and I love the stuff you receive/send. It inspires me! haha

Jen said...

It's always so neat to see what's going in and out of your mailbox every week! Such gorgeous little items :)

I'm listening to a Robbie Williams song on my iPod at work, and it totally made me think of you!

Stephanie said...

Love the Jolie lips. haha.

Melissa said...

Get ready for some more inbound goodies, I just mailed your package out today! They said it should arrive by Friday.

Phoenix Peacock said...

You get so much loving! How wonderful!

Gracie said...

Fantastic!! Those red lips are pretty amazing. I think I had something like that when I was younger :)

I love your box of stationery. So so awesome!

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