Sunday, November 1, 2009

i love a good impromptou halloween party...

Friday night i was in my pajamas in love with the idea of not doing anything. I was having a chat date with darling friend and had plans to catch up on Grey's Anatomy. I had plans to be boring and i was excited about it.

Twinkie was invited to a co-worker's Halloween party and didn't want to go alone. I could just see my poor twinkie being a wall flower in a corner. I'm blessed with a love to mingle.

i also love my twinkie. i also love being spontaneous.

Since my costume this year was to wear a fancy dress and a mask, {and i had 10 minutes to get dressed} i grabbed some mouse ears, put on a little black dress and called it good.

and guess what? i had SO much fun. I ran into old friends from high school, a keg of shiner (wished Max was there... he loves a dark beer), meeting new people, and a lot of dancing. A lot of it. I couldn't stop.

unfortunately, i didn't bring my camera... but here are some shots from my phone.

one of the best costumes was Edward Cullen. My pic with "edward" didn't come out clear enough, or else it would have been posted. The guy had his hair right, the brooding look, the grey jacket, and even glitter!!! It was awesome.

and our hosts were the cutest couple (pulp fiction characters).

Halloween fun continues... in a moment.


Manju said...

i bet that edward cullen had girls all over him all night ;P hahA
sometimes the most impromptu plans are the best ones ^^

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Aww cute outfits, love that last pic! xx

missy. said...

we would have the best time at a party together i would imagine.. haha you are a good friend/sister to go along with her. love your last minute outfit. those are the best.

Marisa said...

what a good sister you are... it would of been hard for me to change my plans... lol
but it looks like it was well worth the trip.

Micaela said...

M, i said no like 10 times before i agreed. ha

she came over to show me her costume (really, to convince me for the 10th time ha) and Max even felt bad for her having to go by herself so off i went! lol

but ya, Manju- impromptu plans often do make the best ones.

agreed :)


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