Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mamas, what am i missing?

First, I want to say thank-you lovies for putting up with all my baby posts-- especially like today's when it's especially directed to Moms. 

I packed our hospital bags a couple of weeks ago but as a first time mama, i wanna make sure i haven't forgotten something or perhaps even eliminate some things {thanks Tiff for sharing the link!}. 

For Mama : (in hopes that nursing will go well, fingers crossed) My Brest Friend pillow, Lansinoh nipple cream, and this nursing sleep bra

aloe socks, robe, earth therapeutics anti-stress massage lotion + eye pillow, güd hand lotion in pear and acai berry, dry shampoo, gum, glasses & contacts, hair ties, headband, brush, shampoo/conditioner and body wash, burts bees tinted chapstick, and my make-up bag.

(not pictured) tooth brush, face wash, flip flops, snacks, what i'm wearing there/home, hair towel, and of course our cameras/chargers.

For Felix : Quilt sweet Amanda made, her going home outfit (including hat, socks, hand mittens), Baby Hand & Face wipes, brush, baby powder, lotion, shampoo, burp cloths, lightweight blanket, and our baby memory book (a great suggestion - to ask the nurse nicely if they wouldn't mind stamping baby's footprint in it while they're doing the birth certificate).

Mamas, what am I missing? is there something you wish you had packed/glad you packed? Your suggestions, please!


Claire Kiefer said...

So sweet seeing all of Felix's things laid out! And omg your bag is SO PRETTY! I love it so much. I can't wait for her arrival and to hear all about it. Love you so much!

Holly said...

so cute! we want to have the foot print done too.

obviously all hospitals are different, but on my tour and classes they told us we don't have to bring: wipes, brush, baby powder, lotion, shampoo or burp cloths. They actually said we shouldn't use baby powder ever!

Rozen said...

No baby powder please....as an OB nurse that's one of the discharge teachings we tell our patients.

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Looks good! The only thing I would add is a head pillow for yourself and even a nice blanket for you (my robe was my lifesaver!). Sleeping in the hospital isn't easy - so the more comfortable you can make it the easier it is. Also the nipple cream, USE IT all the time! It's the best.

I must saw I feel very honored that you are bringing the quilt I made Felix with you ♥!! My hospital didn't stamp the feet for me but when the little ones got home I did it myself. Don't forget to bring an Ink pad with you, because most hospital don't have them.

Lottie said...

i have heard to take a pillow from home with you too.

and felix's bag is adorable.

you must be so excited :)

Anonymous said...

looks good! to be honest, i packed pretty much what you packed but the only thing i actually wore was underwear, pads and a change of clothes when i left the hospital. i never brought out any of my fancy things, never read magazines. all i wanted to do was sleep (which was damn near impossible because the nurses kept coming into the room to check on me and baby) and i was so tired and sore that i wanted to lie in bed the whole time!

bring PADS. for real -- and bring the heavy duty ones for the uh, aftermath. you'll be bleeding for a while post partum so go for the full diaper-strength ones.

TiffanyDRoe said...

Always Infinity overnight pads were a lifesaver for me!! I HATE with a passion using pads, but these were super thin but got the job done very well.

I would say you probably won't need any of the wipes, lotion, shampoo, but could be wrong. Where Thomas was born they had all of that in the room for us...and told us to take it with us. We scored a pack of diapers, package of wipes, and 2 boxes of formula when we left. Once it's in your room they can't give it to anyone else.


Mrs. Easton said...

Your bag sounds like what I'm bringing! I would add a robe and I keep reading snacks for husband and a nightlight. I also heard o more use of baby powder.

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