Tuesday, August 14, 2012

girl crush.

thank-you Big Love.

i'm on my last season on HBO GO and i'm pretty sad i'll have to say bye to Bill and his wives soon.


Carolyn said...

Chloe grew up and lived in the town next to mine- actually worked at the Ralph Lauren Store in the Stamford Town Centre. Would see her there always!! She has fab taste and like you is into vintage clothing & accessories :-) Pregnancy suits you- you look so happy, pretty and glowy! Be well Sweet Micaela!! xo

Meghan said...

I love her, and I really didn't know her myself until Big Love!

Gracie said...

I haven't watched Big Love but she is great. I really like her style.

I'm soo so glad that you received and liked my package. I would have loved to have given it to you in person but that's alright :) I did have a crazy idea though. If you happened to give birth before the week I'm in Texas I was thinking Jason and I could take a road trip to your town. But that's only if you have given birth because I'm sure you won't want many visitors right before baby Felix comes. x

Lottie said...

i love her style so much. she always just looks so cool and it seems so effortless.

April said...

Have you seen the last episode yet? I AM SCARRED.

Micaela said...

Carolyn, what an awesome story!!! xo

YES, APRIL! and i couldn't believe it. i had a good two days of mourning that i finished watching the show because it really took up some of my restless hours lol let me know when you finish it!!! ;)

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