Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sharing Sundays... etsy purchases from smiling tree toys & soap much love.

i wanted to share two things i ordered off etsy as a thank-you gift for Christina for everything she has done for me so far (including being the mastermind behind the BEST SURPRISE family baby shower ever). She has definitely been my go-to in this first pregnancy. 

i loved the products so much, i had to share! {so many talented and kind artists out there}

Many of you who have been reading my blog know that my brother Marco and Christina met during his third year deployment in Iraq. I wanted to get my niece Marisol something that would remind her of her parent's beautiful love story. 

I was so excited when i came across this handmade wooden toy helicopter from Smiling Tree Toys (a wife+husband duo) with the option of personalizing it. My photos don't do the wood justice - it's beautifully made and perfect for Christina & Marco's daughter (i'll tell her how her daddy always loved helicopters since he was a little boy and later as a helicopter crew chief in Iraq, he met her mommy). 

I also included this ice cream cone soap from Soap Much Love as a cute inside joke we have with my family where we always say "ice cream cones" to each other as a way of saying "hearts" or "love you." 

I just love Ada's soaps! (in fact, i'm a returning customer after i purchased this cupcake soap for Kary's birthday last year) 

Putting together thank-you gifts are my favorite and i always find the best things from Etsy. What things have you purchased off Etsy and loved? do share with a link if you can (i'm always on the lookout for great etsy shops)


Gracie said...

I love love Etsy! That little helicopter is so gorgeous. I will need to check out the store. Plus I love the soap. Micaela you are a genius at finding stores. I think all my faves are go to stores on Etsy. xx

Holly said...

that helicopter is so cute, you did good!

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