Saturday, January 16, 2010

care packages.

my roommate back in Texas gave me a generous giftcard to bath & body for Christmas. I'm the kind of girl who has a zillion body stuff in her bathroom cabinets, and truly doesn't need more but i thought i'd go and get some lotion and chapstick, to take on this new Virginia weather.

and that's when a wonderful idea hit me.

my purchase only came to $10 dollars if that. why not use the rest for good and pay the difference to make someone else's day? I remembered going to my brother's deployment ceremony and seeing beautiful girls, proud in their uniforms, who were my age or even younger. I remembered thinking i could be her, if only i had that same courageous heart.

i asked my brother for addresses of girl's in his unit. He gave me 3 names and said that they would love "the girly stuff." (brothers) :)

it was a lot of fun thinking of what they might need. i bought each girl my favourite triple moisture body cream, anti-bacterial waterless hand foam, this neat stuff called "cooling mist" that you spray all over (it has aloe vera and promises to refresh and condition skin which i thought would be perfect for Iraq conditions) & probably my favourite thing from Bath & Body- their aromatherapy Sleep Pillow Mist in Warm Milk & Honey and Lavender Chamomile.

and of course, it can't be sent off without a little card of encouragement and appreciation for what they are doing overseas for me... for us.

and maybe, maybe i will make these girl's days,


kateigh said...

i am so in love with this idea. you are really one of the most generous people i know. you will definitely make their day and touch their hearts im sure!


Krissa said...

I love this idea!!! I think its such a kind and generous thing to do...I am sure it will make those girls day!!!
You are awesome!!!

i-zilla said...

you are such a wonderful kind-hearted person. this is such an awesome gift to those women who are keeping our country safe.

Jennifer said...

That's so sweet! If I had connections like that I would do the same! :)

Megan said...

So sweet, such a lovely giving thing to do. You have made me want to do something for someone else today.No doubt you will make their day.

Anonymous said...

aww you have such a sweet heart :] lovely idea

Maddy said...

That is a beautiful gesture! You're inspiring, love.

Nahl said...

This is SUCH a great idea.
What a wonderful heart you have, girl!
I'm proud of you for this. :)

Saltina said...

Micaela, you are so sweet and selfless. That thought wouldn't have even occurred to me. They will be thrilled!

angelina la dawn said...

what a beautiful idea! i need to do more random acts of kindness.

Erin said...

Why doesn't this surprise me one little bit? Micaela, doing something lovely and thoughtful, to show her love, through the mail...?

Just like you. What a great big heart you have!


PS: Ummm, you stopped watching LOST half way through season 5? Are you mad, girl? You've got 2 weeks, 3 days till season premiere night! Get on it! ;~)

Brown Girl said...

Oh my word you are so sweet and thoughtful, I love it. My big bro is a Marine, in Japan now, but did two tours in Iraq. Thank you for your kind heart, it's so wonderful!!

Rasha said...

Great Idea hun.

chelsea rebecca said...

you are WAY to sweet!
this is so incredible!!
and truly inspiring!!!
thanks for being so KIND!!

xxJackie said...

you are so generous.
those girls are going to be so grateful for your thoughtfulness.
and i'm just grateful to know you.

Belen said...

you are seriously the sweetest person i've ever known. this is why i love you, like a real, real sister. :)

Cassie said...

This is one of the most kind things I have heard someone do. But as Erin said - it shouldn't surprise me from you. You really are the most special person Micaela xx

Marian said...

This is such a great idea!! We need more people like you in this crazy world.

PS-That pillow mist is one of the best things on earth!

Micaela said...

a million thank-you's for your kind words. it feels good to do something kind for another person, but especially soldiers... we must always support our troops.

Max was telling my future-mother-in-law my idea and as i was blushing over dinner, his sweet Mother went upstairs and handed me a beautiful basket of lotions/bath salts/soaps to include. i love it.

Marion, isn't the pillow mist awesome? i was thinking that it can't be easy to sleep in a strange place... thank you for your comment! (& nice to meet you).

Megan, i bet you made their day! :) that's so cute of you.

Erin, i know i know. i giggled at your comments on my LOST hiatus. perhaps tonight (i'm reeling over the Dallas Cowboy's embarrassing loss) i will catch up on the lives of Sawyer and his Freckles.


Jen said...

Micaela! This is such a great and thoughtful idea! I'm amazed at your kind heart and generous spirit. Utterly amazed.

So many people talk about sending shaving cream and comics and "guy stuff." I've never seen anyone take a collection of "girl stuff" for those brave women who serve our country.

I know they will LOVE and TREASURE your package, and those items were perfectly thought out as stuff they will use and enjoy. All things that will make their difficult lives over there just a little more pleasant.

Micaela said...

Jen, that is THE SWEETEST comment ever. :) thank-you! made my night. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you with all my heart. Sincerely. xo

Jeffrey said...

so very thoughtful.

you are inspiring.

im sending mucho ♥ your way.

+thoughts and prayer with those serving.

katrina said...

and i just left that comment while signed on my fiance's account.

sorry bout that.

Marisa said...

i think this post just proves what an amazing and thoughtful person and ONE of the reasons why I fell in love with you...

Micaela said...

Katrina, too cute :) fiance- love that word. Have you guys set a date? i remember when i read about your engagement and saw the cute pic of you showing your ring- i really was jumping up and down! :)

M, you are my heart. and bestie, you are just as thoughtful!

Jenni said...

You are amazing, so kind and caring. Just another reason I adore you so. Way to put something that you didn't need (or couldn't appreciate as much) to use!

jozen said...

awe micaela, how extremely thoughtful of you! we often forget about the women out there who are also risking their lives every day. when we think of a "soldier" we immediately think of a male soldier.

thank you for reminding us that courage and bravery knows no gender.

Carrie said...

Hello. :)

I found your blog through Jen's via my Making a Difference Monday meme.

She blogged about this kind deed of yours and I felt compelled to give you a "well done" myself. :) Your compassion is beautiful, and I hope, contagious.

Best wishes in all you do!
-Carrie from [carrotspeak.]

Ashley said...

Hi Micaela.
I've been keeping up with your blog here and there and I have to say this is one of the reasons I keep reading. Your sweet nature and personality are so refreshing in a world where people are intimidated by cynicism. Thanks for reminding us that it's ok to be positive and giving.
Chau! Ashley

Micaela said...

Carrie, a pleasure to meet you, especially under these sweet circumstances :) i blushed when i read jen's post. How truly lovely of her to do that... and i'm glad to have been introduced to your series. i'm praying for your grandmother. *hugs*

Ashley, thank-you for that. I believe in sharing kindness and giving back when you're able to. I believe in giving compliments, so thank-you. Thank-you for returning to my dolce vita and being a part of it... please pop in and say hello anytime Ashley. xo

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