Wednesday, January 20, 2010

venturing out on my own.

so as most of you know, my love brought me from my home in Texas to the state for lovers, Virginia. Today was the first time i went out on my own. It may not sound like a great feat, but suffice it to say i was proud to find my way, especially in the rain.

I got a much needed trim to the mess that was my hair.

while i waited, i read the end of Eclipse.

Jacob Black.

For all you twilight fans, you know i'm Team Edward completely but Jacob... i felt for him. I've loved like him, or better yet had someone that loved me like he loves Bella.

one of my favourite things is the moment you are reading a book and you realize why the author picked the title. Sometimes it's obvious and sometimes you get it after you close the book. I love these moments.

"He sighed. 'The clouds I can handle. But I can't fight with an eclipse." pg 600

I texted M immediately telling her i was nearly in tears in the lounge of my new salon.

i can't wait to get started on Breaking Dawn and can't believe it's taken me this long to start the series. (4 a.m., i think we'll have another date very soon)

ok if i can stop thinking about the world of vampires and sullen werewolves for a moment, i can tell you that i met a friend today.

Yup, my hair stylist. She was sweet and i don't know what it is when you're sitting in a salon chair but you chit chat. And if you're like me, you have a gift of opening up to any kindred soul. I told her about my engagement that brought me to Virginia. I asked her if she was married or had any kids (small talk) and of course, i instantly felt bad when she told me she was engaged but broke up with her fiance awhile back...

this could have been awkward.
i did feel terrible for asking.

but there's something about these kind of meetings... even in a salon.

this otherwise perfect stranger shared her story with me... that she had been engaged for 15 years. That it didn't work because they were never on the same page.

and we agreed that that was life.

it wasn't all "heavy" (and even that part wasn't for us as it should seem) and thanks to her i now know where a good indian restaurant is and a pet groomery to take Maverick.

perhaps i'll try out this indian place tomorrow...

(pic via we heart it)


Marian said...

Oh, I totally understand what you are saying about Jacob. You just feel for him in that book.

And it is always great to find a hair stylist you can love!!

Micaela said...

Marian, feel i did. i mean wow.


yes on the hair stylist. She even seemed to get me and didn't fluff my hair afterwards... i am the girl who tends to go home and wash the "styled" look some hair stylists do and others love. Not me :) though i do believe, the higher the hair the closer to God. I'm from Texas! lol

Rasha said...

Cant you just not wait!!! I loved the book and loe jacob.

Yay for finding the hair stylist!

Megan said...

Good on you for getting out there and making a friend on your first outing.
Enjoy your Indian,mmm one of my favs!
I think i am slowly becoming the only person in the world not to have read or seen the twilight series.

Krissa said...

oh i love that book series...fantabulous!!! oh...i am team edward all the way...but i can relate to jacob in a sense...anyone who has had their heart broken can i think...
cant wait to hear how you like breaking dawn!
so great you found someone to chit chat with...those are nice...and strangers can be so sweet and helpful and not even know it...

Anna said...

oh the feeling for him is even more intense in breaking dawn. still 100% team edward here, but still. anyway, congrats on going out on your own (and making new friends-i'm so impressed that you can talk to people so openly-it's something i'm working on!) i know exactly how intimidating venturing out on your own can be!

The Socialite said...

You're such a cutie! So? Where is it? The new do? Even if it's just a trim! haha :)

kateigh said...

ohh i am so anxious for you to read breaking dawn. hands down my favorite of them all.

there's a little story we once told. about a casual little meeting between girl and photographer. that same photographer i know call my "bestie". and with your personality i am sure you will find amazing friends around every corner.


Sara said...

I am not happy with how life seems so cruel- and actually is- at times!

But hey you made a new friend!

Courtney said...

Venturing out on your own is a BIG deal! When we first moved to Wichita Falls, I had to go to WalMart for some reason and I was so excited to go out by myself..I had been there a couple times with Tony so I felt pretty confident I could get there. I was wrong. Hehe. I didn't get lost, but I couldn't figure out how to get in the right direction..(I was trying to get from like the base to the WalMart right there off the freeway..) I had to go back home and ask for help! Tony had a good laugh after that one!

Sounds like you did much better then I did!

I'm not surprised you made a new friend! You have the personality and ability to make friends easily...(Another quality of yours I'm jealous of!)

Rhianne said...

Yeay for venturing out :) and haircuts, I really need mine doing.

I felt for Jacob too, can't wait to see what you think of Breaking Dawn!

Meghan said...

I love chatting with my hair stylist. I just feel like they've seen it all, and they are usually so wise:)

I am also Team Edward, hands down - but Jacob definitely grew on me too!

Good luck exploring your new town!

Meg Fee said...

"that that was life"

yes. what a lovely story about the two of you interacting. that is life, human moments.

i think it's great you got out yesterday, a huge feat.

sending love to you in va and wishing it was raining here (i love the rain!).

Marisa said...

m - after your text. i am determined to reread Eclipse... Stephanie Meyers does such an amazing job at making you really love and embrace both of the Heros for different reasons.

i just LOVE how open you are with strangers and how you see the beauty in those little moments of kindness and connection. So many people brush past those little moments without a thought... they are really missing out. One of my closest friends I met 7 years ago when I walked into a salon to get my hair done (after my regular stylist was on vacation). From that moment on we were friends and even roommates at one point....
great story M.

Cassie said...

Well done for being brave! It is always so scary moving to a new place. Still almost 10 years since I first came down to this part of England where my husband is from, there I places I have not ventured! But I am almost there!
Keep stepping outside into your exciting new home xx

Risti Megan said...

Okay, I might have to give in and read the Twilight books because of all your readers' comments. I'm intrigued.

Marisa said...

ps LOVE indian food.... perfect fro vegetarians.

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

I need to start Eclipse.

BTW - you are beautiful! In every way! Inside and Out!

I love the stylist convo. And I love finding out about new places!

Anonymous said...

the series is amazing!!! i also felt for jacob in eclipse... im glad we have hair salons for our chit chats.. glad your getting settled in :] virginia is a beautiful place

Kimbirdy said...

Oh I definitely know that feeling of being in a new place and not knowing anyone! It's so hard to start from scratch building up friendships, but it's so exciting when you do make those meaningful connections!

Absolutely lovely blog!

missy. said...

i am the same way. i love that you can connect with your stylist. it helps that my stylist is a dear friend of mine and also the lady who does my nails. i count her a close friend. even if i only see her two times a month that is more than i see a lot of my "best friends" i hope you are able to keep a relationship with her.

i hope you are doing well lady, i miss our talks/comments. tell the fiance i say hello :)

love you!

Melissa Y. Allam said...

Good to hear you ventured out, yeah! Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind words. You are so passionate in the way you connect with people. I love that about you. My couple days break from blogging was good. Ready to pick up and keep going again.

erin elder said...

I am still finishing Eclipse... and am very excited to read the rest.

Aren't hair stylist friends the best? Glad to hear you are enjoying your new life!!

Micaela said...

M, see i love this about you- that you can also connect to others. I was charmed by your story about how your stylist was on vacation and you met a close friend by a simple conversation- one who would become a room mate. I LOVE stories like that :) and yes on the indian food perfect for vegetarians! i love spicy food so another plus there. you said it well bestie, about the author doing a amazing job at making you feel for both heroes. you said it perfectly. (OF COURSE!)

Risti, DO READ IT!!! i actually stopped after twilight but OMG, it gets SOOO much better. Let me know what you think :)

and for everyone else reading them along with me (Mara/Erin) I PROMISE not to say any spoilers! promise.

Melissa, my heart felt for you and all the pain and tragedy that burdened you. I prayed for you and hoped it helped. I'm glad to have you back sweet friend :) i've missed your posts! it's such a creative outlet.

thank-you for all your lovely comments/stories! xo

Kenza Salem said...

the books are totally amazing. and i was definitely team edward until i read eclipse. my favorite book of the series :)
i'm now team both because theyre both amazing. haha
but also fictional gotta remind myself that.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I can't believe you went out in the cold and rain today. You're tough! I whined until I got home from work because I didn't dress warm enough!

Jen said...

I had a similar bonding experience with my hair stylist I met when I first moved to RI. She actually gave me a pedicure on my birthday -- two weeks after I moved to town. She gave me restaurant recommendations, attractions to see. She told me about her fiance and her daughter, and their upcoming trip to Disney World. I told her about my new house and my boyfriend and my dog.

So good for you venturing out and making friends! You're on your way to becoming a Virginian!

Cynthia said...

I'm a cheater I'm team jacward haha. Hooray for new friends!!

Anonymous said...

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