Sunday, January 24, 2010

confessions of a swapper.

i'm a true sucker for swaps, this you should know. I love any idea of connecting to other bloggers and sending happy mail, and most of all for the friendships created through them. Best friends Sarah C. & Angelina are hosting a home made Valentines Card swap. I am not crafty in the slightest, but i remember how much fun it was to make cards in grade school and that's exactly what Sarah instructed us to do: use our best grade school art class moves. Of course, i turned to etsy for some finishing touches to help along the way:

and of course, Baker's Twine in red

I promise to show you one of my hand made creations.

I also joined Carina of Crow & Canary's Valentine Card Swap. (btw, you still have time to join that one!) It's simple, send a hand made card or buy one supporting indie designers. I sort of did both. I turned to my favorite etsy friend, Fallon of for this creation of hers. (Fallon's been my go-to in many a swap, including my own ornament exchange.)

did you all sign up for the fab Mrs. B's V-day swap? i did. (see what i mean? I love this kind of thing & i just adore Summer Brown)

When you signed up, you listed 3 things you liked, to give an idea for the person who got you. I won't show you what i picked out for my person incase she happens upon this post, but i will show you the card i got for her, because of something on her list.

i'm thinking husband-to-be will disable from my little notebook laptop for awhile. I can't help myself. What swaps are you lovies involved in?

PS. don't forget about Danielle's "Getting to know you Knick-Knack Exchange."


Max said...

Can someone show me how to disable etsy? :)

Jamie said...

LOL, I'm working on cards for a vday swap right now! ;)
As I've said before (& may have it on a t-shirt if it doesn't violate copyright laws)...etsy is like crack for crafty people. =)
I love swaps too!!! & mail, of course!!!

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute idea. Thanks for the heads up!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness! you know everything when it comes to swaps! i love it! i am so excited for a vday swap! so adorable!

Brown Girl said...

I've never done a swap but they seem fun! I heart Etsy in a bad way, I should actually seek help. ;)

Jenni said...

You must share the homemade card you make. I'm dying to see it. And that bulldog card you got for Summer's swap is amazing. Love it.

ps- I'm totally a geek for blogging swaps too. They complete me. HaHa, but really, they do :)

Belle said...

Such cute ideas!!
Thanks for sharing darling xxx

Erin said...

I got my email today with all the deets about my Valentine swap pals. I was a bit sad that you weren't one of them... Might have to send you a little bit of love in the post anyway, non? I gathered my supplies today, and I am quite happy with my plan!

Looking forward to the book swap. No details on that one yet...

I am quickly becoming addicted to etsy. Just SO much fabulous stuff to be had!

Sarah C said...

i CAN'T wait to see what your cards turn out like. i did a trial run with one today, and i'm excited to tweak it into perfection.

i'm a bit obsessed with swaps, too, and i blame it on you! ever since your ornament swap, i can't get enough :) i would have signed up for more v-day related ones, but hosting ours was enough work!

Micaela said...

Jenni, we are one in the same :) i hope they are HALF as pretty as your DIY Christmas cards!

Erin, I have to say... I was glad you were on my deets ;) I bet your boys will have as much fun helping their mum out with making pretty cards! I was actually going to mail you and ask for creative ideas. xoxo

Sarah, aw, I'm SO glad you were in my ornament swap :) i had a lot of fun doing it but yes, it's a lot of work so i get that! :) THANK YOU for hosting the vday hand made swap. can't wait to see everyone's bad ass grade school moves.

angelina la dawn said...

i love swaps so much! {although i'm not quite as ambitious as you :)} thanks for joining ours! i'm beyond excited about it and have had vday cards on the brain far too much lately

Rasha said...

Cuteee! Im in Summers swap!

greystrawberrys said...

Those cards are so so beautiful! :) Its given me so much inspiration on what to make for valentines day. x

jozen said...

OMG!! micaela, thanks so much for sharing!

i love old school valentines.. with doilies and sparkle and everything! LOL

Anonymous said...

wat a cute idea...ill be joining today!!

Anonymous said...

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