Friday, January 29, 2010

Fill in your answers.

1. If I weren't a public relations assistant (though currently unemployed in my new city) I'd love to be a writer for PEOPLE/Glamour magazine or do my dream of opening up a doggy daycare .

2. When I'm super upset I tend to overreact and cry while listening to music (husband-to-be knows if Coldplay's "Lost" is on, something's wrong) but usually calling my twin sister works (she makes everything better) .

3. My favorite thing about myself is my ability to open up to anyone. Feature: my Nationality- how many people can say they're half hispanic/half filipino?

4. If I found a $100 in the pocket of last winter's coat I'd spend it on etsy. A valentine's gift for Max .

5. Even though some people might consider this a flaw, I love my scars.

6. I love the way I feel when I look down at my left hand. I still can't believe i'm blessed with the love of a good man and my best friend .

7. I love my hair most when it's rumpled like bed head but works just right .

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Happy Friday Lovies!!! you deserve this weekend. What are your plans?

We're expected up to 10 inches of snow, and since fiance is a meteorologist, he'll be working this weekend. I'll be snowed in, but I plan on practicing my craftiness while creating valentines for a couple of home made card swaps.


Little Lovables said...

Cute list! I'd spend my cash on etsy too :)

I'm your new bloggersphere sister :)

my name is lauren. said...

yay! glad you joined in!

i liked your answer about liking how you feel when you look down at your left hand. so sweet ♥.

hope you have fun crafting it up!

Jaeve + Things said...

Cheers to all of these things! Have a great weeekend!

Sarah C said...

woohoo! look at all that crafting goodness, micaela! you are definitely ready to create! sounds like the perfect weekend to me :)

Ams said...

Love your list :)
Happy Friday lovely lady!

Brown Girl said...

I got you beat, how many people can say they are half of almost everything!??! Happy Weekend gorgeous!

jozen said...

ooohhh... have fun! you have some great supplies to make your valentine's day cards with :)

Rasha said...

This is cute and fun!

ricebabies said...

Looks like your cards will be lovely.
Good luck being snowed in. Great time for blog hopping and movies.

Erin said...

Would you believe I made my very first Etsy purchase just yesterday?!?!?! Shocking, I know. But I am now, officially, hooked!

Just posted some photos of our Valentine crafting, too. Our piles of supplies look very similar!

bethany said...

So love you for this list! My number two would be exactly the same...crying and listening to Coldplay will cure all sad days. :)

So happy to have found you in Blogland...looking forward to reading more!! :)

Happy weekend, beautiful lady! :)

Anna said...

i love these fill-in-the-blanks! your number six warmed my heart! xox

chelsea rebecca said...

your nationality is simply beautiful! and i love your ability to open up to anyone. such a gift! i would absolutely love to work for galmour. it has been a dream of mine too! wonderful list!
your craft table looks so fun! i'm dying over all the wonderful supplies!

Anonymous said...

I love your list. And yes, you so open up to people (including me).

Cassie said...

What a perfect way to spend a weekend - snowed in crafting cannot think of better!
I have awoken to a covering of snow here in England this morning but certainly not 10 inches!
Looking forward to seeing your crafting results v.soon.
Oh and I agree with etsy purchases! I have a favourites list just so, so very long!
Have a fabulous, safely tucked up weekend xx

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

I think scars are beautiful, too...not in the creepy way, but in the nostalgic way! My cousin and I have matching scars from a bike crash, and we still laugh about it!

It looks like you're going to be having fun today making cards! I've got a lot of sewing I want to do, and I have fabric ALL OVER the floor in my craft room since I know I'll be staying at home! Have fun ♥

Marisa said...

I always love your lists....
daughter and i are doing valentines this wekend too. I wish we wer doing the together!!!!

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