Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Questions of science, Science and progress, Do not speak as loud as my heart ."

text message from bestie a few weeks ago: "M, why is it called "The Scientist?"

i giggled because i have often wondered that very thing.

for you Marisa. xo

i must have listened to this version ten times today.

and i cried.

because that's what happens when i hear this song.

when i hear this voice.

when i hear these opening lines:

"Come up to meet you, 
tell you I'm sorry 
You don't know how lovely you are. 
I had to find you, tell you I need you, 
Tell you I set you apart."


i-zilla said...

i LOVE coldplay. they are one of my favorite bands. i just bought "a rush of blood to the head" a few days ago (as my cd's got stolen and i've been slowly getting them all back). such a good song.

Gabby said...

Love love love. Have you heard Natasha Bedingfield's version? So beautiful.

Jayne said...

God, I LOVE this song! And that acoustic version totally emphasizes how naturally beautiful Chris Martin's voice is!

Now, I'm no expert, but I do like to think I know music well, and beyond that I'm an excellent close-reader of literature and poetry {thank you, English major}, so I can try to address the question of why it's called "The Scientist." The song is undoubtedly about a destroyed relationship, the very destruction of which the speaker finds himself responsible for. The song finds us in the wake of the destruction where the speaker is trying to reason exactly what went wrong in an attempt to explain it all to himself and to his lover. But his method "reasoning" involves just that - reason. Reason and logic, systematic and very "linear" frames of thought. It's all very scientific. And he finds that his method just doesn't work in the end: "I was just guessing/At numbers and figures/Pulling the puzzles apart/Questions of science/Science and progress/Do not speak as loud as my heart." Love can't be reduced to a science, hence it can't be explain through a "scientific," "linear" thought process.

Thst's my take on it at least. :) Hope that was mildly helpful.

Tuesdai Noelle said...

...perhaps it can also be symbolic of a series in love. Coldplay happens to be one of my fav bands...., I adore, most songs but the best (to me) is "Green Eyes"

marisa said...

m - this gets me every time. But this version is like heaven. His voice is s pure. Thank you for posting this. I am listening to it for the 6th time right now.

Every time it comes on the radio, I think of you and that scene in Wicker Park... so beautiful

Meghan said...

This is my absolute favorite Coldplay song - totally reminds me of college and the one boy I was in love with.

Umm, and I love Jayne's explanation. Amazing.

Micaela said...

"rush of blood to the head"- one of THE BEST albums.

Gabby, no i will have to check it out. I heard Avril L. and it's horrible (in my humble opinion lol) but Natasha B., i like her. (She opened for NKOTB and was a gem).

Jayne, YES!!! You explained it SOOO PERFECTLY. every thought i had in my head but couldn't put out (i am not logical, obv. haha) I LOVE your explanation. Amazing. Chris Martin.. that voice. He just seems to FEEL every.word. Genius.

Marisa, i couldn't wait for you to hear it. I know you hear what i can't say. I love you.

heather said...

one of my absolute favorite artists, hands down! i have seen them live twice & it was an absolutely amazing experience. SO much passion. incredible entertainer.

Cynthia said...

I love this song my favorite part is when he says "so tell me you love me, come back and haunt me oh as I rush to the start"

For some reason it reminds me of a boy from boyfriends past ha!

p.s. did you get my email response because for some reason yahoo is being wierd, let me know & I'll resend!

p.s.s. enjoy the snow :)

Ams said...

I LOVE this song.... now you have me crying too.


Micaela said...

Gabby, I just listened to Natasha Bedingfield's version... I LOVE it!!! I'm about to listen to it again.

i love her voice (powerful) and i especially like the end... she made it her own and it's a hard one to sing.


thank you for sharing!!!!

Bianca J said...

That song is guaranteed to make me cry every time I hear it. Apparently the first words he sang when he was writing the song are the exact words he sings in it now.

chelsea rebecca said...

oh goodness, coldplay.
oh goodness, CHRIS MARTIN!

i love a good song that can evoke so much emotion. incredible!!

hope your weekend is going lovely. xoxo

Micaela said...

cynthia, i don't think i got your reply to my email? resend lady! :) thank you.

ps. 15 inches of snow here. Crazy. stay warm! xo

:: Gina :: said...

nooooooooooooo -body said it was easy ....

I have a version YOU will die for =)
seriously ... it will kill you a couple times over

do you have AIM ? or ichat?

email me!

Jen said...

Oh, I love this song too. It always brings tears to my eyes. It's just so beautiful.

I have a gander about why it's called "The Scientist," but I have to listen to it again for supporting evidence before stating my opinion. :-)

Micaela said...

Gina, emailed! :)

Micaela said...

Heather- INCREDIBLE entertainer. I've seen them 3 times and each time they take my breath away. He is a TRUE entertainer.

and sings with passion.

Courtney Hope said...

This song has always struck a chord with me as well. I'm not a huge Coldplay fan, but there is something about the lyrics and melody that makes me feel something- and isn't that just about the perfect thing to say about any song?

Raquel said...

Aaah, this song does it for me too. Always has. Kills me to be honest with you lol. But I LOVE it!!

Carmella said...

oooohhh looooovvveee!
it's hard to choose a favorite coldplay song, but this is definitely top 3!

Carmella said...

i think that love like science, is often full of/or is, one big experiment, trying things out to see if it works. we're all just scientists really.
"nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard, oh, take me back to the start" - to start over, to try things again to maybe get it right. sort of like you need to do in scientific experiments.

but it's chris martin so... could mean anything :)

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