Tuesday, January 19, 2010

you, i like.

thank-you my darlings, for your sweet comments on my post about the girly care packages i'm sending to some of the soldiers who are women in my brother's unit in Iraq. They all meant a lot to me. (a special thank-you to Jen of Nifer Musings who wrote about it & shared a link on Carrie's Making a Difference series. I was blushing honest to God when i read it! thank you xo)

Darling Fiance has been off the past two days so we've been getting our ducks in line (i got my VA plates today & signed up for a gym membership- i can't believe i'd ever say i have missed the gym but my goodness my body sure has) and we've enjoyed making our nest feel like home.

things that have made me happy:

going to his parent's church on sunday & giving to those in Haiti / "watching" the golden globes with my twinkie via text and phone calls- "did you see my girl jen aniston's black number that went up her thigh? va va voom" / getting my resume updated & ready to send out... such an ordeal isn't it? not my favourite part so wish me luck! / momma asking for my address so she can send over my favourite italian coffee cookies for me and my future-mother-in-law / reading Eclipse til 4 a.m. last night when i was homesick. could.not.put.it.down. esp. the part with Jacob & Bella before "the war"... swoon (and i'm Team Edward) / you, my new readers! if you're reading this, i'm glad you're here.

Max just went out and brought us some ice cream and now i'm off to catch up on LOST so i can be ready for the season premier. (erin, we shall discuss!!!)

tell me something from your happy list?

(pic via dollop)


Rasha said...

Love it hunny..

So glad that you and hunny are spending time together.

Mine makes me happy too :)

jozen said...

watching the newest bachelor!! hee hee.

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

That's so sweet that you sent the package off goodies, I'm sure they'll enjoy everything immensely!

Yay for Team Edward! What a hottie! My step-sister sent me a text yesterday saying she had New Moon on DVD, so I can't wait to watch it (I don't get to the theater often enough).

Christin told me she was going to send you those earrings. I hope you enjoy everything, she's so sweet to deal with.

Good luck on that resume, glad it's you and not me ;)

Erin said...

Hmmm, something from my happy list? How about a letter from my lovely Micaela waiting for me in my mailbox at the end of the day! I am going to dig through my writing paper (it is quite a massive collection, believe me!) and find something perfect on which to reply!

Also am happy to have survived my first night of running clinic and that I managed to stay in the front of the group the entire time. Hurrah!

I love Edward Cullen. But I love Sawyer more. Can't wait to discuss! Alan and I have just finished our season 5 rewatch, so finish up, you! We have much to discuss, and just two weeks left to create all sorts of strange and mysterious theories before season premiere night!


PS: You'll have a fab new job before you know it! Because seriously, who WOULDN'T want to hire you?

Cynthia said...

ahh eclipse I love love love! I'm happy about new job opportunities in the works (crossing fingers)

sounds like va is being good to you I'm so happy for you!!

Megan said...

Glad to hear that your settling in. The care packages look adorable. My happy thing today was catching up with two friends I havent seen for awhile :-)

Gabby said...

On my happy list: the comments you leave me :)

Your packaging is gorgeous! And I'm so glad you're settling in.

And fyi, you definitely need to name your future children something weather related!

kateigh said...

yay! love your happy list. how amazing was eclipse?? and yes team edward all the way.

sooo i finally gave in and just started watching lost. i am hooked. me and rockstar husband started over the weekend and are almost done with season one! we will have to dvr the new season though because we will never make it through all the seasons before it starts! (altho we'll come close hehe)

good luck with the job situation. aren't writing resumes the worst?? my least fave part about job hunting for sure!

ricebabies said...

You are going to miss Texas, I do. Meeting your real life prince charming is so worth the move. I went from sunny Dallas to wet (but green) Vancouver , BC.

I love the part when Bella goes nuts chopping the wood after winning the arm wrestle with Emitt. I would totalllly be like that.

Jumbleberry Orchard said...

It must be so much fun making a home together with your husband-to-be :-)

Good luck with the job hunting - not the most fun in the world, but there are so many amazing opportunities to be discovered!

Something on my happy list: looking after my poorly boyfriend (he caught it from me...oops!)

Have a good day :-)

Cassie said...

Just as the title of my post today suggests is this a mere coincidence that you give us your little happy list just as I tag you for a little happy award! Loved your list too xx

Marisa said...

m - i love the way you always put extra care into the way you package things... I think that is as wonderful as the goodies them shelves.
eclipse till 4am... been there done that!
I am SO excited for Lost and just rewatched the season finale last weekend. I love me some sawyer.
How sweet of your mom... its the little things that help with seperation...

Lauryn said...

Your happy list brought a smile to my face! Love that you're so happy over there! :)

By the way, you are SO SWEET to be sending little bits of happiness over to those serving with your brother. That is so incredibly thoughtful.

Can't wait for you to get caught up on Lost! I'm dying for the new season to start, though I'm sad it will be the last!

Jenni said...

Your happy list makes me happy as well. :) I used to totally text with a friend of mine during awards shows. It's the next best thing to watching it with them. And I remember staying up until all hours of the night reading all those Twilight books. They are the best! And I'm Team Edward too (go us!). Good luck with your resume sweetie. I know that you'll find something soon, you're too awesome of a person for these places to pass up.

Glad to hear that life in Virginia is sorting itself out and beginning to make it further onto your happy list.

chelsea rebecca said...

hooray for happy lists!! loved the golden globes!! and og goodness girl when ever i am feeling down you know twilight series is what i go for!
i love that you read it until 4 am! that is too funny!!

and its so wonderful that you packaged up some lovely goodies for the women in your brother's unit. way to make a difference!!

what's on my happy list today? tennis tonight!!! ha.

Micaela said...

Danielle, you have to tell me what you think about New Moon. I LOVED it.

M, I can't believe i haven't read all the series but i was truly saving up for when i moved and felt homesick. I bought twinkie the boxed set for Christmas and she gave me the last two books to take with me and read while i settled in VA and then send them back :) lol

Chels, have fun at tennis tonight!

Erin, yay! so glad you got my little letter :) I'm so happy we have Sawyer (from LOST, unfortunately not your little man ;) lol) in common! every time he says "freckles." sigh. (right M?)

Kateigh, i'm glad you and rockstar husband have gotten into it! I LOVED it... i just always suck and keeping along with it while it's on tv and end up having to watch on ABC.com because once you miss one, you're well... LOST :) ha!

ricebabies, texas... our beloved texas. I say you can't ever take the texas out of the girl. You gave up Dallas? my favourite city ever... Dallas Mavericks & Cowboys, Texas Rangers... the W... sundance square. But love... love is the best reason to move, yes?

Catherine, oh no! boyfriend is sick now? lol i hope he feels better soon, esp. with you as a nurse :)

thank-you for all the lovely comments on my job search... such a pain. fingers always crossed xo

missy. said...

i've missed you lady. so glad to hear you are doing well and that everything is working out in va with the df. ps i'm coming out that way the end of march.. a get together perhaps? love you lady.

Micaela said...

oh and Gabby! no on the weather named future babies. lol YOUR comments make me laugh ;)

and cassie, i should have totally done this as my happy list. Megan tagged me for it last week... what was i thinking? ;)

maybe later this week i will tackle it.

Missy Chels- I'VE MISSED YOU!!! i was thinking i needed to catch up on you. at the end of march, YES! just tell me where, when, and we'll figure out the details for sure :) big hugs and kisses xo

Annie Cristina said...

Oh, I love your happy list!!! I just might do one of my own. :) (And I also love Eclipse -- it's my second favorite book in the series, after Twilight, of course. :)

Carrie said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! :) And what a lovely list of happy things. I have to agree, the Bella/Jacob exchange is always going to be one of my favorite parts of the book. ;)

Krissa said...

oh i love your list...cute!
i loved Eclipse...such a good book...i should probably reread those soon...
Love that package...seriously so sweet!!!
good luck with the resume...its not fun to update...another thing i should do... :(

and on my happy list, toast with peanut butter on it. YUM! haha

Jenni said...

LOVE Lost! I can't wait for the new season!!

kaileenelise said...

horay! it sounds like you are settling in nicely :) i'm so happy for you girl, you deserve it all. xo, ♥kaileenelise

Kenza Salem said...

I adore your blog. its so great! and i love this picture!

Micaela said...

Kaileen, you are the best and soon to be my life-saver. I'm sending you an email ;)

Kenza, a pleasure to meet you!!! you are Camilla's sis and i have to tell you, i adore her so i know i'm going to adore you to pieces!!!


Anna said...

oh micaela! you are such an amazingly generous person! such an inspiration! wishing you the best of luck on your job search! as for staying up late reading eclipse... i've so been there! i just love love love it! edward makes me swoon too :)

Risti Megan said...

Good luck job hunting. The perfect job is out there waiting for you! And thanks for using my photo!

Jen said...

You are so welcome! You have such an inspiring soul, dear, and I love you for it!

I'm catching up on "Lost" too! We'll have to discuss the new season together! So fun.

Sounds like you are really settling in and getting used to your new home. I'm happy for you. Enjoy every moment, even being homesick. It will subside, and the transition between homes will happen without you even knowing it!

Micaela said...

risti, thanks for letting me use it. you are after all my blog crush ;)

Jen, thank-you!!!! once again, a million times over. xoxoxo

handmade charlotte said...

ohhhhh you i like! fun blog!

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