Thursday, January 21, 2010

the selby.

this is my favourite selby couple.

lucy & duffy in london.

i love the white open spaces + wooden floors.

black rimmed glasses.

kisses that call for one heel up.

a love letter that apologizes for "being crap."

a saucy welcome sign.


marisa said...

that stairway is to DIE for. Can you imagine how lovely it would be walk up and down on them everyday?
i love all these things you find... don't you just love the white with black and yellow accents.... i think i need to do that in my bathroom.

Melissa Blake said...

How beautiful - simple and classic!

Rasha said...


The Socialite said...

Oh yes, how beautiful yet simple. :) Just how life should be.

Fallon said...

Loved browsing their photos. Love their sense of humor too :)

(I notice you have a slight dirty humor, I think it's funny! I grew up with two older brothers and a mother whos more of a boy then a girl! SO I too can appreciate humore like that...and I still laugh when I think about you not wanting to say Cock fighting on air, hilarious!)

MaryBeth Hughes said...

i love the wooden staircase! it's awesome. great stuff here. :)

happy weekend!

Micaela said...

Fallon, you are right on my humor. lol i joked on your blog that you should hope i don't get your name in the knick knack exchange BUT... i think you get me ;) lol

Happy weekend MaryBeth!!!

Anonymous said...

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