Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sharing Sundays... Every Little Counts.

in Amy's words:

Every Little Counts is about love. This is a collection of loves, obsessions, memories, and influences.

one of my favourite posts was when she shared pictures of her beautiful Mom, circa 1972, when she was single in her 20's and roaming around Europe:

"while cleaning the house, she just found a cedar box full of love letters from around this time period. i am dying to read them...she was such a heartbreaker. "

Every Little Counts is obsessively nostalgic (as am i).

Not only does Amy own one of my favorite little corners of the internet, but along with her Adam, they have a fashion line (that can also be found on etsy). Everything they make is by hand from their Brooklyn Studio.

My favorite tee has always been this one, which just seems to describe the girl i am.


Maddy said...

Ooh I love that shop! The T with the birds on it is to die for, looks so comfy and so me! Thanks for sharing love!

Lauren said...

i just finished watching pierrot le fou! anna karina is so lovely and belmondo is just dreamy.

Melita said...

that T is awesome! thanks so much for your kind comment about popcorn. it meant a lot to me as do you. hugs!!

Lauryn said...

That photo is so beautiful! I'll have to stop by their shop and see what it's all about! I love finding new designers.

Anonymous said...

i love every little counts! and the owner, amy is just so sweet :)

Rasha said...

that romance pic is awesome.

Every Little Counts said...


i am gushing! thank you so much for such a sweet post. i'm so happy you like the blog- it means a lot!


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