Sunday, August 23, 2009

my friday off of work spent in a book shop i love, with the boy i love.

we went to an even smaller texas town {archer city} to Booked Up. It's 4 separate buildings filled with a sea of books that range from rare first editions to current photography books. Stacks of quiet spines to be touched.

It's all owned by novelist Larry McMurtry who's best known for the film adaptations of his work, like "Hud" starring the forever wonderful Paul Newman and the controversial movie of its time, "The Last Picture Show." Most recently, he co-won an Oscar and Golden Globe for best adapted screenplay for "Brokeback Mountain."

I did a story on Archer City in my news days and fell in love with the town. There's a cute bed and breakfast owned by an old friend of McMurtry's. All the rooms are themed after one of his novels... and the golden globe can be found on top of the living area mantle.

it really is a charming little town. it was a perfect friday off.

purchased: 2 vintage movie prints &
Andy Warhol Nudes.

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Anonymous said...

i want to go to that bookstore... it sounds divine

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