Monday, April 11, 2011

Postal Service.

^some love from Virginia from my bff edward (he sent the postcard, along with the VA magnet that now hangs on my fridge... above my twinkie and niece on marianne's beautiful wedding day!)

^cute card from ria in italia

^amazing beca sent me this gorgeous clutch/wallet (also! she has an equally amazing etsy shop-- spring sale, 50% on some items like these miniature twin deers i want to get for me & twinkie!)

^postcrossing from ukraine

 ^birthday gifts from Karolina (she made those earrings... so pretty! and the rabbit card as well)

^a sweetly belated wedding card + letter (i loved my tea stash!) from sweet sheba
^a lovely little note from erin

^a nice catch up from courtney (adorable stationary, no?) her husband was my camera guy when we were both working at the news station in wichita falls, tx. (next to her letter is my reply)

^i was so excited when i found another one of these "pocket change" holders while out thrifting. the one on the right was a stocking stuffer i got my husband for christmas and the one on the left i sent to Edward with a note to save his pocket change so he could come visit me.

^postcard for Shawna (we met on postcrossing-- she actually lived in el paso a year ago so we decided to keep in touch. I sent this card telling her how much i miss the rain!)

^a thank-you card i made Kitty (i wish i could take credit for the tom hanks idea, but alas-- credit here. genius!) because i was SO happy to have won her Butch Anthony giveaway. Lovies, it is SO pretty! and so perfect in our bedroom.

^my reply for karolina who just got herself engaged! i made her the card, along with this beautiful handmade brooch (i love the glitter) i got from karina's sweet mom's new etsy shop Ninfa Designs.

i love going to my mailbox and my husband thinks i'm weird that i love going to the post office (even if it's busy). 


Erin {pughs' news} said...

The post office is my happy place. xoxo

Katyha said...

I love going to my letter box, but very unlike you only get one or two :(

Claire Kiefer said...

As always, I love your mail, both in and out. You're such a thoughtful friend. I've been missing writing letters lately--I have hardly been home during waking hours. :( It's one of the things I can't wait to get back to! I have so many letters to send.

Nicole LeLacheur said...

love the clutch!

carmar76 said...

that brooch is lovely, really it all is lovely! and the PO is definitely one of my happy places - even when it's christmastime & crowded & the line is long. being there means i'm sending out happy mail!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

You got some wonderful things, I just love the postcards!!

Jo said...

I have an etsy shop, so I'm at the post office regularly. The people who work there are so nice...we know each other by name! :)
I love love love sending and receiving mail!! There's just something that connects the sender and receiver of something tangible, no matter how small. Hooray for pretty paper and doodles!

Vanilla Mama said...

Your photgraphy is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the stories behind it!

Sandra said...

I always love to see your mail. :) It's so colorful and classic!

Gracie said...

I like going to my mail box but the post office not so much. I do like the post office in the city because it's in a lovely old building.

So much wonderful mail as usual!

Claudia said...

Happy as always! xoxo

Sarah said...

Only recently have I been going a little post office crazy - Been sending so many international mails out. And I must say it's one of the most wonderful feeling ever. To stick the stamps, and drop it into the post box, knowing that it's on its way to someone amazing across the seas. Lovely. And don't even get me started on receiving mail packages. I mean, who doesn't love a snail mail surprise on any day?! x

Shell said...

love your mail posts Micaela <3

can't wait till you receive the mixtapes! should be there today! YAY!


i made a couple of changes to my blog, name & link.

Shell <33

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Checking my PO box and letter box are the best parts of my day!

Love mail posts :)

x Jasmine

Lily said...

These photos are so magical! The post office is my happy place as well, even though I don't get as many letters.

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