Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'he took me on a walk around lake cuyamaca in julian, ca.'

these beautiful photographs showed up on my doorstep (along with blood oranges, my new absolute favorite!) from my dearest friend joel. yes, my once upon a time and still friendly ex.

ages ago one of the first gifts he gave me was the first photograph, his titled "morning fog" in a matte frame.

and it has always been my favorite.

P.S... see joel's comment below on how to get one of his photo beauties for free {yup, free! and they're so much prettier in person} thank-you jolie!!! x


Owlie said...

awww, that is so sweet! what a good friend. love the photos, especially the first one!
it is nice that you were able to maintain a friendship with him!


Claudia said...

Beautiful pictures!...I live near Julian, CA! The best apple pies!!

Anonymous said...

it is great when you can be friends with an ex. out of the many (hahaha), i've only been friends with one, and he was the one that i lived with years ago. i love it when i get random surprises on my doorstep! xx

Little Tree Vintage said...

so nice exes can still remain friends, love the photos!

Hello Again Vintage said...

Wow, his photos are beautiful. And that's so sweet of him to think of you. :)


Joel said...

The first 10 of Micaela's dear readers that contact me will receive a complementary print (8x10 unframed). Please pick one from this site and contact me via the email on the webpage: http://sites.google.com/site/jonleyiii/samples

the Once Upon a Time Ex,

Nicole LeLacheur said...

Lovely photos!

April said...

Dude has a Firefly quote on his blogger profile. He is obviously a winner!

Claire Kiefer said...

EXCITING! These are so beautiful and I emailed him right away, since I am smitten with print 9/13 from the Balboa Park series.

I love that you still have such a sweet relationship with Joel, given how tumultuous ex-relationships can be. Lord knows I have a'plenty.

Miss you lots.

Jo said...

Surprises at your doorstep...that sounds amazing! What a great friend! :)

Shell said...

love love love, & i emailed him right away, im madly in love with

Scenic SoCal:

# 8 (of9)

hope im one of the 10!

& how awesome is that! i know a few i would have loved to stay friends with, but for one reason or another it never worked out that way. (sad face)

Gale said...

What a nice surprise in the mail! Love his photos. I also have a special place in my heart for Cali and these make me miss it. How nice to still be close to your ex. Friends at first, so friends forever...So sweet. Take care Micaela!:)

Marisa said...

That first one is so beautiful. So great to hear yiour voice tonight. xoxo

The Shabby Princess said...

Those are beautiful! How wonderful that you are able to maintain a relationship with your ex--I'm jealous--that's a true blessing.


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