Friday, April 15, 2011

happy things to end the week with.

getting a package from my bestie Marisa always warrants a big Lechuga smile. In fact, i'll even post this terrible photo of me straight from my pilates class because i was so excited when the box welcomed me home. (i'll share the contents soon!) i'm also OVERJOYED because M decided to keep on blogging at her always inspiring corner of the internet ...or so i feel. Please thank her for me? even though i knew our friendship would still be like Grey & Yang, i'm so happy she is still going to blog! i love you M and thank-you for making my day (as you always do!) 

twinkie's latest furry addition! i just want to cuddle him!!! isn't he adorable? he's in the puppy chewing phase. This is him on her lap on the way to our momma's to watch Idol.

if only i wasn't trying desperately to save money, i would get this M cookie jar from Claire's sister Kate's etsy shop Very Fine House {where i've bought beautiful vintage finds before} but! she is having a sale so perhaps it's a sign i do in fact need it. *DETAILS ON THE FABULOUS SALE on Claire's Bicoastally

don't you love when you read a great book? especially when it's one given to you by a dear friend who was touched by it. Katyha sent me this book for my birthday and i loved it! never have i been so in love with a fictional character as i was with Michael Hosea (who i totally pictured as the Brawny guy!) i wish they'd make a movie out of this beautiful book that i related to so well. What made the book even better is Katyha had put notes on her favorite parts.  i also got to hear her aussie accent yesterday! <3 love love love.

and please do not laugh at this, but when your favorite childhood hero holds a contest on his facebook page to win a shirt of his by posting a photo of you in one of his shirts... well how can you not oblige? i grabbed my latest Bret the Hitman Hart sweatshirt and vogued. Alas... i didn't win. ha! some half naked girl won. how could my hoodie self compete? 

my husband made me blackbean/jalapeno veggie burgers for dinner and it might have been the best thing i've had all week! maybe me not having to cook had a lot to do with it, but it was bliss! i giggled when i saw the above sign -- i want to get a print and frame it in our kitchen. 

i'm feeling pretty pitiful because after two weeks of waiting for my car to be fixed (it was at the mechanics the whole time) i think there's still something wrong with it. we just picked it up yesterday and i might just cry if it's going to cost us more. *UPDATE: took it back to the mechanic and he's promised to have it fixed by tomorrow morning! fingers crossed.

i didn't want to be a pity party on a friday though, so i hope i at least made you laugh with the not so flattering photos of me! and tonight calls for cheese stuffed crust pizza with extra sauce. yum!

i hope you lovies had a better friday than me xoxo


Claudia said...

Oh my that's a big package!! no terrible photo you silly! You are pretty!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I think you look cute in your pilates gear. You never take a bad photo really!

Good for you for finding happy things to end the week with. Car troubles can be SO stressful! I hope they get sorted out soon.

Have a lovely, lovely weekend. Let's reschedule our skype session soon.

Marisa said...

Okay... if only I could look that good after an exercise class. I look like a hot mess after I workout. Thank you for your sweet encouragement... you will always be my Grey. I must read that book, It sounds perfect. That puppy is SO precious. So sorry your car troubles are continuing... :( xoxo M

Karina said...

First of all I need that sign :) hahaha I'm loving it!!

So happy to hear that your car will be better tomorrow morning sweetie, it's great that your ending Friday on a happy note!!

You do not look ugly in none of those pictures, very beautiful :)

Happy Friday love - xoxo

P.S. I finally posted about Mya & Miguel :)

Anonymous said...

that sign is a must in the kitchen! or maybe in an apron! mmmmm... :)

Melissa Allam said...

I love Francine Rivers Books. It's been along time since I have read them. I haven't read that one yet, but it looks like a good one. Those pesky little cars, huh...praying it just hurries up and starts working for yah! xoxo

i-zilla said...

well even if you didn't win you look foxy in your red lipstick! any tramp can take her clothes off but a real lady can look sexy even in a hoodie!

beca said...

omg pizza!!

Will said...

hey there! Thanks for the wonderful comment about the ring, makes me feel even better to get another girl's approval ;) I definitely feel pretty lucky to have such a wonderful lady...all smiles over here! I was looking through your posts, looks like life is fun on your end as well. I'll be sure to check back and say hi every now and then. Take care.

April said...

I love a good book. I haven't really read anything since Hemingway... Oh, and that Kindle book I read, but I don't think that really counts. I hope I have more time to read this summer, but I'm not sure I will. :( I guess I have time to read now, I just don't.. since I'm always reading for school, it makes reading a little less fun. Hmph. :(

Thanks for helping me make decisions tonight. :) It was nice because I was shopping by myself and much appreciated!

Claire Kiefer said...

oh my goodness, sauce is the BEST part of pizza! And like everyone else said, you look adorable (um, skinniest legs ever) in your pilates outfit. I already visited Marisa's blog and was so happy to see her post. :) And Marianne's new dog? I can't even talk about how cute that thing is.

Thanks for mentioning Kate's shop--btw she realized 40 of her listings had "expired" so now there's a ton more stuff in there!

Sarah said...

Blackbean/jalapeno veggie burgers sound amazing. AND you are crazy! You look beautiful holding that exciting looking mail!!! I really hope you get your car sorted out soon. That sort of thing stresses me out to no end. Good luck!

That said, I'm glad that you're down for a book club! Carla and I were talking about it a few weeks ago. I can't wait. I'll let you know when we get it going!

Katyha said...

I thought I commented here :/ I am slowly going insane.

I heard that there was going to be a movie ?

You look so lovely in that photo, very sexy ;)

Meghan said...

That little pup is adorable, and I totally just commented on that cookie jar, too:) Hope your weekend is marvelous!

Gale said...

I hope you get your car today! I hate dealing with that stuff too:/ Thanks for sharing these lovely things with us. My favorite is that sign haha! I must have one in my kitchen too. Last and certainly not least, YOU ARE GORGEOUS Micaela, no matter what! wowie:)

Well Nice Chels said...

Ahhh! Thank you for the sweet sweet comment! I am so bursting with joy it is unreal. I love that you headed over to his blog as well!

Isn't the ring amazing? Its a bit too big (fits my thumb :) so he is making me a new one and then we will get the sparkles later this year. I will cherish it forever though!

I am so glad to see you are doing so well too! You two are so lovely.

My blog is probably about to explode with tons of cute planning as you have predicted, its going to be good year!

Jihee said...

oh getting packages in the mail are the best! the bigger the better! hahahaha. :D

and i LOVE that sign! haha I want it in my kitchen too haha

Anonymous said...

I was looking for the content here and there and got to read this post. I must say that I am in the hand of luck today or else getting such a wonderful writing to read was never achievable for me, at least. Truly thankful your content.

Gracie said...

I think that package is enormous and you are still looking gorgeous!

I do hope your car woes end soon and it comes back fixed. Then it will be an even better friday next week.

And I've read that book!! It was part of a Christmas gift from my brother and sis in law. I thought it was wonderful. I should re read that book. x

giddynici said...

Don't you just love coming home to a parcel. Can't wait to hear what goodies you received. And that is one super cute puppy! x

Lauryn said...

If that's how you look AFTER pilates then color me jealous woman! You are gorgeous!

That sign is hilarious. It would definitely fit well in a kitchen, but I think my mother would kill me if I decorated with that, haha!

dulci said...

hilarious sign!

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