Thursday, April 28, 2011

Postal Service.

first, don't forget to put your name in my postcard giveaway from one of my favorite etsy's.
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^sweet Kellie sent me a thank-you from australia for winning my favorite things giveaway. i was so touched by this act of kindness-- she won something and yet sent me a bunch of pretties?! i was incredibly surprised & incredibly touched.

^Gustav Klimt (my favorite) postcard Girl with the Fan, postcrossing from The Netherlands

below is Kary's gorgeous & perfectly me birthday gifts:
i can't even begin to describe how perfect it all was. aren't those "fashionista" sticky notes adorable? and the lacy black Express dress fits me perfectly (if not for showing off my non-existant boobs) and she remembered my love of deers (i told her someday this would go in felix's nursery). Dulce Amiga, you spoil me always and i can't wait to see the cherry blossoms with you this weekend! eeek!!! 2 days! p.s. i love the Harry Potter sound card that came with this... so you!

april was full of beautiful birthdays! here's two of the care packages that went out to my favorite birthday girls april and danielle. 

for april (twinkie's soul mate):
the titty-tassel card was hilariously her, eiffel tower bottle to remind her of her parisian nights, vintage recipe box thrifted for her love of cooking, and the Rainbow Sprinkles Heart Ring is from Jenny Sport on etsy. i got it for her to wear to her Katy Perry concert this summer (katy perry is her love, you see)!!! 

and for my girl fiancee Danielle:

birthday card that looks like their dog kona, tea towel from oh little rabbit (i believe its instant art for the kitchen and danielle just included goldfish to her family... too bad i couldn't find brain fish ones like she loves), kitsch kitty figurine i found while thrifting along with a glass gun bottle that is so her.  

the stacking rings are from bead keepers on etsy and for this one i did some detective work (they were on her etsy favorites which was the easy detective part). I emailed her husband and asked him to find out her ring size and favorite gemstone. He's helped me before on her christmas gift, so i knew i could count on him and he did not let me down! 

these two girls spoiled me on my birthday last month, it was nice to selflessly return the favor. 

Birthdays and putting together a care package for someone you love are my favorite!


camille yanair said...

i adore putting together packages like that! yours look great!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

These are lovely packages!! I love how you know each other so well. Just by looking at what was sent I can see all of the different personalities!!

April said...

Thank you, again. :) <3

Claire Kiefer said...

Everything is so beautiful and your packages, as always, are incredibly thoughtful. All your friends are lucky to have you in their lives. I cracked up at the nipple tassles!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

micaela! i don't even want to say i'm behind on ready blogs, because it's so far beyond being beyond that there isn't a word for it. anyway, i love the package you sent me. you're the sweetest! xoxo!

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