Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wanting to Know you Wens : What did you look like on your wedding day?

in anticipation of the Royal Wedding, i thought i'd have another virtual date centered on weddings... your wedding.

A close girlfriend (who's known me while i was going through the ins and out of love) gave me the sweetest compliment. She simply said, "marriage suits you."

A day after this past Thanksgiving, during a charming quaint wedding i got to say "i do" to the love of my life.

send me a photo of your wedding day to and i'd love to share it on my dolce vita next wednesday. Please include how long you've been married and your blog link if you have one with the subject: wedding.

i can't wait to see what you lovies looked on the your most magical day! 


AmericanBridget (Jones) said...

I only started following just a few weeks prior to your nuptials, but I must agree with your friend, MARRIES DOES LOOK GOOD ON YOU!

I've never been hitched, but look forward to seeing all your followers on their special days next week!!!

beca said...

not married but might as well be. haha. you are beautiful, missy, especially in white. what a good color for you.

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

You look beautiful in your wedding photos! I don't have a ton of photos from our wedding and I was 3 months pregnant with miss Aries - dear hubby promises that when I am ready we will have a renewal full of pictures.

Claire said...

You do look a pretty georgeous bride :) I will see if i can dig out any pics as i got hitched in the time before digital haha

Anonymous said...

I emailed you! :) But I completely forgot to mention that I've been married 5 years.

Cole said...

I love this idea! And I agree that that's a wonderful compliment.
Gonna find a picture & send it your way!

Jo said...

i followed the link back to take a peek at your wedding day. you look so beautiful! i love the picture of the two of you walking among the sparklers!! it's perfect!

can't wait to see next wednesday's post!! :)

Gale said...

Such a beautiful bride! I love your dress and I love what your friend said, "marriage suits you". Awww

I will definitely send you a photo! What an awesome idea!

Amanda said...

It's so nice being married isn't it?! I feel like my life is so much more whole now :)

Will email you one of my favorites!

heather yalin said...

awww this is so sweet! going to look for a pic now! ;)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

You look lovely! I had a sticky beak at the wedding post you linked and I love your photos! You should post more :)

I'll email you a photo from my wedding earlier this year :)

x Jasmine

Gracie said...

Ohh I do adore your beautiful wedding dress and the gorgeousness that was your wedding :)

I will have to remember to send you a photo.

Oh and I got your lovely letter today. I ADORE that postcard and it is going into a frame. Too bad the stupid rain wet the envelope :(

Stephanie said...

This is a cute idea...although I will have to pass on it.
To me, my divorce was more happy to me than my "wedding". haha.
Not everyone is suited for marriage!! hahaha.

elisabeth said...

you look beatiful.
i love being married!
i'm emailing you my pic right now :)


Rhianne said...

not married yet I'm afraid but here are my bridesmaid photos lol, you know what they say. always the bridesmaid, never the bride!

Shell said...

i adore the vintage look in all your wedding photos! i sent you my fav wedding photos :)

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