Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wanting to Know you Wens : Travel Date!

last week i shared this photo of me on the beaches of my heaven on earth, in italy. 

i asked my darling readers to share a photo of them on holiday and i loved seeing the places you lovies have been to. 

here's our wanderlust virtual date: 

^Jennifer, an Oklahoma girl (now living in Europe) in Budapest 

^April in a cafe in Paris during her study abroad (so carrie bradshaw from the last season of Sex and the City)

^Claire in Beijing, China where she went to visit the boy she loved then, who was teaching English to preschoolers. "It was an incredible two weeks-- so much adventure, love, excitement, passion, intimacy, newness." This photo of them was taken in the Forbidden City. Her photo reminds me so much of mine in Italy; she described it perfectly how my time under the Tuscan sun was. 

^Marianne (my twinkie) "I have dreamt of London my entire life. The moment I saw Big Ben for the first time is one that I will cherish forever. My eyes filled with tears of happiness when I was on the London Eye overlooking my heaven on earth. True happiness for me was lying in my hotel bed in Piccadilly Circus after a wild night out with my widows wide open, just listening to the sounds of the city i love." 

^Claire (who lives in the UK with her husband, Mr. D) in Time Square. "Visiting NYC was on my to do list, and Mr. D took me for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2009. We went with a couple of friends and it was the holiday of a life time." 

^Sarah (the brunette) with her posse (also her future husband jeff way down in the end opposite her)  "It was so hot the day we took this photo in Barcelona... This was an amazing trip on which  both couples got engaged. So fun, the happiest travel memories for me." 

^Carol on her honeymoon in Bora Bora this past August with her husband Nick

^Faiza from her trip to Stonehenge in 2010. "It was my second time there within a year and I felt like it was such a haunting, spiritual and calming place." This photo is of her and her brother being goofy and playing rock, paper, scissors. (love it!)

^Amanda in 2007 while she studied abroad in Jerusalem, Israel during their national Independence Day celebration. 

^E. Charlotte two summers ago in Peru with her sister (on the right) in front of Mount Tocllaraju. "It was our last trekking day acclimatizing before we ascended to base-camp below a different mountain, Mt. Yanapachqa. The Andes are amazing!" 

^Meghan in Rome this past summer. She backpacked through France, Italy, and Germany with a girlfriend. Someday i hope to do the same with my bestie, Marisa.

^Leesh in 2004 on Playa Bavaro in Punta Cana, DR. She said this is her favorite vacation photo ever, and it's plain to see why. beautiful!

^Claudia with her entire family during their trip last year to the beautiful beaches of Baja Mexico. "We don't travel much but when we do... we travel in a group! My family of five, my brother's family and their dog, my sister's two kids, and my father in law." 

^Farah in Paris in front of the Notre Dame while visiting her boyfriend in 2009.

^Priya in front of the Eiffel Tower
^Gracie during her most recent trip to the Philippines (where my momma is also from) in front of an active volcano on the island.

^Sara in Rome taken at the Vatican. This trip was in 2004 during a cruise --a pilgrimage-- as part of her job (nice perk indeed sara!)

^Erin in front of Buckingham Palace in 2001, the summer she spent 10 weeks in London. "I remember it was a gloriously hot day in August and I was enjoying a day in the city by myself, exploring, writing letters, drinking Pimm's & Lemonade, and loving every minute." 

^Maddy in Italy who spent two weeks in Tuscany with her ex and his family when she was 16. 

this just may be my favorite virtual date!!! grazie to everyone who played along and shared your beautiful vacations xo 


Erin {pughs' news} said...

This might just be my favourite of all our virtual dates! I feel as though I just got to travel the world through the eyes of so many others. How wonderful!

I'm so sorry we didn't get to skype according to schedule. Let's try again soon!

Stephanie said...

Awww, I meant to send ya a Cancun pic and forgot!
I love all the pictures! So pretty!!

Sarah said...

These are so awesome! What a great idea, Micaela!

Claire Kiefer said...

I love this! It was so fun to see everyone's travels--together we covered so many parts of the world! Thanks for doing these--they are delightful to see. :) May we all get to travel somewhere far & exotic soon!

giddynici said...

I totally forgot to send my picture in. This is a great post though. So many wonderful responses and great stories behind the pics. x

Gale said...

Your virtual dates just get better and better, Micaela! I loved this post so much and seeing where everyone is from and where they've traveled! Inspires me to travel this summer. I hope to:) Have a beautiful night!

beca said...

I've never been anywhere!! Need to travel NOW!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

such a fun idea, i loved looking through everyone's photos!

thanks for posting mine! :)

Claudia said...

I enjoyed very much seeing everyone's travel experiences...I specially liked Jennifer's picture (the Oklahoma girl)

Thanks for your patience ;)

Simply Me said...

Love this virtual date , the pics and the stories ..There are still so many places that are on my must see list but Micks I guess you missed putting up my pic , I did send you a mail last evening ..hope you got it ??

inHERshoes said...

love it. i meant so send a photo and forgot about it. oh well. i like seeing other people's wanderlust! aaahhhhh ... if i can only travel the world and let it be a job that pays, i'd be the CEO and president. ahahaha

Meghan said...

Thank you, my dear! I am so happy to play along and see everyone else's adventures!

Micaela said...

Priya, i am SOOO SORRY! somehow i did in fact miss it but now it's included! thanks for reminding me! ugh, it's my worse fear i'll forget an entry and somehow i did :( but now it's there! and i'm so glad because you are beautiful in it, as is Paris!

Leesh said...

So jealous of the girl who was in Bora Bora.

Thanks for this virtual date. I love when your readers share little tidbits or photos of them.

Jenni said...

What a brilliant idea! It was so much fun to read each of the entries! Especially the two couples who got engaged durin the trip. so sweet :)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Love this! I would love to travel overseas one day, but for now I will be content with travelling interstate :) In fact, I'm hopping on a plane tomorrow for a friend's wedding!

x Jasmine

carmar76 said...

this is so neat! and i forgot all about it, bummer! but idk where the picture i would want to share even resides at the moment, so ah well. (it's me & my brother in front of niagra falls, on the canada side. that trip fired my love of all things canadian. mounties. mmmm!)

and how jealous am i of carol in bora bora?? i wanna stay in one of those huts in the ocean. oh dreams!!

Gracie said...

This has sparked wanderlust in me again! Seeing all these great photos and wonderful places. I want to travel so much.

This has been a great virtual dates. Definitely a fave. x

heather yalin said...

oh, this is great! may be one of my favorite getting to know you posts. i love faiza's rock paper scissors! :)

Jo said...

What a fun idea for a post!
I love the photo of you in Italy!
And that "rock, paper, scissors" photo is hilarious! So clever!

Rhianne said...

I think this is my favourite date too! I love them all and I now have a serious case of wanderlust...

you will add England (specifically my house) to your backpacking trip with Marisa won't you? :)

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

So fun! I love seeing where everyone has travelled to!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am definitely delighted to discover this. Good job!

The Shabby Princess said...

How fun! All the photos are so sweet and beautiful! I love to travel, but, haven't gotten to do it as much since being a grown up--you know, tied to a job and bills and such--oh I miss it dearly. Hopefully someday soon I will be able to take off a few weeks and travel.

Diana Mieczan said...

This post is so fun. I loved looking at all those adorable photos:) Thanks and have a great afternoon

Jihee said...

aww i LOVE this post! what a great idea!!! love seeing all the beautiful places everyone has been to!

Amanda said...

M~ Loved being part of your virtual date, and was so excited to see your comment on my blog too. I love your photos and inspiring words, and I feel like I'm already getting to know you. can't wait for more =)

xoxox, Amanda

sarah nicole said...

What a fun idea! All the pics were so pretty. Makes me wanna travel right now.



Faiza said...

it has to be said this was the BEST wednesday at dolce vita EVER!

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