Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Postal Service.

^pretty postcard from Kary who was enjoying NY's best chocolate chip cookie from Levain Bakery (i can't wait to have one in a little over a week!)

^loved this postcard from Sarah

and remember that package that had me in smiles after pilates from my best friend? here's what M sent me for my birthday (she always spoils me!) :

this pillow is SO comfortable! a reminder to "live well"

a travel journal i can't wait to take to NY and inside is our promise... we will experience our heaven on earth together, italy.

don't you just love the packaging of these pretty earrings? and a best friends mug for my collection. our chats are my favorite! i love you M, more than you know.

^letter from Nicola

^mixed tapes are my favorite. i was lucky enough to get one from Shell, who also burnt me a copy of The Civil Wars cd after i posted about how much this song touched me. {a few of the artists on her cd were Eisley, Joshua Radin, and The Veronicas. again, i love mixed tapes!}

^i got such a surprise birthday package all the way from Malaysia from one of my first and dear blog friends Farah. She sent me the pretty fabric tape above + fancy paper and a bunch of other goodies! like colored felt, postcards, and stickers to 'encourage your crafting.' that line made it all the more meaningful. Thank-you from across the world!

^i made this collage postcard for sarah {cat heart image : butterfly bat}

^what i sent to Beca (the wallet she gave me is here. awesome right?)

^my reply to nicola

^postcrossing that went to Slovenia

^mixed tape for sweet erin


erin elder said...

I have been meaning to tell you THANK YOU For my lovely mix CD!! It's been playing nonstop in my laptop since i received it on Friday {how perfect!}

It really is perfection, and i love every single song. A million times, THANK YOU. A little note should be one it's way to you in the mail shortly. :)

Megan said...

I always look forward to your mail posts :-) That pillow is gorgeous. I am so excited for your trip to NY, cannot wait to hear all about it!

Jo said...

This collection of goodies is so dreamy! The items themselves, the thought behind them, the colors...just everything! Gorgeous!!

Claire Kiefer said...

So fun to read, as always. M is good with the pillows, isn't she? And that last mix tape to Erin is particularly special with such bittersweet, sad songs. Oh, Someone Like You. Kills me!

I'm amazed at the time and effort you spend on mail--it is so inspiring. I miss letters and packages; they've been neglected in my working fever of late.

iluvteaching said...

I love the mug. Me and my best friend do most over chatting at coffee shops. That is us in the mug! hehe

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Wow now those are some packages! Good job ladies :)

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

oh wow, you sent and got sent the coolest things!! You are all so lovely, what a great group :) I can't wait to hear about NY, you'll have the best time!!

Cole said...

I don't even know why I look at your mail posts because they make me so jealous! You get (and give) such beautiful mail!

Claudia said...

Your mail box only gets better and better!...I love that mug girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

look at all those goodies you got! love it! i also love that post card looking travel journal (i think that's what it is, maybe it's just a journal but since i love to travel i assumed that :))

Marisa said...

I love all of these. And your photos are so great M.

Karina said...

I love your mailbox!! It's always full of such happy and beautiful things both sent and received!!

I'm happy you liked the cookie postcard they are heavenly :)

Love you lots xoxo

P.S. Miguelito loves spaghetti tacos, I do the ground beef with a touch of sugar and cumin(I know you don't eat meat - love), and some marinara sauce, the spaghetti is cooked on the side. Everything is than served separately and everyone grabs a taco shell and puts spaghetti and some meat on top, and voila spaghetti tacos. The crunchiness of the taco and the spaghetti is oh SO good!! We usually do Taco nights on Fridays with movies, but there's no school this week, so we gave in :)
You can read about how spaghetti tacos came about it here -

P.S. Sorry for the long novel :)


Farah said...

I'm so glad that you finally got the package! it was sitting quite comfortably on my dinning table bench! LOL ;)


:: Lavender's Green :: said...

That travel journal is adorable! How lucky that you are able to fill it with wonderful memories!

And I love mix 'tapes' too! I make them all the time.

x Jasmine

Gracie said...

I simply adore your mail posts. They always get me so excited to see what you get and send out. Your collage postcards are just gorgeous!

Mix cd's are always fun because I always find it interesting to see what kind of music people listen too.

I adore that pillow. And just about everything!

Lauryn said...

Vivant bien. Love that! Everyone should recite that to themselves daily!

I hope your week is improving pretty lady! No more crying/screaming at your cubicle! :)

Anonymous said...

O my goodness, you get some of the CUTEST stuff, you lucky girl! I'm totally jealous about the pretty tape and that gorgeous pillow! ;) I just love reading your inbound/outbound posts.

Sarah said...

Micaela, I'm so glad that my postcard got to you quickly. I definitely thought that it was the perfect one for you. You'll be happy to know the beautiful postcard that you sent me is right next to my desk at home, providing endless heart-shaped kittens inspiration!


Hello Again Vintage said...

Everything's so very pretty. You always have so many treasures. And I love how your bff send you positive vibes through the mail - she's truly a bestie!


Faiza said...

i can't look at a paper doily now without smiling because i think of you!

Gem said...

wow aren't you lucky, im so jealous right now ha! i'd love to receive things like that! xx

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