Monday, April 4, 2011

Postal Service.

^from gracie who's letters are always so pretty! she included a hair bow from sweets and hearts and a postcard from the little fox. {speaking of postcards, sign up for the fun postcard swap going on over at her charming blogspot}

^loved this papaya art postcard from maria

^yup, i am still getting spoiled with birthday pressies which is so much fun because if i have to be 27 all year, why not drag it out? this one is from my girl april who i just adore and personalized this to me perfectly: Espresso cups made in italy & verona brand coffee to have in them {my husband was very happy this was a gift he could also enjoy!} from april's card, "While I was in Scotland I ate at a Turkish bistro and it was the best food I've ever had! It looks a little complicated, but you seem industrious and adventurous and there are some yummy recipes sans meat!" -- i love that she even marked the veggie section! i love gifts that are not only so me but also a part of the person giving the gift. 

^from the recent college grad, megan {j'adore the envie!}

^postcrossing from Lithuania for my love of Frida Kahlo

^the adorable book mark and card is from the adorable fritzi marie (design by the black apple, kat's favorite!) // oh and lovies, i about danced with joy when i saw this lucky announcement on fritzi marie!!! i guess during a bad week, luck was on my side in this case <3 i can't wait to frame it for our bedroom!
^this gorgeous card is from faiza who wrote, "it reminds me of what i feel your heart might be like." i want to frame it, i love it so. she also sent along the below...

 spice kit for my "domestic goddess" within, and a texas pendant to add to my texas necklace collection. i love my state! faiza, you are sunshine walking!!!

^amazing handmade postcard from phoenix

^elisse found this for me while on their last night in Florence-- it makes this postcard 10x better to have italian stamps on it. thanks for thinking of me while on your romantic trip elisse!

^check out these deer cuties Blanca sent me for my birthday! aren't they adorable?! i told her that i have always wanted a pet fawn. and someday, these would go in my future babies nursery. 

i'm ashamed that my outbound is not as big as the in, but dealing with our car woes has made it hard to even think about getting to the post office but! i am getting fun birthday packages together for birthday girls this month (Erin's kick's off the month-- her birthday is tomorrow!!!! do say happy birthday to her please)

^maria was joking about how hard it is to part with her beautiful papaya art postcards that i had to send her the one i had been holding on to. 

^remember that sweet care package melissa sent me just because? i sent this red balloon pillow by creative cayt as a thank-you (melissa loves balloons)

^vintage postcrossing for someone studying french

^these stickers reminded me of katyha (+ a postcard i made)

^i made this postcard for april and it's hanging on her fridge

^one i made for phoenix

^and this one will be going to you Gracie this week! the postcard of the girls in Rome reminded me of you... adorable.

i am the worst at emailing back, but letters... letters i love.


bethany said...

Oh my stars, lady! I am always so inspired to create little packages after stopping by your blog.

Question: How in the heavens do you keep straight who sent what...who you owe a postcard...who likes such-and-such? I would love to be a little more swap-involved, but always worry that if I take on too many I'll find myself forgetting some poor soul.

Do you have any secrets of the trade? :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

ooo it looks like the postcard made it to you without anything falling off - I was a little worried!

and A BUNNY card!!! I love it. I really wish more people would call me Bunny. I should have had that as my blog name - sigh - haha. But the bird theme fits well too.

Gracie said...

Oh my! This is wonderful. I have a few of those Papaya post cards that I've found difficult to part with. Usually though post crossing.

Eee! Can't wait to get your letter. That postcard is awesome! It's totally something I would do if I had a dress like that. That is a post card that will be getting framed :) And thanks for the swap shout out! x

Katyha said...

squeeee! a letter for me :D

Karolina said...

Your mail seems amazing, I hope you get my letter soon! I sent it a week ago. And thank you for the congrats and well wishes, you can't imagine how happy I am. :)


Lauryn said...

It always blows my mind to see the pretty pretty mail that comes your way! Everyone puts so much thought into every little piece they send. So many treasures :)

Meredith said...

Boy it's a good thing you blur out your address, because I'd be stalking your mailman otherwise - ha, kidding! But you get the most awesome stuff in the mail! I think my favorite is the Texas necklace, it's too cute!

sheba said...

love these posts! and love your postcards....etsy???

hopefully, you'll get my letter soon. xo

Faiza said...

you are too kind. today i feel like sunshine walking so thank you very much.

those fawn are too precious. your babies will love them!

giddynici said...

More gorgeous mailings in and out of your home. LOVE the Paris postcard. X

Claudia said...

Just stopped by to say hi and about the advice on the plants...hope this tip helps you don't water them too much because they start turning yellow and then the roots rotten I learned that the hard way :( Best of luck to you and your little plants. Hugs your way my Dear!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Yay! I love snail mail!

x Jasmine

Elisse said...

Glad you liked the postcard, girl! As soon as I saw it, it was a no-brainer to send ... :)

Keiko said...

I just saw this post. So happy to have gotten the vintage postcard. Ah, I am always so happy when I open my Paris treasure box and see it on top. Love, love love!

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