Tuesday, August 17, 2010

two things i'm working on.

i've been pretty exhausted lately from work and yet pretty restless. not a fun combination.

I was throwing away my beautiful orchids max gave me a few months ago (that didn't survive after our vacation) and cleaning out another vase and i realized... i have a ton of vases but hardly buy fresh flowers. i need to work on that. i need to stop and smell the roses because lately the little things have been making me frustrated or want to cry {actually that happens when i'm frustrated}.


i used to wear pretty underwear.

i think max would welcome that back and perhaps so might i.

i thought about the part in "eat pray love" when she buys the pretty piece of lingerie for herself. why not? it's kind of sexy wearing something lacy underneath even a plain t...

yes, two things i'm working on.


Max said...

I wouldn't mind that. :)

Love you...Just know you can sleep in tomorrow!

heisschic said...

max is too cute.

but i'm with you on both accounts. you're not alone on this mini-adventure- i'll be making the same efforts in the OH-IO.

Melanie's Randomness said...

I'm in the same boat you are! I need to stop and smell the flowers a lil more! I have vases with too many fake flowers in them. Lingerie too makes you feel nice! I need some of that too!!

April said...

Two very noble things to be working on, I think. In my tiny ass town there's no where to buy fresh flowers, but when I was in my lovely sized college town I had fresh flowers about once a month from (sigh) Wal-mart of all places. I know that when I go back to school in 2011 I can probably find a more respectable place to buy fresh flowers.
And I've just bought some Victoria's Secret underwear for the first time ever! Only 1 pair could be considered sexy, I guess, but still. They're awesome. And I have some other lacey peices (and some lingerie from Italy!) that I like to wear on test days. It makes me feel naughty and confident, and that's definitely what you want to feel like when you're having to remember crazy formulas and stupid brain synapses!

I am so long-winded today.

Tiffany said...

Oh Mickey how sometimes you read my mind.

I am actually trying to enjoy smelling the roses right now..and spending time with our little ones while we have had them the last couple of weeks...

but on the other subject...I wish I could find something that would make me feel sexy as well as look sexy for my man right now... If I'm feeling this way at 4 1/2 months...goodness gracious how will 8 months feel?? lol

I miss you and love you Mickey!!

Stephanie said...

I have a lot of Victoria Secret undies!
Of course, they're all low rise, boycut, and cotton. haha. But that's just me!!! :)
I love when Zac brings me flowers! They brighten the place up.

Phoebe said...

I feel so much sexier when I have nice underwear on! Especially if it's a matching set.

Claire Kiefer said...

I buy fresh flowers all the time. :) I have two beautiful vases full at home right now. They make me so happy, and I love my dining room table so much more when there is a gorgeous bouquet of bright flowers on it. The most worthwhile investment you can make, for sure! I especially love yellow vases. They are so cheery and wonderful!

I feel you on the pretty underwear. I've gotten more and more focused on being comfy. :)

Kara said...

I'm enjoying that second one immensely!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Yay! These are the best two things to work on ever! Sexy underwear is important on so many levels :) And I believe everybody should buy themselves flowers. Hope your restlessness and exhaustion kiss and make up and find a happy middle road together soon! hugs.

Meghan said...

I love these two things - I could stand to work on these too:)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Aww. I also love how Max commented too :)

So true, stopping and smelling the flowers is so necessary sometimes!

i-zilla said...

(a) make pretty paper flowers to fill all those vases! at least you wont have to worry about watering them and you can get really creative with it!

(b) i don't think max will object at all to pretty frilly lacey things!

carmar76 said...

LOL, Max, that was cute!

I would love to have fresh flowers, carnations specifically, in the house, but Angel would munch on them. And since they are poisonous to kitties... Not so much! I need to clean off my island & put them in the middle where she can't reach! : )

Good luck in your endeavors, and oh yeah, am jealous you get to sleep in! heh.

Belen said...

oh big seestur, i related to when she bought the lingerie for herself.

it started when someone i knew was once over excited about her pretty undergarments and i had said to her "haha, i unfortunately don't have any pretty bra and panties that match like those." and she responded with "well it's not like you have anyone to show them off to."

her statement pissed me off because:
1) like she does? last i heard of her latest relationship was several years ago.

2) she said it with an attitude that made me feel like my body wasn't worth lingerie.

so, while i don't buy fancy bras and panties, i still treat myself with silky sleepwear that makes me feel beautiful even while i have no one to share it with. because i believe i--and other single women--deserve to wear such things.

Lauren Nicole said...

sexy underwear not only makes your fella happy, but yourself feel confident and pretty too. if you're looking for some good, log lasting undergarments, anthropologie has some AMAZING articles and vintage looking ones too. and you can find some in their sale area (online and in store) in case there's no extra money for full-price articles. :]

what is it about fresh flowers? really. they just somehow make you all happy and wonderful and seem to make any room more beautiful. they are SO cliche, but roses are my favorite, next to lilies and orchids, haha. i'm not too odd and different when it comes to floral arrangements!

- L

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