Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Choo, Choo, Choose You V-day Swap.

i love swaps. i think it's a fun way to connect with bloggers, meet new friends, and make another person's day with Happy Mail. As you might remember, I was pretty excited about Summer's I Choo, Choo, Choose You V-day Swap.

this morning, my fellow Dexter watcher EQ of Misguided Me gmail chatted to say she got my swap gift and loved it. {yay!}

At first i thought it would be hard to find something she'd like- On her list of likes she had 1. Chocolate 2. Bulldogs (she has a cute one named Baxter) 3. Shoes.

i thought, how am i going to find any of those related things? {not that that was the requirement}

thank-you Etsy.com

flying bulldog canvas tote

sexy stilettos magnet - acrylic painted 2x2 canvas

a handmade oliverbluedesigns valentine card
with instructions to give to her boyfriend.

E, i know it was simple but i tried to make it personable to you. Thank-you for the chat this morning (boo on the job searches) & for bringing your tote to work already. It made me smile! i was glad to be your valentine *wink. I'm looking forward to more Dexter talk. Season 3, bring it!

i had NO idea the gift to me would also be coming through the post today. Wanna know who else made me smile? this cute-as-a-button girl below:

Have you met Sandra of On The Bright Side?

*she looks like my little sister Maddie so i think of her as one
& look, she has a little Maverick like me.

i've been friends with her for some time and in so many ways, she reminds me of me.

Sandra's an absolute gem. If you have the pleasure of knowing her, then you already know this and I'm not just being kind to be kind. She is a genuine genuine person. I mean look at her! *smiles.

I couldn't believe when I saw where my package was coming from and recognized the name on the box that Sandra got me. She wrote on one of the gifts that she couldn't believe it either, that "she liked to believe it was fate." See what i mean? cuteness.

in her FABULOUS handmade card, she explained that her valentine swap to me was a combo of a housewarming, engagement, and v-day gift. RIGHT THEN, i wanted to cry. Seriously, so sweet and heartfelt.

and then i did cry.

i was moved by her complete kindness.

oh Sandra... sister, you spoiled me with a plethora of goodness. EACH thing was so me... so incredibly thoughtful. You're a gift giving goddess.

Even the packaging was goodness: stripes & each tag with a quote.

the box was filled with TWILIGHT New Moon Sweet Tarts and red confetti. I told Sandra when i saw the candy i giggled (i am consumed by the series & she remembered that) because really, that was more than enough. Her card & my twilight sweets.

i was spoiled:

Black Tea English Breakfast whole leaf loose tea from The Coffee Bean & a dragonfly Tea Infuser to go with it (i've been needing one!), an adorable yellow hanging hook (i have a thing for these and this one esp... it was on my Etsy favorites. Sandra, you're toooo wonderful)...

a pink bride-to-be sash i WILL wear to my bachelorette party...

and this, this brought the tears.

An embroidery framed with the line i first fell in love with in Twilight.


I could never find the words to express my thanks for this, for making me filled with such happiness! I loved each and every thing x10. And more than material things, SO much more than that is the feeling that i can tell it was all from her heart.

so from my heart to yours,

Thank-you for being my friend. Thank-you for being lovely!

(Happy Valentines to you and your Dreamboat too) xoxoxo


Megan said...

Oh the present you sent is fabulous, i love the bulldog tote.Etsy is wonderful, i dont know how we lived without it. I also think what you got is fabulous, the quote in the frame is such a simple but effective idea, perfect.
Swaps are great arent they. I sent my vday swap today (its only going to the next town). I hope my partner likes it.

Sara said...

omg I love!!

Claradevi said...

I love your blog!
This post aboyt vday swap is brilliant, to see all the gems and stories behind it...
You really are wonderful. <3

angelina la dawn said...

how wonderful! you are blessed indeed.

Brown Girl said...

Oh my gosh, that is so sweet. The blogging world is full of such wonderful people, I love it!

Raquel said...

I don't know how I missed this swap! Such a great idea! I love the hook you got and everything you gave was so cute. I just started watching Dexter yesterday and I'm hooked! Can't wait to get home so I can keep watching. Have a great day pretty lady!

greystrawberrys said...

Those gifts look SO beautiful! <3 <3 Your both so so kind! xoxox

Marisa said...

What you sent was just perfect... how fun that you incorporated all of her likes...

and how wonderful your gift was. So perfect! That embroidered picture is SO fantastic. and I love the hook... it will go perfect in one of your collages.

Anonymous said...

How PRECIOUS. What a sweet gift!

Maddy said...

What great gifts! I love that Twilight quote.. *sigh*

Jamie said...

How sweet!!! What wonderful, thoughtful gifts!!!!

Jenni said...

awwww that is all so sweet!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Gifting that bulldog tote makes you one of my new favorite people.

Kenza Salem said...

the high heeled shoes card is simply fabulous! p.s. i love the new moon candy :)

M.M.E. said...

What wonderful presents! This is so inspirational that two people who only know each other through the internet can be such great friends.

Rasha said...

wow you got amazing stuff!

Sandra said...

aah the sash!!! the ring!!! it's the PERFECT picture. ^_^

Having gotten you in summer's vday swap, I really couldn't help myself! I'm just beyond happy that you liked it! :)
THANK YOU, for your thank you! X)
I definitely have the goofiest grin on my face. :D

and you call ME a gift giving goddess?! those gifts are lovely and so thoughtful! The tote is just darling. :)

Etsy is definitely my go-to place for shopping now!

Sandra said...

ps. you will make one beautiful bride.

pss. I just noticed there's cocktails on the sash. cosmos? lol

jozen said...

how wonderful!!!

p.s. i watch DEXTER too!!!! have you watched the last episode of the latest season??

Micaela said...

isn't she a doll? Raquel, you were having a BLAST in utah ;) lol you ski bunny!

Claradevi, nice to meet you! thank you :) off to check out your corner of the internet... i can already tell you one thing, I dig the glasses. xo

Maddy, it is MY FAVORITE quote ;)

Sandra, a million and one thank-you!!! i wanted to take an actual picture with me and the sash, but no one was home to help lol so i thought, it might be more meaningful if i can just get the sash and my ring- THANK YOU for noticing ha speaking of noticing, i saw the drinks on there and even though they're prob. martinis, for MY sash they're def. cosmos ;) xoxo LOVE you for everything!!

Jozen, no i haven't gotten that far- we just discovered how BRILLIANT the show is and since m me and fiance are watching together and he's been working a lot- we're only on season 3! lol i'll let you know when i've caught up ;) xo

Madiera said...

What sweet & thoughtful gifts! I had no idea when the hook was purchased that it was heading to you - I hope you enjoy it!

Jen said...

What thoughtful gifts! I'm amazed at the gifts you found for your swap partner - very cute. And your friend Sandra is so sweet! I love that framed quote, so perfect for your new home!

BrittanButterfly said...

Oh, how sweet and wonderful!!!

Saltina said...

Fun stuff! The bulldog tote is too much, and then pairing that with the little dog card is overload in a good way.

Micaela said...

Madiera, I loveeee it! it really was on my etsy favorites. :) thank you for creating the added pop of sunshine in my new home. Sandra was a darling to get it for me. xo

Erin said...

Wow, that seriously outshines my cookie cutter, recipe and tea bags...
Aren't you a lucky girl! So much fun in the post. (and the things you sent look fab, too)

I keep watching the mailbox for my bookswap book and valentines, but so far, I've got nothin'. Tomorrow, peut-etre!


Micaela said...

erin, nonsense! i LOVE your happy mail and ideas. You are a darling girl and ALWAYS make me smile :)

i can't wait to see the goodies you got! xoxox

LOST - i so thought of you during two MAJOR scenese last night.

Anna said...

these are such sweet and thoughtful gifts! the "so the lion fell in love with the lamb" oh my goodness, amazing!!

The Socialite said...

Wow, that's so wonderful all the goodies! ;)

Especially the very last piece! That line just made me flutter, can I have something just like that?! I've never seen Twighlight lol so behind! :)

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