Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bianca's Heart.

hi lovies!!!

while i'm home in Wichita Falls, TX enjoying family time (including my little sister's wedding), some of my favorite friends are blog-sitting my dolce vita in a guest series called, "showing our hearts."  A new one will be posted every week day until i get back in town on August 3rd. I'm really excited! they're all pretty hearts and it's such a fun, simple way to get to know another blogger better. 

dear readers, i hope you enjoy each post starting with the very first one today. love, micaela xo

Hola Dolce Vita readers :)

My name is Bianca and I blog at Goodnight Little Spoon. I've followed Micaela's lovely blog for almost two years from across the globe in Australia. She is a total sweetheart and that's why I read her blog. She is such an honest and truly good person and I am so grateful to know her, even if it is from all the way across the world! We're both vegetarians, we share a love of thrifting and she even posted me a box of Pop Tarts when I told her how expensive/hard to find they are in Australia!

"With as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in: a picture, a poem, a song (or piece of music), a quote, an item of clothing, and a place."
A picture:

+ lovely boyfriend.

A poem:

A song:

A quote:

An item of clothing:

+ favourite shoesies.

A place:

+ my old house.

Thank you lovelies!


Alexandria said...

I'm so excited to read some of your favorite bloggers! Bianca's blog is beautiful!

missy. said...

so nice to meet you. love what you showed :)

micaela is the best.. she is sooo darling.

kimbirdy said...

what a super fun heart! i love that photo of the boyfriend, and belle & sebastian are so wonderful!

Meghan said...

YAY Bianca! I love your post. Your old home is AMAZING!

Claire Kiefer said...

These are so fun to read. Great pictures! I love how much all of the answers speak about the person. :)

Claudia said...

You have a beautiful heart Bianca and your blog is a nice place too!

Tids said...

Stunning - all of it! I love your post. Those shoes are beyond pretty and as for your old house.... I DIE!


Belen said...

i love bianca!

also, i love belle and sebastian. ^_^

hope your trip home is a safe one!

Leesh said...

I love Bianca's little signature with the spoon and heart. Adorable!

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