Monday, July 18, 2011

my twin sister made my day with this sweet video text

my darling nieces sophia & marina from micaela maxham on Vimeo.

growing up and all through high school, i went by Mickey.

i don't know why i started going by Micaela-- i think it was in college and it was easier not to correct professors who called on me or graded my papers.

but friends who've known me for a years still call me Mickey. So does my family, including these two i can not wait to see in two days. TWO DAYS!

(speaking of my family, check out the AWESOME bachelorette party twinkie threw this weekend for our little sis Maddie. how i wish i could have gone!)

p.s. last day to enter the pick your own feathered earrings giveaway!


Claudia said...

sweet! I checked saw your twinkies blog nice class they had! lol!

missy. said...

oh sooo cute! they are darling.

Carla said...

I love it! Mickey! I love it.
I grew up with Charlie or Charles....and somewhere along the way, I decided to start repping the name Carla.
Now, I wish everyone would call me Charlie again!

Claire Kiefer said...

I loved seeing this sweet video of those darling girls! They're so precious and I know you're SO excited to see them. You leave tomorrow, right? We need a phone date to discuss deets. :) I'm home all day today at Dad's, so call me when you have time!

Love & miss you tons

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