Monday, July 25, 2011

Maria's Heart.

Hello everyone! This is Maria posting from Little Tree Vintage
I was pleased as punch when Micaela asked me to guest post on her blog during her travels.
I  hope you enjoy my post, and make sure you come over and say hello!

"With as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in: a picture, a poem, a song 
(or piece of music), a quote, an item of clothing, and a place."

{ A picture } 
me & my peach, i love him like the day is long.

{ A life lesson }

"I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow. I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights. I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life. I've learned that making a "living" is not the same thing as making a "life." I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance. I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back. I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision. I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one. I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back. I've learned that I still have a lot to learn. I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." 

{A song}

Nicole Atkins is my favorite singer/songwriter, right from Jersey with the voice of an angel.
I have seen her perform more than 10 times all over, and each time it's like new again.

{A quote}

"I read once that the ancient Egyptians had fifty words for sand & the Eskimos had a hundred words for snow. I wish I had a thousand words for love, but all that comes to mind is the way you move against me while you sleep & there are no words for that."- Brian Andreas

{An item of clothing}
My love of vintage dresses and skirts is serious!

{A place}
The house my Grandmother spent her life in, the most amazing place I remember through my childhood. I am who I am because of those summer days I spent watching my grandmother and learning from her. I love and miss her dearly.


Claudia said...

You have a pretty heart! Thanks for sharing :)

Kylie said...

what a beautiful heartfelt post you have written will defientely visit your blog x

Claire said...

i Love this post. Off to check out the blog :)

Meghan said...

Those quotes are melting my heart.

Claire Kiefer said...

Well Maria is just DARLING!

Phoenix Peacock said...

oooo. love the life lesson!

Sarah said...

Great guest post! I love the photo of you in your grandmother's kitchen. That looks like a very special place.

Fash Boulevard said...

love this. so beautiful. super thrilled I came across your blog. I'm following, I hope you will as well. I started my blog a little over 3 months ago after graduating from college in the south and moving across the country to LA. The site's all about celebrity fashion from the point of view of an LA stylist. I'd love if if you'd stop by to see multiple post a day on all the latest celebrity fashion news. Any support would be awesome. Thanks love. xoxo

Gale said...

beautiful post maria<3 that life lesson is right on point... love it.

Jo said...

What you wrote about your grandmother and her home was so sweet and heartfelt. Such a beautiful post!

missy. said...

on my way to your blog..

you have such good taste in quotes. we will be good friends i imagine.


Stina G said...

That quote is perfection.

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