Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kitty's Heart.

Dearest Friends of Micaela,

Hello.  Here's to Micaela having a lovely vacation filled with magic and adventure.  I just think she is the cutest and I wish I could keep her in my pocket. 
My name is Kitty and I keep a silly little blog called Fritzi Marie.  
I love to make wishes and go treasure hunting for vintage pretties. 
I keep most of them but I like to share so I have an Etsy shop, Fritzi Marie, where I sell my finds. 
That is how I met sweet Micaela.  She picked up some goodies from my shop and we were fast friends. 
I love love love to meet kindred spirits.   

A Photo:
My Daniel and my Bono Baby.
My loves.

A Poem:

Alki Beach

Waves have wetted this beach everyday
since it came into being.  Beneath, 
suffering the ebbs and flows,
a perch lingers near an ornate piling
of mussels, anemones, barnacles, and star fish. 
Below, carapaces litter the front of the octopus's
den.  It rests in its boneless mass, a crab-full belly. 
Above, my feet meet waves on their continuous push
over the sand, leaving a salty reminder of what is always 
here.  Across, Seattle, shaded with gray, sprouts
up with the water as its green in lieu of trees.  And next
to the den a gunnel takes up residence 
in a Rainier Beer can ten years submerged. 

-Dan Morris 

Our Song:
A Quote:

"Cultivate your curves - they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided."
-Mae West

Favorite Piece Of Clothing:
I love pretty dresses and cardigans.

Favorite Place:
The Disneyland.
The playground of my youth. 

love and hugs,
p.s. Make a Wish!


claire said...

i love cardigans!!! and pretty dresses of to check out your blog!!

missy. said...

love disneyland! that pic of you guys sooo cute.

Claudia said...

You have a nice shop and blog too Kitty!

Phoenix Peacock said...

oh miss kitty how your heart makes mine glow. love!

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