Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a christmas present for my pappa.

every year my pappa is the hardest one to shop for.
this year? this year i have it in the bag.

this very awesome blues legend is helping me out:

B.B. KING is coming to my small Texas town January 2nd!!!

& i bought us tickets!!!

Darling Friend got to see B.B. when he worked at his first tv station in Mississippi. Every year B.B. King comes home to Indianola for his birthday to perform. His station at the time sponsored B.B. Homecoming and Max was a VIP. I have always loved this picture he got from the summer of 2006.

Max says it was INCREDIBLE. i can't wait! i wish he could go but he'll get here a few days after the concert to pick me up and move me.

i'm really excited that me and Pappa get to share this.

Seriously, B.B. KING!!!!

p.s. max, i promise to get my own shirt,

so i won't have to wear yours now. xo


angelina la dawn said...

how exciting! i've heard wonderful things about his performances

missy. said...

you are such a sweetheart! i bet he'll love it.

thanks for you suggestions. i will check them out asap!

and don't congratulate me quite yet.. bought another pair of jeans today. ahh i know i know.. i can't help myself.. they were on sale. dang nordstroms.

and move you? i need more details on your life situation lady. fill me in!!

Kristin said...

I think that'll give you a lifetime of brownie points!

Gracie said...

That sounds like the perfect gift. I think gifts that are experiences are always great. You will always have memories afterwards.

Kora Bruce said...

New to your little blog, but I love it!

BB King?!! wow. wow. wow. What an amazing present. I'm sure he'll love it.

Ps. I love the art work in your header. We have several works by the same artist in our local casino

Nahl said...

I wish I had a daughter like you! Tee hee.

Every Little Counts said...

what an amazing gift! i've always wanted to see BB King myself.

Micaela said...

thank-you for all your kind words ladies! ahhh i hope he loves it and is surprised. He mentioned he would have liked to see him when i mentioned he was coming to town, but my parents are those that don't really like to go to concerts or crowded events anymore. Just every once in awhile. So i can't wait to see his face when he opens the card and sees the tickets!!!!

Marisa said...

M - I DIE... what a great gift and how i would love to see BB King... a legend. His music is timeless.

Courtney said...

Tony is going to be so jealous!! He LOVES B.B. King!!

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