Monday, March 28, 2011

Postal Service.

has it really been since february that i've posted one of these? wow. and it's already fixing to be April and i haven't even gotten around to showing off my birthday spoils! have i mentioned i've got the greatest friends?

^this birthday pressie was from the lovely alyssa, rhianne, and gracie. isn't that just the sweetest of all of them to get together and get me this gorgeous vintage postal scale? practical and a decor swoon! i love imagining all of them talking about making my birthday a fabulous one! kisses to you 3!

^all the above were spoils from one of my best girls, my Claire. She picked the two books up at a book sale knowing how much i love reading {the "kite runner" is one of her faves, and loving the film version, i can't wait to read the book!}, H&M bracelet and zip purse that now hold my girly products, the most perfect "micaela find"-- a thrifted martini glass with italian written on it, and though you'll have to forgive me for the blurry photo above, but i absolutely LOVE the floral dress she sent me! perfect for spring! but of course... claire is not only a gift giving goddess, but knows me so well. i mean she even included dark chocolate godiva for me. need i say more?

^from erin : beauties! another girl who gets my heart. {lip gloss? amazing! i can't live without it in dry/windy el paso}

more birthday card love : rhianne (someday my closet will look like that), phoenix, alyssa, maria, and priya.
^don't you love the top and earrings from my girl fiance? she also sent me some milano cookies! I laughed when i opened them, because let me tell you -- i could eat a package in one sitting. 

^from the kindest girl ever, carrie marie.

^from claudia 

^from my first ever pen pal and one of my closest friends, sanja in slovenia. this perfume smells really pretty! and how can you not like the pom pom? or chocolate!!! i love that my friends know how much i LOVE my chocolate!!!

^from my dearest friend Katyha. As you know from earlier, books are such special gifts. katyha sent me one that touched her heart and already i can't put it down!

really, 27 has been such a good year so far! thank-you for all you lovies who made it even more special! it all meant so much to me. xoxo

^my first letter to katyha

^barbara streisand postcard for my bestie Marisa

^a letter for my first pen pal sanja in slovenia

^a photo i took and made into a postcard for alyssa

^a little thank you for bethany for this she sent me. i made her the postcard on the left and including my favorite chocolate candy. since she shared a generous amount of her penguin postcards, i ordered the below two from the blue balloon. i wanted notecards she could send her long distance love. (their relationship makes me swoon!)

what happy things have you been getting in your mailbox? 


Rhianne said...

yeay, I knew you would love the card, I saw it and thought of you :) I didn't ask if Marianne got hers...

such amazing post!

Annie Cristina said...

Wow, you got spoiled, girl! ;) I can't wait to hear what you think of The Kite Runner -- that's one of the most visceral, moving books I've ever read.

Katyha said...

looks like your mailbox has been busy lately :P I'm so glad you are liking the book, makes me happy.

Did you get the bookmark?

Hello Again Vintage said...

Lovely presents! You truly deserve all of them. ♥

I've tried several times to watching 'Kite Runner' but could never get through the first 15 mins. because of the alley scene. I've heard great reviews though so maybe I should just fast forward past that part.

Anyway, I hope you had a fun birthday with lots of cake and even more presents. :)

beca said...

do you have room in your life for another pen pal?? ;)

Karena said...

Michaela, how very very special!!

I have a new giveaway from The Zhush I think you will also love...

Art by Karena

Micaela said...

rhianne, i still can't get over how sweet you girls were/are! my favorites xo!!! and twinkie did because she couldn't stop gushing about it :)

annie, the film was intense... i can imagine how much better the book is! and if you liked it, that says a lot :)

katyha, i did! so perfect!!! in fact, i'm using it :) THANK YOU!

grace, it's DEF. intense but such a beautiful moving story.

beca, ALWAYS! esp. with a girl who's taste is similar to my own! :) we must exchange email addresses and in the mean time, i've gotta find the perfect vintage thing for you! xo

Claudia said...

You are spoiled you lucky you! xoxo

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

wow, for my birthday, can you just send me all of your presents? haha! you got spoiled!

claire did great with that bracelet (amazing) and the kite runner (love it) and the pretty dress!

glad you had a happy birthday, girl fiancee! i miss you and love you tons!

Anonymous said...

all of these are amazing. the shoe card made me smile, of course! kindness and thoughtfulness are blessings in this world!

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Love the top from your girl fiance - You got some really great swap for you birthday!!!

Cole said...

You get & send the best mail!
I feel like such a blog loser cause I always forget when my blog friends' birthdays are until it's too late!

Cole said...

OH And I think it's totally perfect & fitting that you have a built in bar (that looks awfully 70s) in your living room. I imagine you two having martinis in the evening & being all glamorous.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Glad to see you were showered with loveliness on your special day! Hurrah for being the birthday girl! I love that those girls got together to get you that postal scale- how completely fabulous and perfectly you.

Enjoy these last few days of your birthday month!

PS: I just got a sweet little package from Bethany, and she was excited to tell me she'd re-used the tissue from you. Knew I'd love that connection!


wilybrunette said...

you look beyond gorgeous in the photo with that dress--i simply can't get over it!

bethany said...

So happy to see you got spoiled on your birthday! Your pals seriously know you to bits! :)

I loved every ounce of that package you sent me. I had high hopes of keeping the chocolate for a special occasion...but it was all gone within a few hours of opening. was one of the postcards. I couldn't wait to send one Gabe's way! :) Such a thoughtful package! :)

Phoenix Peacock said...

you'll have to tell me about the Mr. Darcy books and if you like them. I'm always curious if the P&P spin-offs are any good since I'm so obsessed with p&p!

Gracie said...

Oh my! You were spoiled for your birthday! But you totally deserve it. You are the post queen!

So glad you like the postal scale. It is looking very pretty at your house.

I've read Redeeming Love :) My sis in law Melly gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. It's a great book! x

sheba said...

what wonderful friends you have! love the dress!

my mailbox has been a bit lonely lately b/c i've fallen behind on my writing...

Stephanie said...

That dress is ADORABLE on you!!! I love it!!

Faiza said...

yay for 27 yeras of you! i wish i had gotten to know you earlier but am so happy that i know you now!

Medical Librarian said...

Oh, yeah!! I had been missing these posts. :)

Meredith said...

I love all of those things!! Isn't Claire the best gift-giver? I just got the second part of my Etsy swap gift from her today and I just love it!

Lauryn said...

"If the shoe fits, buy it." I love that!

Alyssa said...

Micaela, when i got that postcard i was like OMG ROCKING photo, had a look to see what etsy store it was from and then was like OMG ITS A MICAELA ORIGINAL????
awesomest postcard EVERRR!!!

love that you have a little deer on your scale :)

I'm gonna sound like a little disney fan girl when i say this.... but that bottom pic of you on your blog, like right down the bottom in the collage, you look like Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo lovely presents! Such interesting things. :)

xox Courtney Michele

Amanda said...

oh i love getting gifts and letters in the mail! so fun!!

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