Friday, July 24, 2009

happy summer friday lovies!!!

have an amazing one!!! my friday has been a mess of sorts, so weekend- i welcome you with open arms. xo's to you all. let's meet here same time monday, shall we?

*thanks joanna, for introducing us to this adorable couple. their blog, here.


Anonymous said...

That guy takes the most beautiful photos. Thank you for all our kind words - you're not so bad yourself!! Have a great weekend!

mina said...

*your - oops!!


They sure are adorable!
Hope you've enjoyed your weekend dear... ps: love your new profile photo, gorgeous! ~XO*

Iva said...

awww hope YOU had a great weekend!

Crystal @ Plush Palate said...

Hi Micaela, hope you enjoyed your full weekend!

Here's the link to that fabulous "Everyday I love you" framed artpiece you asked about!

Enjoy! xoxo Crystal

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow Micaela!

Wow, so cool to meet someone who not only has the same name, but also spells it the same too.

You have a lovely blog. I'm totally linking you!


Anonymous said...


Oh my gosh. I had a total brain freeze and forgot to ask you how your brother is doing? What happened to him? Glad to see that he is ok. Wow, sorry, what a tragic weekend.


Micaela said...

Lenore, thank you for noticing my new pic, you fabulous thing you! really, means a lot.

Crystal, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU x10 i just fell in love with it when i saw it on your post.

Micaela, you are so cute! yes my brother-in-law is okay. He has always had colon problems but luckily it hasn't escalated like the Doctors had first thought. Thank God for that! I know, how fun to finally find a Micaela with my same spelling. Our name has really become popular these days, but spelt more commonly. We're special *wink i really do love your blog!!!

Iva, nice to meet you! my weekend wasn't what i had planned, but things worked out and i'm so glad for it. Visit soon

xoxoxoxoxo sweeties

Nicole Marie said...

LOVE these photos!

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