Friday, July 10, 2009

it's times like these i wish i kept a journal.

I was looking at old drafts in my email and i found this from 2006. I was about to graduate college. The title was, "nothing to do but wait..."

I was obviously talking about my first serious boyfriend. In that same stance, C was already in my life when i make the reference about smoking.

I've come to ex: is still a good friend and yet a stranger at the same time.

I've come to realize...I have : so much more still to learn about relationships, my job, and myself.

I've come to realize...somewhere, someone is thinking: they want more out of life.

I've come to realize...I'll always be: scared of making huge decisions.

I've come to realize...the last time I truly cried was: this past week--- a very hard week.

I've come to realize that...when I wake up in the morning: I HAVE to have coffee. I have to see his smile. I have to read the paper. I have to have a cig outside with him.

I've come to realize that...before I go to sleep at night: I think a lot. I try and remember to pray.

I've come to realize that...tomorrow I will: be busy with school and work...and I will get my keys back from the stranger who has them.

i wish i remembered the girl i was.

*pic here.


The Socialite said...

Great post. You always write such honest posts - I say this like allll the time, huh?!

But it's so true! I wish I was more open with my emotions and feelings. You inspire me to do just that! :)

Courtney said...

Another LOVELY post..You are a fabulous woman and I truly admire your honesty. You have such a gift for writing and I always LOVE reading your posts...

We must catch up this weekend..I'm pretty much available all weekend except Sunday I'll be in and out of Church all day...Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

"I've come to realize...somewhere, someone is thinking: they want more out of life."

m - once again you have touched my heart... how many times do i go over the same questions, the same struggles. m, you move me with your honesty and i think i just might have to try this exercise, so i can go back and reflect on were i have come.... because you have grown since this... and so must i.


Geisslein said...

What a nice post!!!! Love it!
wish you a great week with lot of nice things happen! geisslein

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