Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th of July lovies!!!!

i'm ready to be like Marilyn this weekend, and stay in my swim suit by the pool. i was incredibly spoiled to take vacation the week before 4th of july weekend because all i came back to was a 3 & a half day work week. that's right, your micaela is taking off at noon for Ft. Worth! oh how i love the City. oh how i love 4 day weekends!!!

we are staying with the Wilson's again to lounge by twinkie's mother-in-law's pool. {It's also mother-in-law's bday on the 4th!} we will spend the 4th enjoying America's Favorite Past-time. It will be mine and Max's 1st Texas Rangers game together and I am SOOO EXCITED!

darling friend, kiss me during the fireworks?

also... eating at Joe T. Garcia's {apparently i have been missing out!} and walking around Sundance Square with my loves.

the only thing i am sad about? not spending the holiday with my parents.
so i'm off to have lunch with them. yay!

Happy Happy 4th Darlings!!!
i can't wait to read about your plans/celebrations.
we'll discuss Monday! xo

Sailboat and Fourth of July Fireworks
by Winslow Homer

ps. Marisa, you are so right! marilyn is proof that confidence is most beautiful.


Anonymous said...

marilyn was my picture of the day too... strange! great minds...

Joe T's is the best... whenever I go home we have a family night there... you will love it

happy 4th

Farah said...

have a great weekend! =)

Nicole Marie said...

your comment was so sweet. thank yo so much!

i am so excited for this weekend!! hope you have a great one!

The Socialite said...

Sounds like a good plan. Baseball games are always a blast! My cousin is from TX and always raves about Joe T's!

Have fun & take lots of pictures! :))))

frannie said...

Hope you're having a blast!


oh dear it's so simple! you just need to pour your heart into it!
:) and you see the result is absolutely yummy!

I hope you had a great weekend. and happy your 4th of July! ;)


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