Friday, July 10, 2009

meg's body initiative.

i can not tell you how many times i have fought with my own body. the gym and i have a love-hate relationship with serious droughts of getting together.

that the only time i could ever be truly defined as skinny was in high school... when i worked in food and refused to eat it. I guess you could say i had my own little ned. and when i was forced to give ned up, it wasn't happily, and sometimes i'm jealous of my will-power back then. {sick i know} now i'm the girl who impresses the boys with how much i eat on dates.

meg was inspired by regina spektor's song to create her body initiative series:
i've got a perfect body, but sometimes i forget, i've got a perfect body 'cause my eyelashes catch my sweat, yes they do.
what a fabulous idea! to ask each of us to redefine what it means to have "a perfect body." i am looooving reading the responses, esp this one.

so this is what i love about mine:

my legs.

they're short and no where near model thin, but they look fabulous in heels. they're strong and thanks to spin classes and the treadmill- in the best shape of their lives. The other day at work, my go-to-guy gave me a compliment on my calves as i was walking away. If he wasn't happily married and i wasn't happily in a relationship, i might have taken it as a pick-up line, it felt that good. I say that, because the old me would have cringed and taken it as an insult. A dainty petite girl shouldn't have "sculpted calves." I could have read it as i have thick legs. I could have. But i didn't.

i sincerely thanked him, and for the rest of the day walked on air.
when i told Max the compliment later, he told me how much he loved my legs and how proud he was of my work-outs. That i shouldn't be surprised someone noticed.

i felt... beautiful. because my bf adores these legs God's given me.

they're not long, but they can sure wrap around him a la "Pretty Woman" in the bathtub.

just as important as it is for one to be beautiful {because isn't that what we are taught? and taught to admire? the beautiful?} is to FEEL beautiful.

that's what having a "perfect body" is to me.


Elizabeth Marie said...

I love this. Such a great reminder to us all!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Aww and youre a twin too?! YAY!

Meg Fee said...

this makes me happy in so many different ways!! i love this and am so honored and humbled that you have included it on your blog.

ps: i was super nervous about my taxi-cab post, but after your first comment i knew all would be well--and i wouldn't have rather had anyone else as the first comment for that post!

happy, happy weekend you gorgeous woman with those divinely inspired legs of yours!


Great post darling!
I want extra 4" on my legs...& I don't mean heels but bones! Have a fab weekend...

Anonymous said...

she's got legs... and she knows how to use them :)

beautiful legs, beautiful girl, beautiful post... i love u more and more everyday.

frannie said...

I so love this. Made me feel good too! :D

You do have awesome legs! Brat!

Nicole Marie said...

i just started spin! i hope my legs start looking great too!!

umama said...

I love this post!!! I always think I have tree trunk legs, but yet I get compliments on my legs too and am like.. huh?! But you are so right... I am luving my God given legs!!

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